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Highlights, PSL 2018, Peshawar Zalmi vs Quetta Gladiators, Eliminator at Lahore, Full cricket score: Zalmi win by 1 run

Date: Wednesday, 21 March, 2018 00:30 IST Match Status: Yet to Start
  • So that's  it from today's coverage. Hope you enjoyed it as much as we did to bring it to you. The attention now shifts to the second eliminator which will be played between Karachi Kings and Peshawar Zalmi. The match starts at 7.30 pm. Do join us for the coverage. As of now, it's time to say goodbye! Take care. 

  • "26 runs to back yourself. The game of cricket, especially against Quetta, over the years, they will give somebody a heart attack. A win is a win," says winning captain Darren Sammy. 

  • Sarfraz Ahmed, Quetta Gladiators captain: I think we lost the game because of ourselves. Myself and Nawaz should've batted more sensibly. Yes, in the last over I think the players lacked common sense under pressure. 

  • "Extremely happy! Better late than never! There was a lot of pressure in the last over when Annu bhai (Anwar Ali) hit a couple of sixes, and the way Safi bhai (Sarfraz Ahmed) played. Big thanks to the crowd," says Hasan Ali, who is the Man of the Match for his figures of 2/21

  • Peshawar Zalmi win by one run! Quetta Gladiators have been eliminated.  Phew. Drama. Drama. This was an unbelievable cricket match. This could easily have been a nightmare for Liam Dawson. Anwar miscued one but the long on fielder put it down. Luckily for him, he recovered well and threw the ball towards the non striker's end and Dawson run Hamza out. 

  • SIX! This is crazy. Third six of the over. Anwar smacks it over long off. 3 off 1. 

  • SIX! Out of the ground. Another six. 9 off 2. The equation seems possible all of a sudden. Anwar comes down the track and smashes it over wide long on. 

  • SIX! Wow. Anwar isn't giving up, is he? Charges down the track and smokes it over long on. 

  • FOUR! A wild swing from Anwar Ali. It takes the leading edge and flies over short third man. A limping Sammy gives it a half-hearted chase. Dawson is not a happy man. 

  • QG 133/8 after 19  overs (Hamza 0, Anwar 5)

    Wahab begins with a full delivery, Thisara squeezes it through point for a single. Anwar clears his front leg, obviously wanting to go for the big shot but mistimes it to long on. One run taken. Thisara Perera departs and a ball later Hasan Khan too takes the long walk back to the pavilion. This match is heading in only one direction. 

    25 off the final over. No prizes for guessing who the favourites are.

  • OUT! Quetta lose their ninth wicket. Hasan tried to steer this to third man but edges it to Kamran Akmal. Riaz celebrates the wicket by stroking his moustache. 

    Hasan Khan c Kamran Akmal b Riaz 0(1)

  • OUT! Is this the game? Thisara Perera holes out to long on off Riaz's bowling. A good catch from Jordan in the deep. 

    Quetta need 26 off 9 

    Perera c Jordan b Riaz 12(11)

  • QG 130/6 after 18 overs (Thisara 11, Anwar 3)

    Well, well big decision from Darren Sammy. He has opted to finish Hasan Ali's quota. The pacer begins magnificently. Two runs and four dots in the over.

    Quetta Gladiators need 28 off 12

  • QG 130/6 after 17 overs (Thisara 11, Anwar 3)

    Well, well big decision from Darren Sammy. He has opted to finish Hasan Ali's quota. The pacer begins magnificently. Two runs and four dots in the over. 

    Quetta Gladiators need 28 off 12 

  • Hasan Ali, with just one over left in his quota, bowls the 18th. 

  • QG 128/6 after 17 overs (Thisara 10, Anwar 2)

    A six to start off the over followed by a single. Caught him off guard there. Wahab bounces Anwar Ali, who tries to play the ramp shot but misses it completely. A yorker from Wahab, Anwar blocks it towards the off side and settles for a single. An attempted yorker gone wrong. Ends up being a full toss but Thisara fails to connect it properly and mistimes the white objected towards square leg. One run taken. Full length and on the sticks, Anwar bunts it down to long off. One run taken.

    Quetta Gladiators need 30 off 18

  • SIX! Perfect start to the over. Short delivery from Wahab and Thisara throws the kitchen sink at it. It takes the top edge and goes over the third man fence. QG 124/6

  • QG 118/6 after 16 overs (Thisara 2, Anwar 0)

    One more time, Quetta have lost two wickets in one over. This could prove to be very costly for the Sarfraz Ahmed-led team. The onus is now on Perera in this tight chase. Quetta need 40 off 24 balls.

  • BOWLED EM! Mahmudullah tries going for an almighty heave, misses, and gets his off-stump rattled! QG 116/5

    Mahmudullah b Asif 19(20)

  • QG 112/4 in 15 overs (Mahmudullah 19, Rilee Rossouw 8)

    Hasan's brought back by skipper Sammy. Rossouw collects a single off the first ball. Quality over from Hasan, with four singles coming off it! 

  • Hasan Ali brought back into the attack in the 15th over from the Pavilion End. 

  • QG 108/4 in 14 overs (Mahmudullah 17, Rilee Rossouw 6)

    Umaid Asif into his third over, and he starts off with a wide. He keeps it tight for the next three deliveries, giving away just a single. Mahmudullah swings his bat off the penultimate delivery, and collects his third boundary. Six off the over.

  • FOUR! Short and outside off, Mahmudullah cuts it through cover. Beautifully played. 

  • QG 102/4 in 13 overs (Mahmudullah 13, Rilee Rossouw 5)

    Another quality over for Quetta, with eight coming off it, including a boundary off Mahmudullah's bat as the Bangladeshi crunches the ball through extra-cover off the third delivery. 

  • FOUR! Short and outside off, Mahmudullah cuts it through cover. Beautifully played. 

  • QG 94/4 after 12 overs (Russouw 3, Mahmudullah 7) 

    These two are rebuilding slowly. Four singles and four legbyes off the over. 

  • QG 86/4 after 11 overs (Russouw 1, Mahmudullah 5) 

    Three dots, two singles and a boundary in Asif's second over. Sammy will be happy with Asif's effort. 

  • FOUR! No control whatsoever but Mahmudullah won't complain. Tries to flick one but closed the bat face early and it took the leading edge and the ball rolls away to the point fence.

  • QG 80/4 after 10 overs (Russouw 0, Mahmudullah 0) 

    What an over. Two wickets and one run. This could possibly be the over that turned the match on its head. Two new batsmen are at the crease. Quetta Gladiators need 78 runs in 60 balls

  • OUT! Two in two. Sameen Gul is on a hattrick. Needless shot from Sarfraz who went for a pull and top edged it. Akmal completes the easy catch. 

    Sarfraz c Kamran Akmal b Sameen Gul 35(21)

  • OUT! An opening for Peshawar Zalmi. Nawaz charged down the track and opted to go big but top edged it to third man. 

    Mohammad Nawaz c U Asif b Sameen Gul 35(32) 

  • QG 79/2 after 9 overs (Nawaz 35, Sarfraz 35)

    That'll put the pressure on the bowler. Sarfraz begins the 9th over with a six. Five singles will make it a 11-run over. That's what Quetta are trying to do. Three singles so far. Make it four. The 50-run stand is also up between Nawaz and Sarfraz. Wow. Excellent use of feet. Another maximum for Safraz. 16 off the over. 

  • SIX! Sarfraz is making a move. Dances down the track and tonks one over the bowler's head.

  • SIX! Get out of my way, Sarfraz seems to say. Waltzes down the track and smacks one over midwicket. 

  • QG 63/2 after 8 overs (Nawaz 33, Sarfraz 21)

    A couple of decent overs for Peshawar Zalmi. Or so it seemed. But Nawaz opened the bat face and guided the last ball to the third man fence to make it a 9-run over. 

  • FOUR! Cheeky. Nawaz opens the face of the bat and guides one to the third man fence.

  • QG 54/2 after 7 overs (Nawaz 28, Sarfraz 18)

    Spin into the attack. Liam Dawson to roll his arm over. The 50-run mark is up for Quetta with a single to Sarfraz at long on. Another run taken on the third ball by Nawaz. Smartly played. Ahmed goes back in his crease and defends one towards the off side and calls him partner across for a quick single. Nawaz cuts the fifth ball through point. Single taken. Sarfraz uses his feet on the sixth ball and eases down one to long off. One run added to the total. 

  • QG 49/2 after 6 overs (Nawaz 26, Sarfraz 15)

    A good start to the over for Quetta. Sarfraz begins it with a boundary. Immediately gets off the strike with a single. Sensible cricket from Quetta. Two more singles follow and the over ends with a boundary. 12 off it. 

  • FOUR! The last ball of the Powerplay dispatched for a boundary by Nawaz. He whips it over backward square leg.

  • FOUR! Short and outside off, Sarfraz rides the bounce and cuts it behind point.

  • QG 37/2 after 5 overs (Nawaz 21, Sarfraz 9)

    Wahab Riaz is into the attack. Sarfraz tickles the second ball to the fine leg fence for a boundary. Sarfraz runs down the next ball to third man for a single. Nawaz blocks the fourth one from his crease. Two more dot balls follow. Five off the over.

  • FOUR! Short of a length and around leg from Riaz, Sarfraz stays in his crease and tickles it to the fine leg fence.

  • QG 32/2 after 4 overs (Nawaz 21, Sarfraz 4)

    An excellent start to the over from Nawaz. He won't be happy with Hasan Ali's effort on the fourth ball though. A single turned into a boundary as Hasan failed to stop the white object in the deep. Nawaz ends the over with another boundary. 

  • FOUR! Poor line. Bowls down the leg side and Nawaz glances it to the fine leg fence.

  • FOUR! Sloppy fielding. On a length and outside off, Nawaz cuts it behind point. Hasan Ali hares across, gets to the ball but fails to stop the ball. 

  • QG 24/2 after 3 overs (Nawaz 13, Sarfraz 4)

    Two early wickets have somewhat put this game into the balance. The onus is now on Sarfraz Ahmed to guide Quetta in this chase. Seven runs come in the third over.

  • FOUR! Good placement. On a length and outside off, Sarfraz waits for it and guides it between point and cover-point. 

  • OUT! Second first-ball wicket for Hasan Ali. Poor shot selection from Kohler-Cadmore. Went for a drive on the up and edged it behind to Kamran Akmal. 

    Tom Kohler-Cadmore c Kamran Akmal b Hasan Ali 5

  • QG 17/1 after 2 overs 

    A good start to the over from Gul. Only two runs off the first five balls. However, Nawaz ends it with a six. 

  • SIX! Gul pitches it full and outside off, Nawaz slices it over point.

Peshawar Zalmi vs Quetta Gladiators, Pakistan Super League Eliminator, latest update: Peshawar Zalmi win by one run! Quetta Gladiators have been eliminated.  Phew. Drama. Drama. This was an unbelievable cricket match. This could easily have been a nightmare for Liam Dawson. Anwar miscued one but the long on fielder put it down. Luckily for him, he recovered well and threw the ball towards the non striker's end and Dawson run Hamza out.

Preview: The third edition of the Pakistan Super League (PSL) finally comes home in its true sense, with the first of the three matches to be hosted in Pakistan taking place on Tuesday evening.

Peshawar Zalmi and Quetta Gladiators face off in the Eliminator at the Gaddafi Stadium in Lahore, with the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) as well as the central government leaving no stone unturned in providing full security to the players. The two sides faced off at the same venue last year in the final of the second edition, which incidentally was the first time that the board hosted a match in Pakistan instead of its adopted home UAE.

Darren Sammy and Sarfraz Ahmed. Image credit: Twitter

Darren Sammy and Sarfraz Ahmed. Image credit: Twitter

However, the shifting of matches to Pakistan has resulted in the Quetta Gladiators losing out on the services of a few of their key players, with the side's clash against Islamabad United last Thursday turning out to be the final competitive match for England legend Kevin Pietersen. Also backing out from the Quetta camp is fellow South African-born Englishman Jason Roy. Yorkshire cricketer Tom Kohler Cadmore and West Indian opener Johnson Charles have been named their replacements.

Peshawar, on the other hand, travel to Lahore with nearly all of their overseas picks. Only Dwayne Smith has chosen to opt out of the knockout stage of the tournament. It was a similar situation for the Darren Sammy-led team last year, when a full-strength Peshawar beat a depleted Quetta side convincingly in the summit clash of the tournament.


Peshawar Zalmi: Kamran Akmal (wk), Andre Fletcher, Riki Wessels, Mohammad Hafeez, Saad Nasim, Darren Sammy (c), Liam Dawson, Umaid Asif, Hasan Ali, Wahab Riaz, Sameen Gul, Hammad Azam, Chris Jordan, Haris Sohail, Khushdil Shah, Ibtisam Sheikh, Khalid Usman, Mohammad Asghar, Tamim Iqbal, Sabbir Rahman.

Quetta Gladiators: Asad Shafiq, Johnson Charles, Umar Amin, Rameez Raja, Rilee Rossouw, Sarfraz Ahmed (wk, c), Mohammad Nawaz, Anwar Ali, Hasan Khan, Mir Hamza, Rahat Ali, Ben Laughlin, Saad Ali, Saud Shakeel, Chris Green, Mahmudullah, Thisara Perera, Tom Kohler-Cadmore.

Updated Date: Mar 21, 2018

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