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Highlights IPL 2018, SRH vs MI at Hyderabad, Full Cricket Score: Sunrisers Hyderabad win thriller by one wicket

Date: Friday, 13 April, 2018 00:09 IST Match Status: Match Ended
Venue: Rajiv Gandhi International Stadium, Hyderabad

Indian Premier League 2018 Match 7 Match Result Sunrisers Hyderabad beat Mumbai Indians by 1 wicket

Batsman Status R B 4s 6s
Mayank Markande not out 6 3 1 0
Jasprit Bumrah not out 4 5 0 0
Bowling 0 M R W
Sandeep Sharma 4 0 25 2
Billy Stanlake 4 0 42 2
Batsman Status R B 4s 6s
Deepak Hooda not out 32 25 1 1
Billy Stanlake not out 5 2 1 0
Bowling 0 M R W
Pradeep Sangwan 2 0 19 0
Jasprit Bumrah 4 0 32 2
  • Rashid Khan: Dot balls is very crucial for taking wickets. That was the plan to bowl as many dot balls. The management told me to go there and enjoy yourself. I jus t try my best to bowl in good length area and mix up for the batsman. The plan was to bowl to every batsman to bowl him according to his weakness. I love bowling both leg spin and googlies. They are celebrating like Afghanistan is playing here. That gives more motivation. Except cricket there is nothing that gives them happiness. We are trying our best and give them good performance. I would like to dedicate this award to my friend's son who is in the hospital.  Everything will go to him. 

  • Williamson: The surface was quite different to the last one. We were slow to adapt. We were outstanding in bowling. Rashid is a great asset for us. We have got a number of very talented (local)bowlers. After a tough powerplay the guys fought back well.  At the halfway stage, I thought it was going to be scrappy because the wicket was slowing up. The last ball could have gone either way so it was nice to win. It is important we adapt well and move forward, plenty to learn from this game. 

  • Rajesh Tiwary, Freelance cricket writer

    11 to defend off the last over with the last pair in the middle, and it's still not safe to back the bowling side these days. Pressure is squarely on the bowler these days in the final over. Hyderabad shouldn't have allowed the game to go that deep but they will take the win any way it comes. Mumbai, despite staying in the game till the last over may have faltered on the tactical front by bowling their weakest bowlers in the powerplay and conceding too many runs. A couple of wickets early on would have meant Mumbai wouldn't be playing catch up all the way through. Mumbai will have to go back to the drawing board after this loss and re-evaluate all their tactics from team composition to batting order and utilization of their bowlers.

  • Rashid Khan is named the Man of the Match

  • Rohit Sharma: It was a great game of cricket. Being on the receiving end for the second time is tough to digest. It wasn't a good enough total, and our batsmen should have done better but the bowlers showed a lot of character. They did a pretty great job. Tough luck but I thought we kept it very hard until the end.

  • Snehal Pradhan, ex-India cricketer and freelance writer

    What a finish. This crowd has gotten full value for money. Deepak Hooda made a couple of errors I thought when he took runs that could only have been singles. But he trusted Stanlake to get bat on ball, and that's exactly what he did. SRH go top of the table. Questions about the middle order in this match, but those will come after the celebration. 

  • Umang Pabari, Cricket statistician

    Smallest victories for SRH in IPL: (By wickets)

    1 wicket v MI. Hyderabad, 2018*
    3 wickets v DD, Delhi, 2013
    4 wickets v GL, Delhi, 2016

  • Stanlake with nerves of steel

  • SRH WIN! What a cracking match. Stanlake heaves it over mid-wicket for a boundary. It was a slower length ball outside off, Stanlake dragged it over mid-wicket and set off in celebrations. 

    What a day Stanlake is having. Two wickets while bowling and now hits the winning runs. Credit to Hooda too, that six off the first ball of the last over. 

  • Ishan Kishan has one glove off.  He is looking for  a run out off a bye.

  • Just short! Oh boy! 

    Just a single. Hooda looks to pull a slower one but gets a top edge which falls short of Bumrah at short fine leg. He charged forward and dived but the ball still fell short. The scores are level. 1 needed off 1.

  • Another long conference between Rohit and Cutting......

  • Single!

    Stanlake clips it to mid-wicket and scampers through for a single. 2 needed off 2, Hooda on strike.

  • A long discussion between Rohit and Cutting. Some field adjustments also taking place.

  • Just a single!

    Hooda bunts it down the ground and gets just a single. 3 runs needed off 3 balls. 

  • Umang Pabari, Cricket statistician

    SRH have lost five wickets in the last three overs for 15 runs.

  • DOT BALL! Cutting drifts this one wide, but inside the guideline. Hooda chases but misses. 

  • Snehal Pradhan, ex-India cricketer and freelance writer

    What a finale this is set up to be. Hooda has done everything right but the other end has collapsed, so he can go for broke with nothing to lose. 

  • Who else fancies it?

  • WIDE! Pressure on Cutting. He bowls it way wide outside off. 4 needed off 5 now. 

  • SIX! What a shot! What a shot! A low full toss from Cutting, Hooda hammers it over extra cover. 5 needed off 5 now. It's the first six of the innings for SRH. 

  • After 19 overs,Sunrisers Hyderabad 137/9 ( Deepak Hooda 24 , Billy Stanlake 0)

    JUST ONE RUN OFF THE OVER AND TWO WICKETS! What a fantastic over from Mustafizur! The batsmen were bamboozled by the cutters. Some brainless cricket from the tailenders. Hooda is there at the other end, just give him the strike!  11 needed off the last over.

  • Rajesh Tiwary, Freelance cricket writer

    We have seen a few games where batsmen turned matches on the head in death overs. On this occasion, it is bowler's turn. Hyderabad looked comfortably placed to win this but a flurry of wickets at the end from Bumrah and Mustafizur now means Mumbai have their nose ahead. It will be interesting to see who balls the final over for Mumbai. Hyderabad needs Hooda to face all six balls in the final over now.

  • OUT! Mustafizur gets another. SRH are 9 down. Sandeep back in the hut. 

    Sandeep shuffles way across and looks to scoop. But it's a cutter and there is very little pace on the ball. Sandeep doesn't get it off the middle and helps it straight into the hands of short fine leg fielder. 

  • All depends on Hooda now, he has to get SRH past the finish line. They need 11 off 8 balls. 

  • Snehal Pradhan, ex-India cricketer and freelance writer

    Batters save matches, bowlers win them. That's generally true in Test cricket, proving true in T20 also. SRH need a batter to save them from an embarrassing situation. MI looking for a bowler to win an unlikely game. What fun this game is. Just like in a test match, Hooda needs to turn down singles, and finish this off his own bat. 

  • OUT! Mustafizur sends back Kaul. The MI fans in the stands are delighted. 

    It's a full delivery on middle, that cutter. Kaul looks to drive but gets a slight leading edge back, Mistafizur completes a fantastic one-handed return catch. 

  • Mustafizur to bowl the penultimate over.

  • After 18 overs,Sunrisers Hyderabad 136/7 ( Deepak Hooda 23 , Siddarth Kaul 0)

    These are the situations in which Bumrah thrives. He is doing it once again. Breaks the Hooda-Pathan partnership in that over and also gets Rashid Khan. Just three runs and two wickets off the over. 12 needed off 12 now.

  • OUT! Well, well, well! There does seem to be a twist in the tale. Bumrah gets 2 in 2. Rashid Khan out for a golden duck.

    It's full outside off, angling in. Rashid stays in his crease and looks to drive. With no feet movement he ends up edging it to the keeper. 12 needed off 13 now.

  • OUT! Bumrah strikes but is it too little too late?

    Poor shot from Pathan, Short delivery on off from Bumrah, Pathan is surprised by the pace as he looks to pull. Doesn't connect it off the middle and Pollard at mid-wicket takes a smart catch. 

  • After 17 overs, Sunrisers Hyderabad 133/5 ( Deepak Hooda 21 , Yusuf Pathan 13)

    Pathan ends the over well to release some pressure. After 5 runs off five balls, Cutting drops it a touch short, Pathan pulls it wide of short fine leg to make it 9 off the over. 15 needed off 18. In these situations, there is minimal room for error, Cutting erred slightly and was punished. This should be easy for SRH from now on. 

  • Snehal Pradhan, ex-India cricketer and freelance writer

    Fairly important for Hooda and Pathan to take SRH home, not just from their team's point of view, but also their own fortunes in the tournament. They are not automatic picks, and have a great chance to stake a claim. With the required rate less than a run a ball, the odds are with them

  • Umang Pabari, Cricket statistician

    Yusuf Pathan's strike rate of 152.67 in IPL - the second highest for any batsman with a cut-off of 200 balls faced against them. However, he just needs to play smartly in the last four overs to get his team home. 

  • NOT OUT! Hooda's dive saves him. A really risky second and he had to dive full stretch to just about make it in. 

  • Appeal for a run out against Hooda. The umpire has referred it upstairs. 

  • Ben Cutting is brought back into the attack....

  • After 16 overs,Sunrisers Hyderabad 124/5 ( Deepak Hooda 17 , Yusuf Pathan 8)

    A very good over form Mustafizur. Those cutters found good movement off the track. Just three runs off it. However, there is no need to panic for SRH as they need run a ball with five wickets in hand. 24 needed off 24. 

  • Mustafizur back on....

  • Rajesh Tiwary, Freelance cricket writer

    One gets the feeling that Rohit held Bumrah back for too long when he didn't have a huge score to defend. Bumrah's ability at the death makes it tempting to keep his overs in the bag but Mumbai needed early wickets in this game. Hyderabad can afford to play normally and still overhaul the Mumbai total because of the excellent start that Dhawan and Saha gave them.

  • After 15 overs,Sunrisers Hyderabad 121/5 ( Deepak Hooda 15 , Yusuf Pathan 7)

    SRH fans would have had their hearts in their mouths in that over. Hooda nearly had a brain fade off the second ball. He went for a non-existent second and had to dive back in to make his crease. The bowler had whipped off the bails but Hooda had made it. Pathan then had a lifeline as he mistimed his loft to long on and Cutting, with a brilliant fielding effort, caught it, lost his balance but flicked the ball over the rope in time to save crucial runs. Three runs off the last delivery made it 7 runs off the over. Will someone tell the SRH batsmen to CALM DOWN!!!  

  • Bumrah brought back on.

  • After 14 overs,Sunrisers Hyderabad 114/5 ( Deepak Hooda 10 , Yusuf Pathan 5)

    Sensible stuff from Hooda and Pathan. They got one boundary in the over and had three singles. 7 off the over. This is what they want - sensible, calm and composed batting. 34 needed off 36 now.

  • FOUR! Short on the body from Cutting, Pathan pulls it behind square leg. 

  • Umang Pabari, Cricket statistician

    Most wickets from first two IPL matches:

    8 - Adam Zampa 
    7 - Amit Singh, Kevon Cooper, L Balaji, Andrew Tye, MAYANK MARKANDE* 
    6 - Lasith Malinga 

  • After 13 overs,Sunrisers Hyderabad 107/5 ( Deepak Hooda 8 , Yusuf Pathan 0)

    What an over under pressure. Just three runs and a wicket off it. Markande signs off in style. 41 needed off 42. Markande didn't give the batsmen any room in that over and that frustrated Shakib and hence the wicket. 

  • Snehal Pradhan, ex-India cricketer and freelance writer

    Shakib making the most of the fact that he knows better than most what Mustafizur will be bowling, getting the better of this match up. With less than a run a ball required, SRH still favourites. Most of the matches at this venue are won by the side batting first, but SRH have chosen to chase both times.  

  • Snehal Pradhan, ex-India cricketer and freelance writer

    Shakib making the most of the fact that he knows better than most what Mustafizur will be bowling, getting the better of this match up. With less than a run a ball required, SRH still favourites. Most of the matches at this venue are won by the side batting first, but SRH have chosen to chase both times.  

  • OUT! Markande gets his fourth off the final ball of his spell. Shakib departs.

    Markande comes from round the wicket and delivers a googly. Shakib stays in his crease and looks to cut but is cramped for room. He ends up inside edging onto the stumps. 4-0-23-4 what a spell from the youngster.

  • Markande continues...

IPL 2018, Sunrisers Hyderabad vs Mumbai Indians, latest update and cricket score: These are the situations in which Bumrah thrives. He is doing it once again. Breaks the Hooda-Pathan partnership in that over and also gets Rashid Khan. Just three runs and two wickets off the over. 12 needed off 12 now.

The two teams met with contrasting fortunes in their opening games. While Sunrisers hardly broke sweat during their emphatic nine-wicket victory over Rajasthan Royals, Mumbai Indians lost a humdinger to CSK in the tournament opener.

Highlights IPL 2018, SRH vs MI at Hyderabad, Full Cricket Score: Sunrisers Hyderabad win thriller by one wicket

Kane Williamson and Rohit Sharma, captain of SRH and MI respectively. Sportzpics

Sunrisers is believed to have the most diverse bowling attack in the competition. They have Bhuvneshwar Kumar with his superb skill sets of seam and swing, Billy Stanlake for raw pace and Siddarth Kaul to hit the deck.

Add to it Rashid Khan's fast leg-breaks and googlies are still a mystery for most batsmen while Shakib Al Hasan with his orthodox left-arm spin is miserly on most days.

Mumbai Indians, on the other hand, is filled with a galaxy of stars and are often known to be slow starters in a marathon tournament. Skipper Rohit Sharma would be expecting a better effort from his batsmen as 165 on a good batting track wasn't par for the course.

Evin Lewis, who has two T20 hundreds against India, skipper himself and the explosive Kieron Pollard would like to show their big-hitting prowess.

For MI, the biggest gain from the opening game was young leg-spinner Mayank Markande's performance on IPL debut as he accounted for Ambati Rayudu and MS Dhoni.

"He (Markande) has got great control of whatever he does, so, I think going forward he will be a great weapon for us," MI Captain Rohit Sharma had said recently.

While googly is his stock ball, it will be interesting to figure how well Markande can bowl his leg-breaks.

Mumbai's another concern will be their death bowling as Jasprit Bumrah, Mustafizur Rahaman and Mitchell McLenaghan all missed their length with Dwayne Bravo going on a rampage during the other night at Wankhede.

Hardik Pandya played his heart out but his ankle injury could be a cause of worry for skipper Rohit.

For Sunrisers, it was a good start under new skipper Kane Williamson, who didn't look out of place after David Warner's suspension from the league due to ball tampering charges.

Shikhar Dhawan's blazing form has continued, which is the biggest shot in the arm for the 'Orange Army' apart from a bowling attack that looks potent on any surface.

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Updated Date: Apr 13, 2018

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