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Highlights India Women vs Australia Women 2018, 2nd ODI at Vadodara: Visitors win by 60 runs; claim series 2-0

Date: Thursday, 15 March, 2018 16:42 IST Match Status: Yet to Start
  • That's that for today as we bid goodbye from the match. India might have lost the series but still important points to play for the Women's ODI Championships. Mithali Raj requested more people to turnaround at the Reliance stadium in Vadodara, the third ODI to be played on Sunday should ideally have more numbers coming in. So if you in and around the Gujarat city then head to the stadium, if not, follow our live blog on Sunday as we will be here providing you all the coverage from the final ODI, we will be here at 8 am and the toss to take place at half past 8. Thanks for company, see ya!

  • Indeed a professional performance from the Australian women

  • Nicole Bolton: Yeah,I think we picked (slow nature of the pitch) that up. It (the ball) was not coming on like the other day so we waited. Something (opening partnership with Healy) we are really proud of. Partnerships were very important today.  

  • Nicole Bolton is awarded the Player of the Match

  • Australian captain, Meg Lanning: We were going to bat so worked out well for both teams. Nicole Bolton made it look very easy. Beth Mooney's innings was very important as India were on top then. (On Jonassen) She was going very well, I thought Megan Schutt was outstanding today. (On getting the perfect game) We are getting closer, India dominated some period of play.

  • Indian captain, Mithali Raj:That was a genuine reason. I was sick. We are humans and body needs rest.Virat Kohli said that. I believe there was movement in first few overs. Bowlers did not bowl well. We play international cricket and we should strive for excellence. Mandhana has been among runs. We needed more contribution from the top order. We have always wanted our middle order to perform. Think when you are chasing a big total, you need to keep a healthy strike rate. In the middle, there was no one to take us forward. I would request the crowd to turn up in large numbers. Important for people to support women's cricket.

  • Wishes pouring in for Australia after a classic series win over India. 

  • Snehal Pradhan, ex-India cricketer and freelance cricket writer

    So Australia wrap up another series win against India. India have never beaten them in an ODI series before, and this loss only reinforces the notion that over a longer period, Australia are the better team. The highlight for India has to be off the field, with the crowd, which officials claim to be 11,000 (probably more like 5000), is the best seen in a women's game at home in recent years. 

  • Australia win by 60 runs. Meg Lanning's side have claimed the series 2-0 with one to play. The Southern stars were clearly the better side with Nicole Bolton, Ellyse Perry and Beth Mooney all scoring valuable half-centuries, propelling Australia's total to a massive 287.

    The target started to appear gettable when Mandhana was batting, she made a exiquistie 67 but after she fell, India kept losing wickets at important junctures, the middle order never quiet got going. Nobody to take it forward. Late blitz from Vastrakar was not enough to chase the total but good enough to show her batting prowess.


  • After 49.2 overs, India 227 all out (Ekta Bisht 8, )

    ALL OUT! Perry has the final wicket! Traps Poonam Yadav across the line. The ball rapped on her pads and would have gone onto crash the middle stump.

    Poonam Yadav lbw b Perry 3(9)

  • After 49 overs, India 227/9 (Ekta Bisht 8, Poonam Yadav 3)

    Three singles off the over, the number 10 and 11 will take pride if they remain unbeaten and play out the 50 overs. Jonassen completes her quota of 10 overs giving away 51 runs and picking three wickets.

  • After 48 overs, India 224/9 (Ekta Bisht 7, Poonam Yadav 1)

    Another excellent over from Schutt. Yadav gets off the mark off with a sweep to end the over. Two more overs to go. One wicket left. 

  • Number 11 Poonam Yadav comes to the crease. Australia one wicket away.

  • OUT! End of a valiant innings from Vastrakar. The 18-year old youngster has made a strong case with the bat. Schutt has her first wicket today, well she has worked so hard for it and deserves the reward. Vastrakar went for the cut, but gets an edge to wicket-keeper Alyssa Healy, who as always does some neat work behind the wickets.

     Vastrakar c Alyssa Healy b Schutt 30(33)

  • After 47 overs, India 222/8 ( Pooja Vastrakar 30, Ekta Bisht 6)

    Jonassen continues. Singles off the first two balls. An appeal is made off the next ball for a tight caught and bowled by Jonassen against Vastrakar. The umpires have referred it upstairs with the soft signal being not out. Has it touched the ground is the question. Jonassen did extremely well to get her hand behind the ball, the replays aren't conclusive and thus the on-field call remains. Bisht goes over the top, shouts of 'catch it' but falls short of the long on fielder. 

  • After 46 overs, India 218/8 ( Pooja Vastrakar 28, Ekta Bisht 4)

    Bisht rotates the strike off the second ball. Vastrakar shows her all-round skills as he comes down the pitch and lofts it over covers for one. Two more singles in the over with a wide gives India five more runs. 70 runs needed off 24 balls.

  • Strike bowler Megan Schutt is brought back into the attack

  • After 45 overs, India 213/8 ( Pooja Vastrakar 26, Ekta Bisht 2)

    Loud shout for a leg before wicket after Vastrakar misses the reverse sweep. Looked pretty close but umpire thinks it was impacted outside the line. Three singles and a leg bye to finish Jonassen's seventh over.

  • Snehal Pradhan, ex-India cricketer and freelance cricket writer

    Vastrakar is once again mounting a little bit of a fightback, but like the last game when it was too little, this time it is too late. India need to question to top order who all got starts, as well as the dot balls they consumed in getting them. Besides Mandhana and Raj, no one else in the top five had a strike rate of over 65. 

  • After 44 overs, India 209/8 ( Pooja Vastrakar 24, Ekta Bisht 1)

    Carey's bowling figures did taking a beating in the over. Vastrakar scored 10 runs and Bisht getting off the mark with a single behind square on the onside. Just in case if any one believes in miracles ...80 needed off 36 

  • FOUR! Thick outside edge, pushed with hard hands by Vastrakar, fielder was slightly wide at short third, who did put in the dive but was unable to stop it.

  • FOUR! Short of a length delivery from Carey that sat up nicely for Vastrakar to take a swipe at it. Was just out of mid on's grasp, has the legs to beat long on. 200 up for India!

  • After 43 overs, India 198/8 ( Pooja Vastrakar 12, Ekta Bisht 0)

    Vastrakar taps it to cover for a single. Number 10 Ekta Bisht, defends the remaining three deliveries solidly for no run.

  • After 42 overs, India 197/7 ( Pooja Vastrakar 12, Ekta Bisht 0)

    Two runs a wicket off the over. Pandey falls after an entertaining partnership of 27 runs with Vastrakar.

  • What a moment for Carey!

  • OUT! Pandey's cameo comes to an end. Joy for Carey as she picks up her First international wicket. Pandey gives some catching practice to the point fielder.

     Shikha Pandey c Jonassen b Nicola Carey 15(19)

  • After 41 overs, India 195/7 ( Shikha Pandey 14, Pooja Vastrakar 12)

    Eight runs from the over bowled by Perry. This is some fun fireworks provided right towards the fag end of the innings. How long can they frustrate the Aussies? Will be fun to see.

  • FOUR! Shikha Pandey steers the short ball to third man fence.

  • After 40 overs, India 187/7 ( Shikha Pandey 8, Pooja Vastrakar 10)

    The lower order batters providing some excitement for the Baroda crowd. Lusty blows like these can make a case for Pooja to bat up the order.

  • FOUR! Pandey squeezes out the full delivery and directs it through the gap on the offside with no sweeper in position the ball runs towards the fence

  • SIX! Goodness gracious! That was some hit! Full delivery and Pooja takes a swipe. Huge hit that crashes into the ground scoreboard.

  • After 39 overs, India 176/7 ( Shikha Pandey 4, Pooja Vastrakar 3)

    Pooja goes to clear the infield on the offside, doesn't time it well, Amanda runs across and holds onto it only until the ball popped out allowing Pooja to continue. Three singles off the over

  • After 38 overs, India 173/7 ( Shikha Pandey 3, Pooja Vastrakar 1)

    Vastrakar gets off the mark with a single to covers. Jonassen completes her sixth over giving away only a solitary run. 

  • Snehal Pradhan, ex-India cricketer and freelance cricket writer

    Another double strike, and now there is a trickle of human being towards the exits. Which is a real shame, as this crowd is certainly the best India women have had in a home series in years. More will turn up on Sunday say the locals, but it will likely be for a dead rubber. The captaincy of Meg Lanning must be applauded, using her pace bowlers until the run rate went high enough to call for desperation against spin from India. 

  • After 37 overs, India 172/7 ( Shikha Pandey 3, )

    Pandey plays the last ball, a full toss through point for a couple, the only scoring shot off the over.

  • After 36 overs, India 170/7 ( Shikha Pandey 1, )

    Two wickets for Jonassen, two wickets for Australia. Three wickets away from series win. Shikha Pandey and the tail left to bat, top scorer from the previous game for India Pooja Vastrakar to join in next.

  • OUT! Sushma Verma lobs it back to the bowler. Jonassen enjoyed it, despair for Verma. Two wickets in an over.

    Sushma Verma c and b Jonassen 8(12) 

  • OUT!  Deepti falls. She is caught at mid-off.  Mistimes the big shot but she had to go for it. India is sliding rather quickly here. 

    Deepti Sharma c Lanning b Jonassen 26(45)

  • Snehal Pradhan, ex-India cricketer and freelance cricket writer

    The wait for the legspinner policy backfires. Both Harmanpreet and Veda out to Wellington, who has a knack of picking up big wickets. The ball turning a little more than it was in the first innings, and makes the decision to bowl first look a little worse. That could be the match, although the crowd is going nowhere. 

  • Jess Jonassen to bowl the first over of batting powerplay

  • After 35 overs, India 167/5 ( Deepti Sharma 26, Sushma Verma 6)

    Gardner is brought back into the attack. Strange move to remove the wicket taking leg spinner out of the attack. Seven runs come off the over.

  • FOUR! Comes down the pitch and slams it down the ground and thwacks it straight down the ground. Top shot from Verma

  • After 34 overs, India 160/5 ( Deepti Sharma 26, Sushma Verma 1)

    Wellington have enjoyed bowling here. Wickets in the first ODI, now two more from the four overs so far. Making a name for herself. Sushma Verma is the new woman in, gets her first run.

  • OUT! Amanda flights it generously and keeps it wide of Veda, who jumps out of her crease and aims for the big shot on the offside, the spin takes it further away with Healy collecting almost from the line marked for the umpire's to call wide and almost from head high, took some time to remove the bails, but Veda was half way down the track, no chance for her to comeback into her crease. 

    Veda Krishnamurthy st Alyssa Healy b Amanda Wellington 2(5)

  • After 33 overs, India 158/4 ( Deepti Sharma 25, Veda Krishnamurthy 2)

    Veda has to be the aggressor here. Can't let the require rate slip out of hands. Three runs off the over.

  • DROPPED! Veda Krishnamurthy hit that with some power! Mooney did her best to get a hand at it. She was flying in the air but the ball didn't stick.

  • After 32 overs, India 155/4 ( Deepti Sharma 24, )

    Kaur got one boundary by dragging it to mid wicket fence, but proved to be fatal as she tried to go again. Massive moment in the match and perhaps the series with Kaur gone at important juncture.

  • OUT! Harmanpreet went for the almighty slog sweep, but gets the top edge and wicket-keeper Healy completes a simple catch. Wellington has shown great heart in tossing the ball repeatedly to Harmanpreet.

    Harmanpreet Kaur c Alyssa Healy b Amanda Wellington 17(26)

  • FOUR! Harmanpreet didn't get all of it but was enough for her to clear the fielder inside the ring and get it to midwicket fence. 

  • After 31 overs, India 149/3 ( Deepti Sharma 23, Harmanpreet Kaur 12)

    Deepti and Harmanpreet keep rotating strike picking four singles off the first five deliveries. Schutt bringing in all her experience into play, bowling subtle variations in pace and changing the angle for the left-hander. She has been immaculate with ball today.

India women vs Australia women, Latest update: Australia win by 60 runs. Meg Lanning's side have claimed the series 2-0 with one to play. The Southern stars were clearly the better side with Nicole Bolton, Ellyse Perry and Beth Mooney all scoring valuable half-centuries, propelling Australia's total to a massive 287.

The target started to appear gettable when Mandhana was batting, she made a exiquistie 67 but after she fell, India kept losing wickets at important junctures, the middle order never quiet got going. Nobody to take it forward. Late blitz from Vastrakar was not enough to chase the total but good enough to show her batting prowess.


Preview: India will have to rectify their shortcomings when they face an ascending Australia in a must-win second game of the three-match series, which is part of the ICC Women's ODI Championship.

The hosts were given a rude shock in the series opener where Australia romped to an eight-wicket win with almost 18 overs to spare.

The Indian batswomen will have to do a lot better than what they managed against the Australian spinners, who shared eights wickets between them on Monday. The bowlers expectedly were unable to defend a modest 201-run target and they were let down by not just the batting but also the fielding.

Mithali Raj and Meg Lanning, captain of India and Australia respectively. Reuters

Mithali Raj and Meg Lanning, captain of India and Australia respectively. Reuters

If it weren't for the 76-run eighth wicket stand between Sushma Verma and Pooja Vastrakar, the home team could have been humiliated further.

Captain Mithali Raj's absence also hurt India who would be hoping to have her fit for the crunch game tomorrow.

"You can't expect the lower-order to put up a competitive total. Our senior batswomen need to step up. Our fielding also needs improvement and we need to bowl according to the field," stand-in captain Harmanpreet Kaur said after the loss.

The experienced opening combination of Smriti Mandhana and Poonam Raut will have to ensure a solid start to the innings. 17-year-old Jemimah Rodrigues could not do much on her ODI debut and it remains to be seen if she keeps her place after Mithali's return.

The bowlers too need to up their game as they were not able to pose any sort of threat to the Australians, who raced to the target with ease.

Opener Nicole Bolton was in sublime touch, hitting an unbeaten 100. She would be expected to do the same tomorrow while her partner Alyssa Healy would not want to throw away a promising start again.

Captain Meg Lanning too was amongst runs before she ran herself out.

Nonetheless, it was a dominating performance from Australia who had lost to India in the World Cup semifinals.

"It's a great start to the series. I am happy to be back on the field. We wanted to be aggressive with the bat and Nicole Bolton led the way for us. Our consistency with the ball and on the field is probably something we can improve," Lanning said going into the second ODI.


India: Mithali Raj (captain), Harmanpreet Kaur (vc), Smriti Mandhana, Veda Krishnamurthy, Punam Raut, Jemimah Rodrigues, Sushma Verma, Ekta Bist, Rajeshwari Gayakwad, Deepti Sharma, Shikha Pandey, Pooja Vastrakar, Mona Meshram, Poonam Yadav, Sukanya Parida

Australia: Meg Lanning (captain), Alyssa Healy, Nicole Bolton, Nicola Carey, Ellyse Perry, Elyse Velani, Ashleigh Gardner, Rachel Haynes, Jess Jonassen, Sophie Molineux, Megan Schutt, Beh Mooney, Belinda Vakarewa, Amanda Jade-Wellington.

With inputs from PTI

Updated Date: Mar 15, 2018

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