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Highlights, India Women vs South Africa Women, 4th T20I at Centurion: Match called off due to rain, visitors lead 2-1

Date: Wednesday, 21 February, 2018 19:33 IST


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19:32 (IST)

South Africa have every right to feel dejected.They were on their way to a massive total and really put the Indian attack to the sword. India were under the pump, and dare I say, they withered under the constant assault from South African captain Dane van Niekerk and Lizelle Lee, who scored a scintillating, unbeaten 38-ball 58. India need to regroup fast and bring their 'A' game in Newlands, Capetown on Saturday. 

That's it from us at this point of time. Do join us in sometime to catch recent updates and scores of the men's T20I between the same teams. Till then, it's good-bye from us.

19:27 (IST)

India retain the lead 2-1, with one match left to play the visitors cannot lose the series

19:23 (IST)

Match called-off

Well, ladies and gentlemen, there's some bad news. The match has been called off. Yep, that's a killjoy but that's what it is. India retain 2-1 lead, and South Africa still have a chance to square the series in Capetown on Saturday.

19:16 (IST)

Here is what India could been chasing...only if the match resumes:

If we will have a 10-over game then India's target will be 109 and for a 5-over game, it will be 61.


Umang Pabari, Cricket statistician
19:16 (IST)
19:12 (IST)

Argh! Now this is starting to get really frustrating

19:05 (IST)

Still drizzling and we're closing on the cut-off time

18:52 (IST)

We have some good news! 

The rain has stopped and the groundsmen have started to prepare. Keep your fingers crossed! 

18:33 (IST)

No confirmation yet but safe to assume that it will be shortened game, we might lose some overs here

18:28 (IST)

Yep. When?

17:50 (IST)

If South Africa Women do not come out to bat again then Indian Women's target will be 148 from 15 overs as per DLS.

Umang Pabari, Cricket statistician
17:50 (IST)
17:46 (IST)

Pouring pretty heavily at SuperSport Park

17:41 (IST)

Lizelle Lee has now hit five sixes in this innings - the most by South African player in a Women's T20I match. The previous highest was four by Chloe Tryon against India Women at Potchefstroom in 2018.

Umang Pabari, Cricket statistician
17:41 (IST)
17:39 (IST)

Rain stops play

And there's the downpour. It was predicted though, likely to be a passing shower. But more importantly, it might just suck the momentum out of South Africa's innings. Lee has taken over from Niekerk remarkably and has given ample evidence of her power. Can she continue it in last five overs? We'll find out when we return.

17:38 (IST)

After 15 overs South Africa 128/3 (Lee 58, du Preez 1)

Another eventful over this. Deepti Sharma gets rid of Sune Luus but conceded 10 runs. 

17:37 (IST)

Most fifty-plus scores for South Africa Women in T20Is:

6 - Mignon du Preez, Dane van Niekerk*
5 - Lizelle Lee*
3 - Trisha Chetty

Umang Pabari, Cricket statistician
17:37 (IST)
17:36 (IST)

SIX! Awesome power from Lee. Tossed up by Deepti and Lee hits it over long-on.

17:35 (IST)

After 14 overs South Africa 118/2 (Lee 49, Luus 5)

An eventful over this from Poonam. 12 runs and the wicket of Tryon.

17:34 (IST)

OUT! Flatter ball from Deepti Sharma and Sune Luus misses her sweep. She is hit plumb.

Sune Luus lbw b Deepti Sharma 5(3) 

17:33 (IST)

FIFTY! That's the half-century for Lizelle Lee. Well played!

17:32 (IST)

FOUR! Sune Luus into the act. Hits it to long-on and misfielfd gets her the boundary.

17:31 (IST)

SIX! Poonam flights and Lee responds with a six over long-on. Stunning!

17:30 (IST)

Dane van Niekerk becomes the first South African player to score a fifty against India Women in T20Is.


Umang Pabari, Cricket statistician
17:30 (IST)
17:30 (IST)

This is the second century stand between Lizelle Lee and Dane van Niekerk - the joint most among all the pairs in Women's T20Is.

Umang Pabari, Cricket statistician
17:30 (IST)
17:30 (IST)

Sune Luus is in

17:30 (IST)

OUT! That's number two. Big-hitting Tryon pulls Poonam Yadav straight to Rumeli Dhar, who is stationed at square leg this time. 

Chloe Tryon c Rumeli Dhar b Poonam Yadav 2(4)

17:30 (IST)

This is South Africa's third century opening stand in Women's T20Is. 

1. 170 b/w Trisha Chetty and Shandre Fritz against Netherlands Women at Potchefstroom in 2010
2. 163* b/w Lizelle Lee and Dane van Niekerk against Pakistan Women at Sylhet in 2014

Umang Pabari, Cricket statistician
17:30 (IST)
17:28 (IST)

After 13 overs South Africa 106/1 (Lee 42, Tryon 2)

Deepti Sharma returns and gets India the wicket they needed. Concedes 13 though. India finally see the back of Niekerk; they need a few more now.

17:26 (IST)

Chloe Tryon is in. She bats right-handed.

17:26 (IST)

OUT! Finally! That was short and on off-stump and Niekerk decided to blast it over covers. No timing at all and Rumeli Dhar takes the catch.

van Niekerk c Rumeli Dhar b Deepti Sharma 55(47)

17:24 (IST)

FOUR! Tossed up again from Deepti and Niekerk swings hard. Beats the long-on fielder. 

17:24 (IST)

FIFTY! Tossed up from Deepti and Niekerk steps out and deposits her over long-on for a six. It also brings up her fifty. Lovely, clean strike. 

17:22 (IST)

After 12 overs South Africa 93/0 (Lee 41, van Niekerk 45)

Another bowling change. Harmanpreet brings herself on. They need some wickets here now, India. Starts neatly, just one from first three balls. Niekerk steps out and drives powerfully to long-off for a single. Lee takes a tight single on the fifth ball. Single to end the over. Decent start from the skipper.

17:19 (IST)

After 11 overs South Africa 89/0 (Lee 39, van Niekerk 43)

Gayakwad returns, she had an expensive first over. And she is greeted with a six by Niekerk. Comes down the track and lofts her over deep midwicket. Lovely swing, and it falls in the crowd. Some power! Lee joins the party on the fourth ball. That's fairly wide off the off-stump, and Lee reaches out and somehow generates enough power to hit it over long-on for six. 16 from that over.

17:18 (IST)

SIX! Gayakwad being punished here. Lee reaches for that widish delivery and uses the width to hit it with immense power. It sails over long-on. 

17:14 (IST)

After 10 overs South Africa 73/0 (Lee 30, van Niekerk 36)

Poonam Yadav continues. Niekerk hits her across the line again, gets a top-edge but it goes over square leg. Just a single though. She gets a four lkater in the over though. Seven from this over.

17:13 (IST)

FOUR! Bad delivery that from Poonam Yadav. That was short, and Niekerk goes on her knee and swats it over square leg.

17:10 (IST)

After 9 overs South Africa 66/0 (Lee 29, van Niekerk 30)

Deepti Sharma, right-arm medium is into the attack. She looks like bowling fastish off-spinners though. Starts with a wide down Niekerk's legs, who goes for a reverse hit next ball but finds the fielder. No run. Single on the next ball to short fine leg. What happened there? First the bowler pulled out, then the batsman, and then comes the six. What a shot from Lee this. Two singles to end this over. Another good over for South Africa. 

17:09 (IST)

SIX! Full and in the slot from Deepti and Lee smokes it over her head. Lovely shot. 

17:06 (IST)

Poonam Yadav is the third highest wicket-taker for India in Women's T20Is with 37 wickets.

She has to try to break this stand if India want to restrict South Africa from posting a big total.


Umang Pabari, Cricket statistician
17:06 (IST)
17:05 (IST)

After 8 overs South Africa 56/0 (Lee 22, van Niekerk 28)

Bowling change. Leg-spinner Poonam Yadav is into the attack. Can she get a wicket here? Finds her length straightaway. Slightly shorter, but defended by Lee, who cuts the second ball for a single. Short again, and Niekerk read that front-of-the-hand ball well. Cuts her for another single. Another single on the fourth ball, this time to square leg. Niekerk reverse sweeps fifth ball for a single and Yadav ends the over with a dot ball. 

17:05 (IST)

Getting a little darker, hopefully the rain stays away

17:04 (IST)

Interestingly, No South African woman player has scored a fifty against India Women in T20Is yet.


Umang Pabari, Cricket statistician
17:04 (IST)
17:01 (IST)

After 7 overs South Africa 52/0 (Lee 20, van Niekerk 26)

Dhar to Niekerk. She starts with a boundary. South Africa bring up their fifty in this over too. Great start from them. India need a wicket now. Eight from that over.

16:59 (IST)

FOUR! That's poor fielding from India. Mithali Raj the culprit there. That was pitched outside off and Niekerk fetched it to square leg, where Raj mistimes her dive. Dhar, the bowler.

16:57 (IST)

After 6 overs South Africa 44/0 (Lee 18, van Niekerk 20)

Here's Vastrakar. Concedes a four first ball to Niekerk but good comeback thereafter as four consecutive dot balls suggest. India need a few quiet overs here. Single on the last ball and that ends the Powerplay as well.

16:55 (IST)

FOUR! Niekerk goes inside-out to Vastrakar and gets the outside half of the bat. That runs away for another boundary.

16:53 (IST)

After 5 overs South Africa 39/0 (Lee 18, van Niekerk 15)

First bowling change. Rajeshwari Gayakwad, slow left-arm is into the attack, and she has been taken apart here. Two fours and a six in that 15-run over. 

16:52 (IST)

SIX! What a shot. Full and flighted, and Lee gets underneath that to smoke it over midwicket.

16:51 (IST)

FOUR! Lee gets into the act. Sweeps Gayakwad through midwicket with lot of authority.

16:50 (IST)

FOUR! First ball from Gayakwad is full and slanting into Niekerk, who brings out a powerful sweep.

India vs South Africa, 4th T20I, Latest update: South Africa have every right to feel dejected.They were on their way to a massive total and really put the Indian attack to the sword. India were under the pump, and dare I say, they withered under the constant assault from South African captain Dane van Niekerk and Lizelle Lee, who scored a scinitillating, unbeaten 38-ball 58. India need to regroup fast and bring their 'A' game in Newlands, Capetown on Saturday.

That's it from us at this point of time. Do join us in sometime to catch recent updates and scores of the men's T20I between the same teams. Till then, it's goodbye from us.

Preview: After convincing victories – by seven and nine wickets respectively – in the first two T20 games, India allowed South Africa to stay alive in the series by slumping to a five-wicket loss against the hosts in the third match in Johannesburg.

Highlights, India Women vs South Africa Women, 4th T20I at Centurion: Match called off due to rain, visitors lead 2-1

File image of Dane van Niekerk and Harmanpreet Kaur. Reuters

But having clinched the three-match ODI series 2-1, India would now be aiming to secure an unassailable lead in the shortest format series, which comprises six games in all.

A win will also make Harmanpreet Kaur and Co. the first to have won two series on a single tour of South Africa. It will also be a huge milestone after having won the T20 series in Australia.

But it would be easier said than done. After a near flawless show in the opening two games, the Indians dished out a below-par display in third T20 to give South Africa a chance to make a comeback in the series.

In the last match, India's middle-order collapsed after a fiery start to end with 133 in 17.5 overs.

This was after being a solid 93 for two in the 12th over.

Skipper Harmanpreet looked in a punishing mood during her 30-ball 48 and together with opener Smriti Mandhana (37) added 55 runs for the second wicket in quick time.
But once the duo departed, the Indian middle-order collapsed like a house of cards.

Veteran Mithali Raj too would be hungry for runs after posting a duck in her previous knock. The Indian bowling too looked ordinary in the last match.

In the absence of injured veteran pacer Jhulan Goswami, the onus was on young fast bowler Pooja Vastrakar to lead the attack and she did it with aplomb picking up two wickets, giving away just 21 runs from her four overs.

But Pooja lacked support from the other end as her new ball partner Shikha Pandey went for runs.

Off-spinner Anuja Patil was also a big let down for India as she conceded 44 runs from her four overs and accounted for just one wicket.

Come tomorrow, Harmanpreet would want her team to tick all boxes correctly in order to register a rare feat in the history of Indian women's cricket.

With the men's team also scheduled to play their second T20 at the same venue later in the day, the onus will be on Harmanpreet and Co to set the ball rolling for Virat Kohli's team as they eye an unassailable 2-0 lead in the three-match series.

On the other hand, South Africa would be a much more confident unit tomorrow, thanks largely to seamer Shabnim Ismail, who took her first T20I five-wicket haul in the previous match.

Ismail's figures of 5/30 were the second-best by a South African in the format and helped the hosts get a target that they chased down with six balls to spare.

They would also be hoping that Chloe Tryon, who struck a 15-ball 34 in the previous game, continues her good form.


India: Harmanpreet Kaur (captain), Smriti Mandhana (vice-captain), Mithali Raj, Veda Krishnamurthy, Jemimah Rodrigues, Deepti Sharma, Anuja Patil, Taniya Bhatia, Nuzhat Parveen Poonam Yadav, Rajeshwari Gayakwad, Shikha Pandey, Pooja Vastrakar, Radha Yadav, Rumeli Dhar.

South Africa: Dane van Niekerk (captain), Marizanne Kapp, Trisha Chetty, Shabnim Ismail, Ayabonga Khaka, Masabata Klaas, Sune Luus, Odine Kirsten, Mignon du Preez, Lizelle Lee, Chloe Tryon, Nadine de Klerk, Raisibe Ntozakhe, Moseline Daniels.

Match starts: 4:30 PM IST.

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Updated Date: Feb 21, 2018