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CSK vs DC, Highlights and Match Recap, IPL 2019 Full Cricket Score: Chennai hammer Delhi by 80 runs

Date: Wednesday, 01 May, 2019 23:49 IST

Venue: MA Chidambaram Stadium, Chennai

Match Ended

Chennai Super Kings beat Delhi Capitals by 80 runs

Chennai Super Kings
179/4 OV : (20.0) RR.(8.95)
Delhi Capitals
99/10 OV : (16.2) RR.(6.11)
Match Ended:

Chennai Super Kings beat Delhi Capitals by 80 runs

Man Of the Match:

This over 16.2

  • 0
  • 0(W)


Trent Boult

  • 1 (1)
  • 4s X 0
  • 6s X 0


Deepak Chahar

  • 32 (3)
  • M X 0
  • W X 1

Harbhajan Singh

  • 28 (4)
  • M X 0
  • W X 1
Current Partnership Last Wicket

7 ( 1.0 ) R/R: 7

Amit Mishra 6(5)

Trent Boult 1(1)

99/10 (16.2 over)

Amit Mishra 8 (11) SR: S.R (72.73)

c MS Dhoni b Imran Tahir

Indian Premier League 2019 Match 50 Match Result Chennai Super Kings beat Delhi Capitals by 80 runs

CSK vs DC, Highlights and Match Recap, IPL 2019 Full Cricket Score: Chennai hammer Delhi by 80 runs


23:49 (IST)

Time for us to say goodbye. Hope to see you tomorrow for the all-important clash between Mumbai Indians and Sunrisers Hyderabad. A win for Mumbai will seal the third team in the playoffs, while Sunrisers wouldn't want to leave it too late for them as well. Do join from 6:30 pm onwards.

23:38 (IST)

No prizes for guessing who the Player of the Match is.

CSK's talisman MS Dhoni walks to the chants of "Dhoni, Dhoni!"

Dhoni: They will stop eventually because they want to listen what I say. Watch the ball and hit the ball. You've spent time, you know the variations. By the 20th over you're almost ready and you swing at everything. It's easier for somebody who has played 10 or 15 overs than somebody who has just come in bat. I felt it would've been difficult for Rayudu to hit. We knew there won't be much dew on the field. Once we started our innings of bowling, Bhajjupa (Harbhajan) didn't get much turn.  But as they started losing wickets, it started spinning, it started turning. Cricket is one such a game that things start to happen after they lose wickets. It turns, swings, grips. I am not sure if it would have happened if they would have lost just two wickets. I felt it was a good wicket, 170-180 was a par-plus score. Great fun to watch him celebrate but have told him that Watson and I will be not joining in. The good thing is he returns to the same place after he is done celebrating when we tell him "Well bowled" and go to our respective fielding positions. (On stumpings) I think it's something that's come from a lot of tennis ball cricket.You might commit a lot of mistakes. So I would suggest to stick to the basics and then gradually move to the advanced course. So important to get the basics right and then graduate to that level.  I have always said it's very special to get that kind of a nickname. The way I got accepted and the whole of Tamil Nadu don't call my name, they call me 'Thala'. It's very nice and they have always supported us.

23:25 (IST)

CSK got a drubbing at the hands of MI in the last game, but with their father figure back for this game, they played like one happy family again. Fittingly, it ended with the Tahir-Dhoni combo taking the final wicket and putting CSK back to the top of the table. This isn't a team without flaws but when you add the Dhoni touch to it, they all manage to punch above their weight and appear impossible to beat. They are either destiny's child or an incredibly driven unit under their captain. Whatever the reason for their success is, this is a super special sports team.

Rajesh Tiwary, Freelance cricket writer
23:25 (IST)
23:21 (IST)

Shreyas Iyer, Delhi Capitals capitals: Yeah it's really going to affect us, especially the run rate. Reality check for us, good that it happened. We'll fight hard in the next game. Amazing start by the bowlers, and we should've curtailed them below 170. Amazing start with the bat as well, but we couldn't convert it. (On Dhoni's stumpings) I won't blame myself nor the team. The way he stumped me, it was lightning quick. We know what abilities he has, the way he curtails runs and bowls yorkers. (On Rabada) For sure we were missing him. But he was having a stiff back and good that he took some rest. We are keeping that hope in our mind and definitely want to be in the top two. We'll get another opportunity. 

23:15 (IST)


This is CSK's sixth consecutive victory against Delhi at Chennai in IPL. 

Umang Pabari, Cricket statistician
23:15 (IST)
23:15 (IST)

Chennai Super Kings win by 80 runs to reclaim the top spot.


Mishra edges it to MS Dhoni as Imran Tahir finishes with four wickets to his name. Mishra has a feel for the leg break from Tahir as he presses forward and gets an outside edge to MSD!

Complete performance from the Super Kings which is deservedly capped off by Mahi. What a difference he makes to this side. It has been his night and he has had the final say.

The massive win not only puts CSK on top but ensures their Net Run Rate is now in the positive. Meanwhile Delhi's NRR has taken a severe beating.

Mishra c Dhoni b Tahir 8(11)

23:14 (IST)

After 16 overs,Delhi Capitals 99/9 ( Amit Mishra 8 , Trent Boult 1)

Watson, who missed out with the bat has a contribution to make in the field, Delhi Capitals add seven runs in the over as they inch toward three figures mark. Number 11 batsman Trent Boult gets off the mark apart from Mishra collecting his first boundary.

23:12 (IST)

FOUR! Full toss down the leg side is flicked away by Amit Mishra for a boundary to long leg. Jadeja did all hardwork to come around but just couldn't flick the ball into field of play.

23:10 (IST)

OUT! Suchith drives the ball on the offside and sets off for a single but there is a mix up between the two lower order batsmen. Mishra and Suchith are strangled right at the center of the pitch. Watson collects the ball has some time before hurling the throw and he hits it! Direct-hit and replays confirm Suchith is a good one yard shot of his ground. Watson has a smile on his face and CSK now one wicket away

J Suchith run out (Watson) 6(15)

23:08 (IST)

After 15 overs,Delhi Capitals 92/8 ( Jagadeesha Suchith 6 , Amit Mishra 2)

Tahir returns to the bowling crease and for the first time he has just had to run in and bowl six consecutive deliveries unlike breaking away for his customary celebrations. Three runs from the over. CSK in line to return to the top of the table.

23:05 (IST)

After 14 overs,Delhi Capitals 89/8 ( Jagadeesha Suchith 4 , Amit Mishra 1)

Bravo is recalled into the attack. Three singles come from the over before the second and final time out has been taken. 

23:04 (IST)

After 13 overs,Delhi Capitals 86/8 ( Jagadeesha Suchith 2 , Amit Mishra 0)

Bhajji too getting the ball grip and turn viciously. Suddenly it seems we are playing on a different surface altogether. Suchith and Mishra look to delay the inevitable. Harbhajan ends his final over giving just a single run.

23:02 (IST)

Jadeja and Tahir have taken the wind out of Delhi's sail in a space of two overs. From 80 for 4, they sunk to 85 for 8 in two overs. Their inexperience showed as the new batsmen underestimated the time left in the game and went too hard from the start. Ponting may be showing videos of Dhoni's delayed assault later in the night to some of these young Delhi batsmen.

Rajesh Tiwary, Freelance cricket writer
23:02 (IST)
23:01 (IST)

After 12 overs,Delhi Capitals 85/8 ( Jagadeesha Suchith 1 , )

The first six overs put the Delhi Capitals right in the game with the visiting side scoring almost 10-runs an over, the next six has been completely dominated by the home side with now the result a mere formality. In this over we saw two marvelous piece of wicket-keeping skills from 'Miracle' Singh Dhoni. His stumpings have made Jadeja's ripping off break look mundane. Morris and Iyer dismissed in one over. CSK two wickets away from a massive win.

22:58 (IST)

OUT! You got to be kidding! This is stupendous stuff from a magician behind the stumps. It seems like we are watching a replay of Morris' dismissal but even a well-set Shreyas Iyer has been undone by MS Dhoni's jaw dropping skills behind the stumps. Jadeja rips another past the outside edge of Iyer and his back leg also lifts for perhaps half a second. Well, that is as we know an eternity for Dhoni. He has whipped the bails againa and the TV umpire has been asked to judge this again, because it is not for the naked eye to comprehend such beguiling acts. 

Shreyas Iyer st Dhoni b Jadeja 44(31)

22:52 (IST)

OUT! Oh MS Dhoni you beautiful thing! Morris' horrendous IPL with the bat continues. Jadeja gets one turn past the edge as Morris lunges forward, lifts his back leg for a second and MS 'flash' Dhoni has timed his stumping to perfection. We have seen this before. Fascinating work from the wicket-keeper.

Chris Morris st Dhoni b Jadeja 0(1)

22:51 (IST)

After 11 overs,Delhi Capitals 83/6 ( Shreyas Iyer (C) 43 , )

Delhi Capitals have switched on the self-destruct mode. Shreyas Iyer sees two more wickets fall from the non-striker's end. Tahir has had to run around the ground couple of times, not as a punishment from his coach, but because he has struck twice in an over.

22:49 (IST)

OUT! Another frolic run around the park for Tahir followed by some chest pumping as he lures his third victim of the day. Sherfane Rutherford comes in and heads back to the pavilion. Wide delivery that was turning away from the left-handed batsman and Rutherford was tempted to go for the big booming drive towards long off, doesn't account for the turn, gets a thick outside edge to backward point. Delhi Capitals are imploding here.

 Rutherford c Chahar b Tahir 2(4)

22:49 (IST)

The DC way in a chase is to stay in the hunt all the way through. There won't be any ebbs and flows in their approach, they will rush as fast as possible and try to get home in the 19th over preferably. This provides Dhoni and CSK more opportunities to pick wickets in the middle overs, especially with the pitch offering some assistance for the spinners. Tahir, in particular, is a master of inducing the error from the batsmen with his courageous flight and deceptive variations. He has already sent back Pant, Axar and Rutherford. Jadeja at the other has been his accurate self with the wicket of Ingram to boot. CSK have now picked five wickets in the last six overs, all courtesy their spinners.

Rajesh Tiwary, Freelance cricket writer
22:49 (IST)
22:48 (IST)

Delhi is reeling in these middle overs. They prefer the outright aggressive approach over CSK's cautious onslaughts. They were going hard from the first ball. Dhoni held Harbhajan back for an extra over in the powerplay and his faith was repaid with the wicket of Dhawan. Pant started with a boundary but showed once again why his stocks refuse to rise beyond a limit despite all the talent he possesses. Two games ago he delighted his coaching staff by playing a few extra balls at the start and staying in to close a 190+ chase. Tonight, his team was already ahead of the required rate and he had the liberty of playing himself in but threw it away by playing an airy shot against Tahir.

Rajesh Tiwary, Freelance cricket writer
22:48 (IST)
22:46 (IST)

OUT! Tahir has his arms spread wide and he is running around MA Chidambaram stadium. It can mean only one thing – a fall of wicket off his bowling – a very wide googly outside off that Patel looks to drive. He stretches and reaches for it. Gets an edge to Watto at first slip, who takes a very good catch

Axar c Watson b Tahir 9(9) 

22:43 (IST)

After 10 overs,Delhi Capitals 80/4 ( Shreyas Iyer (C) 42 , Axar Patel 9)

Jaddu continues after the break. One slip in place. Time for Delhi to stabalise their innings before they can take some risk. Iyer and Patel knock around five singles off the 10th over. DC need exactly 100 runs in the final 10 overs.

22:37 (IST)

After 9 overs,Delhi Capitals 75/4 ( Shreyas Iyer (C) 39 , Axar Patel 7)

MS Dhoni removes Tahir from the attack after the wrist-spinner took a wicket in his first over. Dwayne Bravo's first ball is jammed to boundary, followed by four singles before the time out has been taken. CSK in control after Delhi's blazing start. Visitors need 105 off 66 balls.

22:33 (IST)

FOUR! Dwayne Bravo replaces Imran Tahir into the attack and begins with a wide full delivery outside off that has been squeezed past backward point from Axar Patel.

22:33 (IST)

After 8 overs,Delhi Capitals 67/4 ( Shreyas Iyer (C) 37 , Axar Patel 1)

Another successful over for Chennai Super Kings. Ravindra Jadeja comes into the attack and picks a wicket off his fourth ball. CSK have now struck three times as many overs. Delhi Capitals continue to lose their way. Another lefty in Axar Patel replaces the departing batsmen. Short stay for Ingram.

22:33 (IST)

OUT! Another one for CSK! Colin Ingram departs for 1, he has been trapped by Ravindra Jadeja in his first over. Nitin Menon raises his finger and Shreyas Iyer asks Ingram to review it. No problems with the pitching, it landed outside off, turning into the southpaw, who misses the flick by some distance and he is caught on the backfoot. The impact is in front on middle and leg stump and the ball tracking suggests the ball is clipping the leg stump and that is enough for the home side. Umpire's call on hitting wickets.

Ingram lbw b Jadeja 1(6)

22:32 (IST)

Jadeja's wickets this IPL:

Right-hand batsmen : 9
Left-hand batsmen : 0

Umang Pabari, Cricket statistician
22:32 (IST)
22:29 (IST)

After 7 overs,Delhi Capitals 65/3 ( Shreyas Iyer (C) 36 , Colin Ingram 1)
Tahir gets Pant after he has been slammed for a boundary down the ground. DC suddenly in a spot of bother. Colin Ingram joins Iyer in the middle.

22:28 (IST)

Colin Ingram's dismissals this IPL:

v Pace : Six
v Spin : One

Umang Pabari, Cricket statistician
22:28 (IST)
22:28 (IST)

OUT! Rishabh Pant has thrown it away. After a fabulous boundary of the previous delivery, Tahir flights another delivery in the same area, probably a touch towards the batsman and Pant falls for it. He goes to play the same shot but this time he has struck it straight to long off. Bravo breaks into a jig! Tahir is off!! CSK back on top.

Two ways of looking at Pant's dismissal: This is how he plays or What the hell was that, Rishabh?

Pant c Dwayne Bravo b Tahir 5(3)

22:25 (IST)

FOUR! Imran Tahir is welcomed into the attack with a boundary. Tahir tosses the ball outside off and Pant smashes it wide of long off fence for a boundary.

22:23 (IST)

After 6 overs,Delhi Capitals 59/2 ( Shreyas Iyer (C) 35 , Rishabh Pant (W) 1)

Shreyas Iyer has looked absolutely unfazed to what has happened at the other end as continues to play some free flowing strokes. Harbhajan removes in form Dhawan. Rishabh Pant strides out at number four. DC go past 50-run mark in the Powerplay but have lost their openers.

22:23 (IST)

Rishabh Pant this IPL - SR:

v Pace : 181.90 - Six dismissals
v Spin : 140.74 - Four dismissals

Umang Pabari, Cricket statistician
22:23 (IST)
22:21 (IST)

FOUR! Iyer has another boundary. Bhajji nods his head after the short and wide delivery that allowed Dhawan to rock back and slap it through point

22:19 (IST)

OUT! Bowled'em! Dhawan misses the sweep and is cleaned up by Harbhajan Singh, who breaks into big celebrations. He is pumped with the wicket. The ball was slanted in that skids off the surface and Dhawan was perhaps playing for the turn. Beaten neck and crop.

Dhawan b Harbhajan 19(13)

22:17 (IST)

After 5 overs,Delhi Capitals 49/1 ( Shikhar Dhawan 19 , Shreyas Iyer (C) 26)

Iyer begins the fifth over with a delightful shot for six. He improvises and collects another boundary and he has played some risk-free strokes to find himself batting at a strike rate of 200. Despite the early loss of Shaw, this is has been an excellent Powerplay for Delhi Capitals. Can they finish well?

22:14 (IST)

FOUR! Wowzza! Iyer lets the short ball come into him and ramps it wide and over the short third man fielder. No need to run for that.

22:13 (IST)

Harbhajan Singh has taken 21 wickets (24.00 average, 21.0 SR) against DC in IPL - the joint second most by any player. 

Umang Pabari, Cricket statistician
22:13 (IST)
22:13 (IST)

SIX! Stunning shot from Shreyas Iyer. Chahar bowls it length ball outside off and Iyer simply cracks it over covers. The ball sails all the way over the skirtings 

22:12 (IST)

After 4 overs,Delhi Capitals 34/1 ( Shikhar Dhawan 16 , Shreyas Iyer (C) 14)

Dhawan continues his aggressive approach against spin, taking the advantage of the fielding restrictions. A six and a classy boundary in the over as Delhi take 13 runs from the over.

22:10 (IST)

Shaw departs early for DC, but with Shreyas and Dhawan they have two batsmen who are at the peak of their powers. Harbhajan's spell with the new ball will be critical for CSK. He would be looking to keep the batsmen quiet mainly, but if he can send back Dhawan then it will be a real bonus. Dhoni may also look to keep an over or two of Harbhajan in his back pocket to use against Pant.

Rajesh Tiwary, Freelance cricket writer
22:10 (IST)
22:10 (IST)

FOUR! Terrific stroke from Dhawan. Dhawan opens the body just enough to play the inside out shot. He drives the ball along the ground past the cover fielder. Faf's chase from long on ends in vain

22:08 (IST)

SIX! Harbhajan tosses the ball wide of off perhaps seeing Dhawan charging down the wicket but the left-hander adjusts well, extends his arms and drags it over long on for a maximum.

22:07 (IST)

After 3 overs,Delhi Capitals 21/1 ( Shikhar Dhawan 5 , Shreyas Iyer (C) 12)

Delhi skipper quickly moves into double figures with the help of couple of boundaries, a misfield from Harbhajan at covers allows Dhawan to steal a brace. Nine runs off Chahar's second over.

22:06 (IST)

FOUR! Short and bit of width from Chahar and Shreyas Iyer gets on the top of the bounce nicely to cut it through the yawning gap between point and cover for a boundary. 

22:04 (IST)

After 2 overs,Delhi Capitals 12/1 ( Shikhar Dhawan 3 , Shreyas Iyer (C) 5)

Spin from the opposite end. Harbhajan Singh starts the second over. Dhawan looks to attack the senior spinner straightaway but willy Bhajji not giving an inch away. Very tight lines and Dhawan almost miscues it to mid wicket fielder off the fifth ball. Tight start for Bhajji, only four runs from the over.

22:02 (IST)

After 1 overs,Delhi Capitals 8/1 ( Shikhar Dhawan 0 , Shreyas Iyer (C) 4)

Disastrous start in the chase for Delhi Capitals, losing Prithvi Shaw in the opening over itself. Chahar, slightly lucky to have a wicket of not such a great delivery. Couple of boundaries in the over as well.

22:01 (IST)

FOUR! Chahar for the second time in the first over sliding it down the leg side. Easy pickings for Shreyas Iyer, who tickles it to fine leg boundary

21:59 (IST)


Suresh Raina becomes the first fielder to take 100 catches in IPL. 

Umang Pabari, Cricket statistician
21:59 (IST)
21:58 (IST)


Shikhar Dhawan is one of the three players to have amaased 600-plus runs against CSK in IPL. (604 runs, 19 innings, 37.75 average, 121.77 SR)

Umang Pabari, Cricket statistician
21:58 (IST)

IPL 12 Match 50 CSK vs DC at the MA Chidambaram Stadium in Chennai: ALL OUT! Mishra edges it MS Dhoni as Imran Tahir finishes with four wickets to his name. Chennai Super Kings win by 80 runs to reclaim the top spot.

IPL 2019, CSK vs DC Today’s Match Preview: In a top of the table clash, Chennai Super Kings (CSK) hosts Delhi Capitals (DC) in the 50th match of the Indian Premier League (IPL) at the MA Chidambaram Stadium in Chennai on Wednesday.

The only two teams to have made it to the playoffs will still have a lot to yearn for as they seek to finish in the top two of the points table, which will provide teams extra cushion going into the knockout leg of the tournament.

MS Dhoni-less CSK lost their return leg against Mumbai Indians in their previous game at the Chepauk, their third in last four games and seem to be losing form at the wrong time. With Dhoni likely to comeback into the playing XI, CSK would be aiming to return to winning ways. Shane Watson's form at the top of the order will serve as a much-needed boost to the team. Besides Dhoni, all-rounder Ravindra Jadeja is set to return from illness as well.

Shreyas Iyer's Delhi Capitals on the other hand have won four from their last five matches and look a much settled unit after slightly hot and cold start to their campaign. Shikhar Dhawan is among runs and Iyer himself has had decent run himself but the sluggish nature of Chennai track could test DC's batsmen. On the bowling front, purple cap holder Kagiso Rabada will be spearheading the attack but the likes of Amit Mishra and Sandeep Lamichhane could have a huge role to play.

A cracking contest is in store as two leading teams vie for top spot.

Chennai Super Kings (CSK) and Delhi Capitals (DC) Full squads:

Chennai Super Kings Team 2019 Players listShane WatsonFaf du PlessisSuresh RainaAmbati RayuduKedar JadhavSam Billings(w), Ravindra JadejaKarn SharmaDeepak ChaharShardul ThakurImran TahirMS Dhoni (w/c), Dwayne BravoDhruv ShoreyMurali VijayN JagadeesanRuturaj GaikwadScott KuggeleijnChaitanya BishnoiHarbhajan SinghMitchell SantnerMohit SharmaKM AsifMonu Kumar

Delhi Capitals Team 2019 Team Players listShreyas Iyer(C), Prithvi ShawShikhar DhawanRishabh Pant (WK), Colin IngramKeemo PaulAxar PatelRahul TewatiaAmit MishraKagiso RabadaIshant SharmaHanuma VihariAnkush BainsChris Morris, Sherfane RutherfordJalaj Saxena, Sandeep LamichhaneTrent BoultAvesh KhanNathu SinghBandaru AyyappaColin MunroManjot Kalra.

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