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Highlights India Women vs Australia Women 2018, 3rd ODI in Vadodara: Visitors win by 97 runs, claim series 3-0

Date: Sunday, 18 March, 2018 16:25 IST Match Status: Yet to Start
  • India have showed glimpses of outstanding cricket in passages, but was not enough to beat the might of Australia. Meg Lanning and her troops outplayed India in all departments. But good to see Women's cricket growing from strength to strength, with broadcasters slowly coming on board, crowds flocking in large numbers in the stadium. Will be very interesting to see how the crowds will turn in Mumbai for the T20I tri-series including ODI champions England alongside India and Australia. My hunch is the CCI stadium will be nearly packed to the rafters. We will bringing you all the updates from the forthcoming series as well. Do join us for that until then we bid goodbye!

  • A professional performance, to say the least

  • Hopes pinned on the Men's team in Nidahas Trophy final

  • Australian captain, Meg Lanning: Oh look we spoke about setting the tone early. India put us under pressure early on we responded really well. Knew India would come pretty hard at us. We were happy with the total we had on board, and knew it was only a matter of a couple of wickets to pull things back

  • Nicole Bolton, Player of the series: I was just trying to have fun on bench. I have loved it (the crowd). Amazing experience playing against India. Love batting with Healy. It was great to watch her bat today. Best of luck to the Australian team for T20Is. 

  • Nicole Bolton is the Player of the series.

  • Alyssa Healy, Player of the Match: I had no idea of any of that. (records she has broken). Great to get another opportunity and got lucky as well. So took a chance early, enjoyed my time after that. (Opening) Best time to bat, throughly enjoyed by time with Bolts (Bolton, who is doing the dab on the sidelines)  the left-right combination has been working well for us. I couldn't quite carry on with my innings in the Ashes, but am glad it came off tonight.

  • Alyssa Healy is the Player of the Match

  • Indian captain, Mithali Raj: I think though we are coming from South Africa on back of victory bt we know we have lot to catch up on. I think playing in such a crowd is a huge change. Getting international stadium to play is a big change as well. We do have many youngster in the team. In 2-3 years, they can take responsibility of the team. We need to work more on our bowling and fielding and sort our middle order.

  • Australia win by 97 runs and complete 3-0 whitewash over India

    Another show of domination by Australians today as they show utter professionalism with both bat and ball. India, on the other haand, always looked running out of breath. The series is a lesson learnt for them. 3-0 it is, a whitewash and Mithali Raj and her side will need to go back and do the homework. 

  • OUT! Vastrakar tries for the fancy scoop off a full delivery, she got down to play the shot, but only manages to get it as far as Carey at short third taking a good low catch. With Ekta Bisht not fit to bat, that's the end of the match and series. 

    Australia clinch the series 3-0 completing the whitewash.

  • After 44 overs, India 233/8 (Pooja Vastrakar 5, Poonam Yadav 6)

    Six runs off the over with Vastrakar yet again showing her ability with the bat. She can provide some fireworks if she hangs around for the Vadodara crowd

  • FOUR! Perry's short stuff has been met by flat batted slap by Vastrakar, who powers it over the bowler's head and races to straight boundary.

  • After 43 overs, India 227/8 (Pooja Vastrakar 1, Poonam Yadav 5)

    Schutt runs through her ninth over as well. Only a single run off the over from Poonam Yadav.

  • After 42 overs, India 226/8 (Pooja Vastrakar 1, Poonam Yadav 4)

    Perry delivers a maiden with the result now handwritten on the wall. Always good to see Perry bowl, puts in immense effort every time she is bowling irrespective the match situation.

  • After 41 overs, India 226/8 (Pooja Vastrakar 1, Poonam Yadav 4)

    Jess Jonassen completes her quota of ten overs with only a single run off  her final over. Vastrakar gets off the mark.

  • After 40 overs, India 225/8 (Pooja Vastrakar 0, Poonam Yadav 4)

    Five dots and two wickets of the first over with Poonam spoiling the Perry party with a boundary to fine leg.

  • FOUR! Poonam Yadav runs it off her pads to fine leg boundary and she gets off her mark

  • Snehal Pradhan, ex-India cricketer, freelance writer in Vadodara

    Another wicket simply hastens the inevitable, which was being held at bay by this partnership. Deepti Sharma's knock is inexplicable, she should have taken the aggressors role, but continues to plug singles away. Pooja Vastrakar may entertain, but this required run rate is beyond India. This crowd, nearly 10,000, deserved better. ​

  • OUT! One brings two! Pandey hangs her bat out ends up getting a tickle to Healy. Perry will be on a hat-trick.

     Shikha Pandey c Alyssa Healy b Perry 0(1)

  • OUT! Perry's turn to be among the wickets. Bowled! Through Deepti Sharma. Her vigil has ended after 49 balls. India tumbling quickly.

    Deepti Sharma b Perry 36(49)

  • After 39 overs, India 221/6 (Deepti Sharma 34, Pooja Vastrakar 0)

    ​Vastrakar is new batter, who comes to the crease. India have lost their sixth wicket with Schutt bagging her first of the day.

  • OUT! Sushma Verma attempts to clear the infield on the offside but with Schutt not providing any pace to work with, she ends up just lofting it half-heartedly. Lanning completes a superb tumbling catch at extra cover

    Sushma Verma c Lanning b Schutt 30(35)

  • FOUR! And again! Another edge and another boundary in the same region. Adds on to the frustration of the bowler.

  • FOUR! Thick edge off Verma's bat and it runs fine to third man fence. Schutt doesn't believe her luck.

  • Megan Schutt is back into the attack

  • After 38 overs, India 213/5 (Deepti Sharma 34, Sushma Verma 24)

    Despite the boundary, India can collect only two more runs of the remaining five deliveries and that is the class of Perry. Not giving anything away. Deepti needs to start finding the boundary as well.

  • FOUR! Some width on offer and Verma pushes firmly at the ball and finds the gap on the offside to get it through the cover point region

  • After 37 overs, India 207/5 (Deepti Sharma 33, Sushma Verma 19)

    Sushma taps it through covers for a single. Deepti takes the aerial route on the onside with Healy screaming for a catch, falls way short of deep mid wicket. Verma taps it behind backward point for a couple. Finishes Jonassen's over with a big hit.

  • SIX! More like it! Sushma Verma goes down on her knee and launches the slog sweep for huge six! Will these open the floodgates?

  • After 36 overs, India 197/5 (Deepti Sharma 32, Sushma Verma 10)

    More than 50 balls since India have scored a boundary. Perry continues to keep it short and back of a length, putting in effort in each delivery. The first over of the powerplay is done with Sushma wafting the air with her bat missing the ball on couple of occasions.

  • Ellyse Perry has been brought back into the attack.

  • After 35 overs, India 196/5 (Deepti Sharma 32, Sushma Verma 9)

    Jonassen complete her eighth over. Another three-run over. Probably these two are waiting for the batting powerplay. Expect them to go after the bowling after this over.

  • After 34 overs, India 193/5 (Deepti Sharma 31, Sushma Verma 7)

    Not going to happen in singles here. 140 still required off 16 overs i.e. more than 8.5 runs an over

  • The match is not over yet. 

  • After 33 overs, India 189/5 (Deepti Sharma 31, Sushma Verma 3)

    Only a couple of singles off  Jonassen's over. No real intensity shown from the Indians. Australia happy to sit back with the spinners operating and keeping the run flow in check.

  • After 32 overs, India 187/5 (Deepti Sharma 30, Sushma Verma 2)

    With the fall of wickets, the run flow has dried up as well. Gardner's over procures four runs for India, including the first run for verma with a chip to mid wicket.

  • After 31 overs, India 183/5 (Deepti Sharma 28, Sushma Verma 0)

    Wicket-keeper Sushma Verma joins Deepti Sharma in the middle. India need something extra ordinary from here on. The crowds have gone quite and understandably so. Only a single of the over.

  • After 30 overs, India 182/5 (Deepti Sharma 27, )

    Gardner has her third wicket. India in dire straits with 151 runs required from the last 20 overs. 

  • OUT! That's India's half-side back in the hut. Mona Meshram perishes. Not the best day for a player returning to the playing XI. Drop catches, misfielding and now out cheaply. Gets to the pitch of the ball and hits it straight down deep midwicket's throat. 

    Meshram c Nicola Carey b Gardner 1(5)

  • After 29 overs, India 179/4 ( Deepti Sharma 25, M Meshram 0)

    India have lost all of their top batters. Uphill task from here on to find a way towards 332. Pooja Vastrakar has shown some skills with the bat and can use the long handle to good effect, but the other batters need to get it as close to the target as possible. What's worse that they do not have too many overs to play with either.

  • Snehal Pradhan, ex-India cricketer, freelance writer in Vadodara

    Mithali Raj gone to scoreboard pressure. An innings that never really found the next gear. And that means that India's last recognised batting pair at the crease with a mountain still to climb. Jess Jonassen has been Australia's best spinner, and simple dot balls have done for Raj. The crowd is hushed. 

  • OUT! Few dots and the need for launching the big shot draws a mistake from the Indian captain. Miscues her heave and Rachael Haynes takes a good low catch to dismiss Raj. Jonassen pushed it through, Raj's bat turned on impact, taking it towards midwicket instead of the intended long on boundary.

    Some doubts if the catch was cleanly taken as Mithali stands her ground. Umpires refer it upstairs with the 'out' as the soft signal. It stays out, was a clean catch and that will mean the Indian captain can continue her walk towards the pavilion. Players take drinks.

    Mithali Raj c Haynes b Jonassen 21(38)

  • After 28 overs, India 178/3 (Mithali Raj 21, Deepti Sharma 24)

    Gardner restores to flatter trajectory, keeping it straight and full after that one ball that slipped down the leg  side, giving away just a solitary run after the boundary down to leg side.

  • FOUR! Gift from Gardner, full and on Deepti's pads. Depti sweeps it well to fine leg fence.

  • Ash Gardner is reintroduced into the attack. Will go round the wicket to Deepti.

  • After 27 overs, India 173/3 (Mithali Raj 21, Deepti Sharma 19)

    Jonnasen pulls things back after three singles off the first three deliveries.

  • After 26 overs, India 170/3 (Mithali Raj 20, Deepti Sharma 17)

    These two are keeping the scorecard ticking with another seven-run over, they aren't letting the pressure of required rate mount on. Carey completes her fifth over. India need 163 off 144 balls.

  • FOUR! Too straight by Carey. Deepti had to just get some bat on it and she does, four to fine leg.

  • After 25 overs, India 163/3 (Mithali Raj 19, Deepti Sharma 11)

    At the halfway stage, India are on course in terms of the run rate but they need one big partnership and with Harmanpreet Kaur dismissed, they need someone to play the big shots. Meshram can be the one but she hasn't got a game so far. Raj holds the key here.


India vs Australia, 3rd ODI, Latest update: Australia win by 97 runs and complete 3-0 whitewash over India. Another show of domination by Australians today as they show utter professionalism with both bat and ball. India, on the other haand, always looked running out of breath. The series is a lesson learnt for them. 3-0 it is, a whitewash and Mithali Raj and her side will need to go back and do the homework.

Preview: The series already lost, India women would look to salvage some pride when they take on mighty Australia in the third and final game of the series, a part of the ICC Women ODI Championship, here tomorrow.

It has been a disastrous series for Indian women so far as they are yet to taste a victory in four matches, including the two practice games preceding the three-game ODI series.

It has been a dominating performance from Australia, who had lost to India in the World Cup semifinals.

Mithali Raj and Meg Lanning. Reuters

Mithali Raj and Meg Lanning. Reuters

Australia women have showed their class by registering convincing wins in all the matches. They won the first ODIs by eight wickets and sealed the series with 60-run victory in the second match.

Prior to the ODIs, Indian women had also lost both the practice games in Mumbai by massive 321 runs and seven wickets respectively.

And come tomorrow, it would be Indian women's last chance to redeem some pride and bring smiles back to the faces of their fans with a consolation win.

But to achieve a favourable result India will have to improve in all departments of the game.

In the absence of veteran Jhulan Goswami, the Indian bowling attack looked lacklustre in the series with Shikha Pandey and Pooja Vastrakar leaking runs upfront.

The spinners too failed to make any considerable impact with the likes of Ekta Bisht and Poonam Yadav struggling to contain the Australian batswomen in favourable conditions.

India's batting has been unimpressive in the two matches and it has cost the team badly.

Opener Punam Raut struggled in both the games and was also guilty of wasting too many deliveries while chasing 288 runs in the must-win second game.

Barring left-handed opener Smriti Mandhana, who made 67 off 53 balls in the second ODI, all the Indian batswomen struggled.

Much was expected from the likes of skipper Mithali Raj, who missed the first ODI due to illness, Harmanpreet Kaur, Veda Krishnamurthy and Deppti Shama but all of them failed to make any impact.

The onus would be on the Indian batters to shoulder the responsibility tomorrow and hand their side a much-needed morale-boosting victory.

Australia, on the other hand, have not put a foot wrong in the tour so far.

The Australians have been clinical in all departments of the game, be it batting, bowling or fielding.

Opener Nicole Bolton is in sublime touch, following up her unbeaten 100 with a classy 84 in the second ODI.

Ellyse Perry struck an unbeaten run-a-ball 70 while Beth Mooney smashed a 40-ball 56 in the last match and the duo would be looking to carry forward its good form.

Captain Meg Lanning got starts in both the games before getting out and would be hoping to score big tomorrow.

Teams (from):

India: Mithali Raj (captain), Harmanpreet Kaur, Smriti Mandhana, Veda Krishnamurthy, Punam Raut, Jemimah Rodrigues, Sushma Verma, Ekta Bist, Rajeshwari Gayakwad, Deepti Sharma, Shikha Pandey, Pooja Vastrakar, Mona Meshram, Poonam Yadav, Sukanya Parida

Australia: Meg Lanning (captain), Alyssa Healy, Nicole Bolton, Nicola Carey, Ellyse Perry, Elyse Velani, Ashleigh Gardner, Rachel Haynes, Jess Jonassen, Sophie Molineux, Megan Schutt, Beh Mooney, Belinda Vakarewa, Amanda Jade-Wellington.

With inputs from PTI

Updated Date: Mar 18, 2018

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