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Highlights, ICC U-19 World Cup 2018, India vs Pakistan, Super League semi-final, Full cricket score: Ind win by 203 runs

Date: Tuesday, 30 January, 2018 09:42 IST Match Status: Yet to Start
  • Another day, another win for the Indian team. Five out of five in this tournament. No team really comes close to this Indian side. They have been a formidable force in all three departments. Pakistan were blunted by Shaw and Kalra early, and after that it was the Shubman Gill show all the way. Pakistan's fielding was exposed time and again in the first innings that cost them dearly. 272 proved to be way too much and Pakistan caved in after couple of early wickets. Though Mavi might not have wickets to show, he was excellent at the start and Porel enjoyed the wickets in what was a great partnership upfront. Spinners came in and wiped out the tail.

    Next match, the big final against Australia on 3 February will start at 5:30 AM, which feels much better compared to coming to office at 2:30 AM! Anyway, it was another great day for the boys in blue. Hope you enjoyed it as well. Good to have you for company, will be here for the big final, do tune in.

  • One-sided wins for India

  • Viru seems to be enjoying the win

  • Prithvi Shaw, Indian captain: It was a good all-round performance from everyone. The plan was to look for loose balls and hit them for boundaries. Playing first-class cricket was a good experience; playing with seniors who have played for India. I would also like to thank the crowd for their support. It will be a good challenge against Australia, let's see what happens.

  • Hasan Khan, Pakistan captain: The game was in balance at the halfway mark. Nothing worked for us on the field. We missed a couple of chances. Pitch was good to bat on but our batsmen didn't perform to the mark. We expected them (batsmen) to perform but unfortunately they couldn't.

  • Shubman Gill is the Man of the Match for his 102*: I rank the innings pretty high. Did have nerves because it was against Pakistan. (On what he did last night) I had dinner and slept.  Pitch was not easy to bat on against the spinners.I thought 250-260 would be a good score. The credit goes to my father and brother. Nowadays it is all about adapting so I would like to play all three formats. Looking forward to it (the final against Australia).

  • India beat Pakistan by 203 runs and set a final with Australia.

  • ALL OUT! That's it. The final wicket is taken by Abhishek Sharma with Ishan Porel completing the catch. Iqbal looks to slog sweep it, but didn't middle it well. Porel pouches it safely at deep square leg.

    Arshad Iqbal c Ishan Porel b Abhishek Sharma 1(4) 

  • After 29 overs,Pakistan Under-19 69/9 ( Muhammad Musa 11 , Arshad Iqbal 1)

    Arshad Iqbal is the last man in and he gets off the mark with a push to long-off. Anukul Roy has his first wicket.

  • OUT! Matter of time. Saad Khan comes out of his crease and Roy slides it wide of him. He tried to reach for it but couldn't really make contact. He is stumped by Desai. Couldn't drag his back leg back in time with the batsman losing balance. 

    Saad Khan st Harvik Desai b Anukul Roy 15(33)

  • After 28 overs,Pakistan Under-19 64/8 ( Saad Khan 11 , Muhammad Musa 11)

    Only runs that come off the over is the six that was whacked by Musa wide off long off. Five dots apart from that solitary six.

  • SIX! Musa strikes it well to clear wide long-off for a maximum. Musa seems to enjoy his batting, getting couple of decent conncetions 

  • After 27 overs,Pakistan Under-19 58/8 ( Saad Khan 11 , Muhammad Musa 5)

    Six runs off Anukul's over. Musa will retain the strike with a single off the last ball through an inside edge.

  • FOUR!  Musa gets off the mark with a boundary. Lofts it over mid-on with the mid-off fielder giving it a chase that ends in vain

  • After 26 overs,Pakistan Under-19 52/8 ( Saad Khan 10 , Muhammad Musa 0)

    Pakistan cross 50 with a couple and single helping them collect three runs off the over. Saad Khan clears mid off getting a couple of runs.

  • Dropped! A tough chance at first slip for Shaw. Musa gets a thick outside edge going across the line. The ball zipped rapidly towards Shaw, who could not hold on to it.

  • After 25 overs,Pakistan Under-19 49/8 ( Saad Khan 7 , Muhammad Musa 0)

    Parag into his fourth over, ends up giving giving a single to Saad Khan as they crawl towards 50.

  • After 24 overs,Pakistan Under-19 48/8 ( Saad Khan 6 , )

    No real fight from Pakistan not even any intent to prolong the battle as they continue to throw wickets away. India need two more those.

  • OUT! Afridi look to smash it over mid wicket, got a top-edge giving a simple return catch to Shiva Singh. Replays suggest it was leg break with Shaheen walking even before the catch was completed. Pakistan might not even cross 50 here.

    Shaheen Afridi c and b Shiva Singh 0(11)

  • After 23 overs,Pakistan Under-19 47/7 ( Saad Khan 5 , Shaheen Afridi 0)

    Parag delivers another over with Saad Khan taking a single to mid wicket off the fifth ball and Afridi keeping out the last delivery.

  • After 22 overs,Pakistan Under-19 46/7 ( Saad Khan 4 , Shaheen Afridi 0)

    Only one run off Shiva's over. India's fielding needs to appreciated here. They did put down simple chances in their first game and it seemed like an only weak link in the side, but during the course of the tournament it has improved tremendously. 

  • After 21 overs,Pakistan Under-19 45/7 ( Saad Khan 3 , Shaheen Afridi 0)

    Seemed like it was two-in-two for Parag with Shaw pulling off a stunner at first slip, but he wasn't sure of the catch that fell just inches short. Shaheen went for the big swipe first up, getting an edge. He will stay in the middle for time being. Let's find out how long.

  • Snehal Pradhan, ex-India cricketer in Tauranga

    India's fielding bringing wickets once again. Now Gill with the acrobatics, taking the seventh Pakistani wicket. The entire batting display from Pakistan has been a non entity. In danger of being bowled out for a record low score. ​

  • OUT!  The captain is on his way. Shubman Gill, can do no wrong today, can he? Runs back and tells a fantastic diving catch. Khan goes for the big shot, doesn't time it perfectly but did clear the infield. Gill running back sees it over shoulders and times his dive right to hold on to the catch.

     Hasan Khan c Shubman Gill b Riyan Parag 1(5)

  • After 20 overs,Pakistan Under-19 45/6 ( Saad Khan 3 , Hasan Khan (C) 1)

    Saad Khan gets off the mark with a single to long on. Collects two more with a cut to deep point. Four runs come off Singh's over.

  • After 19 overs,Pakistan Under-19 41/6 ( Saad Khan 0 , Hasan Khan (C) 0)

    Porel made a spectacular effort from deep cover to run and dive forward to pull of blinder earlier in the over, but Nazar ended up throwing his wicket couple of balls later. Played a cut to collect two runs off the next ball and then was caught at mid off.

  • OUT! Anddd... another one falls. Rohail Nazir had enough of defending, he looks to go over the top and meets the same fate as some of his mates did. Jumps down the track and aims the long off boundary, gets the bottom of the bat serving an easy catch for Shubman Gill at mid off.

    Rohail Nazir c Shubman Gill b Riyan Parag 18(39)

  • Riyan Parag is brought into the attack

  • After 18 overs,Pakistan Under-19 37/5 ( Rohail Nazir (W) 14 , Saad Khan 0)

    Taha tries to show some intent by coming down the track before getting an outside edge to backward point to give Nagarkoti a simple catch off the next ball.Saad Khan is the new batsman in. He faces two balls, which he is happy to block.

  • OUT! There goes Taha and five of Pakistan's top six back in the shed. Singh gets a thickish outside edge that carries to Nagarkotti at backward point. Shiva Singh has his first wicket.

    Mohammad Taha c K Nagarkoti b Shiva Singh 4(23)

  • After 17 overs,Pakistan Under-19 36/4 ( Rohail Nazir (W) 13 , Mohammad Taha 4)

    Rohail almost got one back onto his stumps off the third ball, fortunately for him the ball crashed into the thigh pads. Only a single comes off the over. Pakistan going at less than 2.5 runs per over.

  • After 16 overs,Pakistan Under-19 35/4 ( Rohail Nazir (W) 12 , Mohammad Taha 4)

    Tidy over from Shiva who is going through his overs quickly. Rohail tapped on the leg side and looking for a single which wasn't there. He was sent back and slipped on the turn but managed to get back in time. Only one off the over.

  • Snehal Pradhan, ex-India cricketer in Tauranga

    Drinks time and Porel has another. He could get five here, surely Shaw will give him a second spell. It's a matter of time before India bring in  left arm spin from both ends, and with two left handed batters already out, it makes things easier for India. The required run rate is already close to 7. 

  • After 15 overs,Pakistan Under-19 34/4 ( Rohail Nazir (W) 11 , Mohammad Taha 4)

    Rohail flicks it from his middle stump on to the onside to collect one. Taha swats it across for one. It's time for Drinks. India have dominated the passage of play.

  • After 14 overs,Pakistan Under-19 32/4 ( Rohail Nazir (W) 10 , Mohammad Taha 3)

    Shiva Singh is introduced into the attack. Starts off over the wicket to the left-hander. Stifiled appeal off the first ball. Pakistan batsman collect three singles off the over.

  • After 13 overs,Pakistan Under-19 29/4 ( Rohail Nazir (W) 9 , Mohammad Taha 1)

    Taha gets off the mark with a single to square leg off a low full toss, which was actually an attempted yorker. 
    Fiery bouncer from Nagarkoti to follow it up, Rohail was clearly late on the pull. Nagarkoti with a fast bowler's stare. Finishes off with a beauty to beat the outside edge.

  • After 12 overs,Pakistan Under-19 28/4 ( Rohail Nazir (W) 9 , Mohammad Taha 0)

    This could over rather soon. With Pakistan losing wickets with the aim of scoring runs. But neither runs easy to come by nor they are able to protect their wickets. second maiden for Porel, second catch for Mavi. Mohammad Taha joins wickt-keeper Rohail Nazir.

  • Snehal Pradhan, ex-India cricketer in Tauranga

    The first 10 overs comprehensively India's. three wickets, all to Porel, showing the pace isn't everything. Porel has been bowling at around 130 kph, while Mavi and Nagarkoti have pushed 145. But the angles he created was what got both left handers edging to gully. Incisive without being excessive. India now will try to snuff out this chase as quickly as possible.  

  • OUT! Someone had to go after the bowling and Ammad did. In pursuit of quick runs he throws his wicket away. Another back of a length delivery that hit him high on the bat. Ammad looked to play it with a straight bat down the ground but ended up giving a simple catch to Mavi at point.  Porel the beneficiary once again.

    Ammad Alam c Shivam Mavi b Ishan Porel 4(15)

  • After 11 overs,Pakistan Under-19 28/3 ( Rohail Nazir (W) 9 , Ammad Alam 4)

    Nagarkoti starts with 143 kmph back of a length delivery. Beats Nazir off the next ball. Nazir attempts the pull a couple of times but cannot get past the infield. Maiden for Nagarkoti. Pakistan lagging behind run-rate.

  • After 10 overs,Pakistan Under-19 28/3 ( Rohail Nazir (W) 9 , Ammad Alam 4)

    Porel continues. Nazir clips it to mid wicket for single off the first ball. Alam is not able to rotate the strike off the next three balls and then goes for an extravagant cut that flies over slips and beats the third man for four. Loud appeal off the last ball but the ball seemed to be missing leg stump.

  • FOUR! Flashed at it and the edge goes over the slips. First signs of frustration for Ammad, who wasn't able to get off the mark off the first 12 balls he faced.

  • After 9 overs,Pakistan Under-19 23/3 ( Rohail Nazir (W) 8 , Ammad Alam 0)

    Nagarkoti begins with a wide delivery outside off that is cut to deep backward point for three runs. Alam is getting his eye in as he plays out five dots.

  • Kamlesh Nagarkoti is introduced into the attack

  • After 8 overs,Pakistan Under-19 20/3 ( Rohail Nazir (W) 5 , Ammad Alam 0)

    Porel gets a wicket-maiden to his name. Pakistan under the lid now. New batsman in is Ammad Alam. Shaw's field placing has given fruitful results for his side positioning himself in the right position. Already looking tough for Pakistan.

  • OUT! A catch to the left. A catch to the right. Shaw is not letting anything past him. It is the combination of Porel and Shaw again as Zaryab becomes his third victim. India are well and truly running all over Pakistan. Was back of length and Zaryab pushed at with hard hands and Shaw in the same position as the lat wicket takes a good catch this time to his right side.

     Ali Zaryab c Prithvi Shaw b Ishan Porel 1(9)

  • After 7 overs,Pakistan Under-19 20/2 ( Rohail Nazir (W) 5 , Ali Zaryab Asif 1)

    Mavi decides to concede the first run off his bowling by himself. He strays in line, and which is rightly called wide. Nazir's pull doesn't come out well, but lands safely with the batsmen exchanging ends another wide and a couple off the over.

  • Snehal Pradhan, ex-India cricketer in Tauranga

    India with a double strike in the first half an hour. Mavi and Nagarkoti have been hogging the headlines because of their IPL deals, but Porel has taken both wickets. An important spell for him to get some confidence after coming back from injury. Mavi's three maidens in three overs from the other end creating the pressure. Good partnership building here. ​

  • After 6 overs,Pakistan Under-19 15/2 ( Rohail Nazir (W) 2 , Ali Zaryab Asif 0)

    Fair to say Porel reaping the rewards of Mavi's immaculate bowling from the other end. Pakistan trying to take the attack to Porel and ending up throwing their wickets. Two new men in the middle. Pakistan pin their hopes on Rohail and Zaryab now.

  • OUT! Imran Shah looks to cut it past backward point but gets the  top half off the horizontal bat that flew to Prithvi Shaw who had positioned himself in a wide third slip position. Takes a smart catch. Pakistan openers back in the hut. India on top. Imran Shah c Prithvi Shaw b Ishan Porel 2(14)

ICC Under-19 World Cup, India vs Pakistan, latest update: Only one run off Shiva's over. India's fielding needs to appreciated here. They did put down simple chances in their first game and it seemed like the only weak link in the side, but during the course of the tournament it has improved tremendously.

Preview: India will be eager to deliver when they face arch-rivals Pakistan in the second semifinal of the ICC U-19 World Cup in Christchurch on Tuesday after some of the members of the team bagged lucrative deals at the IPL auction.

Three-time champions India have played like a thorough professional outfit, winning all four matches in emphatic fashion including the quarterfinal against Bangladesh.

For two-time winners Pakistan, it has not been smooth sailing all the way. They lost their tournament opener to Afghanistan before winning three in a row.

Highlights, ICC U-19 World Cup 2018, India vs Pakistan, Super League semi-final, Full cricket score: Ind win by 203 runs

India captain Prithvi Shaw and Pakistan captain Hasan Khan.

However, their last two results were narrow three wickets wins against Sri Lanka and South Africa.
Pakistan's bowling, led by left-arm pace sensation Shaheen Afridi, has done the job for the team but batting has been far from convincing.

Ali Zaryab Asif did bulk of the scoring in the middle- order, rescuing the side from tight situations twice. He hit 59 against Sri Lanka and followed it up with a 74 against South Africa in the quarterfinal.

It's time that others chip in and Indian pacers Kamlesh Nagarkoti and Shivam Mavi would look to exploit that weakness in the opposition camp.

The young Indian guns would also be high on confidence, having secured potentially life-changing deals at the IPL auction with their performances in the World Cup.

KKR paid Rs 3.2 crore and Rs 3 crore for left-arm pacer Nagarkoti and Mavi respectively while left-arm spinners Anukul Roy and Abhishek Sharma were lapped up by Mumbai Indians and Delhi Daredevils for Rs 20 lakh and Rs 55 lakh respectively.

Batting mainstays, captain Prithvi Shaw and Shubman Gill, too impressed the IPL teams with their showing in New Zealand.

Gill, who hit a match-winning 86 in the quarterfinals and is team's leading scorer with 239 runs, went to KKR for Rs 1.8 crore while Shaw was bought for Rs 1.2 crore to Mumbai Indians.

Shaw's opening partner Manjot Kalra too managed a Rs 20 lakh deal with Delhi Daredevils.

However, all these players will have put the post auction euphoria behind and focus on the job at hand.

As rightly put by coach Rahul Dravid, "auction will come every year but not the opportunity play in a World Cup".

And place in a World Cup final is at stake.

The highly-rated batsmen will have to be wary of Afridi, who has taken 11 wickets in four games at 10.21 including a six-wicket haul against Ireland.

Pakistan will be more familiar with the conditions, having played their quarterfinal at the Hagley Oval.

India had played their last game against Bangladesh in Queenstown.

After the quarterfinal, the explosive Gill had said that the team was looking forward to play Pakistan.

"We remembered our loss in the Asia Cup and so were determined to win the match (against Bangladesh). As for the Pakistan game, we are looking forward to the match since we did not play them in the Asia Cup. Were sure it will be a good match," he said.


India: Prithvi Shaw (C), Shubman Gill, Aryan Juyal, Abhishek Sharma, Arshdeep Singh, Harvik Desai, Manjot Kalra, Kamlesh Nagarkoti, Pankaj Yadav, Riyan Parag, Ishan Porel, Himanshu Rana, Anukul Roy, Shivam Mavi, Shiva Singh.

Pakistan: Hasan Khan (C), Rohail Nazir , Mohammad Ali Khan, Ali Zaryab, Ammad Alam, Arshad Iqbal, Imran Shah, Mohammad Taha, Muhammad Mohsin Khan, Muhammad Musa, Muhammad Zaid, Munir Riaz, Saad Khan, Shaheen Afridi, Suleman Shafqat.

With inputs from PTI

Updated Date: Jan 30, 2018

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