India Women Vs Bangladesh Women LIVE SCORE (t20)

India Women Vs Bangladesh Women At W.A.C.A. Ground, Perth, 24 February, 2020

24 February, 2020
Starts (IST)
Match Ended

142/6 (20.0 ov)

Match 6

124/8 (20.0 ov)

India Women beat Bangladesh Women by 18 runs










Batsman Status R B 4s 6s
Veda Krishnamurthy not out 20 11 4 0
Shikha Pandey not out 7 9 0 0
Bowling 0 M R W
Jahanara Alam 4 0 33 0
Salma Khatun 4 0 25 2










Batsman Status R B 4s 6s
Salma Khatun (C) not out 2 5 0 0
Nahida Akter not out 2 3 0 0
Bowling 0 M R W
Deepti Sharma 4 0 32 0
Shikha Pandey 4 0 14 2

We are back for the run chase! The Indian players are out in the middle. Shamima Sultana and Murshida Khatun are the two openers for Bangladesh. Deepti Sharma with the ball first up. One slip in place. Here we go...


Deepti starts with a quicker ball around middle, Shamima works it towards mid-wicket for a quick run as Verma makes a diving stop.


Yes, no, yes no, but they complete the run eventually. Loopy ball outside off, Murshida nudges it towards point and takes off for a run. The fielder at point dives but fails to stop it cleanly and they eventually go for the run.


Loopy ball around off, Shamima comes forward and keeps it out.


Tossed up delivery on middle, Shamima flicks it towards mid-wicket for a single.


Loopy delivery on off, Murshida defends it off the back foot.


Short delivery on middle, Murshida pulls it to mid-wicket. 3 from the first over, a quiet start from Bangladesh! 3/0

Shikha Pandey to bowl from the other end.


On a length on off, Shamima plays it to covers.


Length delivery on middle, Shamima pulls it to mid-wicket.


On a good length on off, Shamima defends it out.


Short delivery on middle, Shamima pulls it over mid-wicket. Arundhati Reddy in the deep does well to stop it. The batters take a run.


Full delivery on leg, Murshida flicks it through square leg for a single.


OUT! Shikha Pandey draws first blood! Change in length works. A scrambled seam delivery, a touch short in length and holding a bit off the surface. Sultana tries lifting it over the infield on the off side but is early into the shot. She mistimes it in the air at extra cover where Deepti Sharma dives across to her left to take a fine catch. 5/1

Sanjida Islam is the next batter in.


FOUR! Excellent shot! Flighted full ball on middle, Murshida kneels and heaves it over mid-wicket for a superb boundary. It's important for them to get off to a good start against the new ball.


Top stop by Jemimah! Fuller in length and outside off, Khatun drills it down the ground and Rodrigues dives across to stop the racing ball.


FOUR! Poor delivery by Sharma and it has been duly punished by Khatun. Short in length and outside off, begging to be hit, Murshida hangs on the back foot and whacks it through backward point.


FOUR! This is buffet bowling. Trying too many variations. It's short and around leg on this occasion, Khatun gets back inside the crease and hammers it behind square leg.


Gets away with one. Short and outside off, Khatun cuts but finds the point fielder.


IN THE AIR... SAFE! Deepti eventually gets her line and length right but Shafali Verma disappoints with her fielding effort. The young girl is quite slow to move. Loopy full ball around off, slower through the air, Khatun attempts for a slog sweep but it takes the top edge. The ball flies behind square leg, Verma runs back a bit and tries to catch but fails to reach out. Two more runs added to the total, making it a 14-run over. 19/1


On a good length on off, Sanjida looks to defend but gets an outside edge. It goes towards third man. The batters take a single.


Short and wide outside off, Murshida cuts it to point.


Length delivery on middle, Murshida flicks it through mid-wicket for a single.


On a length on off, Islam comes down the track and defends it.


Full delivery on middle, Islam flicks it through mid-wicket for a run.


Short delivery on middle, Murshida pulls it through mid-wicket. The batters pick up a couple. 24/1

Rajeshwari Gayakwad is the first bowling change, replacing Deepti Sharma.


Flighted and full ball on middle, Islam tries to flick but gets an inside edge onto the pads.


Tossed up ball around off, Islam taps it down to cover-point and steals a quick run.


Floated delivery, landing full around off, Murshida goes down on one knee and drags her attempted slog sweep down to wide long on for a run.


Gayakwad slows it up in the air and lands it a touch short on middle, Islam moves back and helps it off the inner half to backward square leg. One run added to the total.


Flatter and on middle, holding up a bit, Murshida checks her shot and plays it towards mid-wicket for a run.


Fullish and on middle, Sanjida goes down on one knee and plays a full-blooded sweep shot to deep square leg. 5 singles from the over! 29/1


Dropped? Shikha Pandey tries her best but fails to reach the chance. Clever change in pace outfoxes the batsman. A touch short in length around off, Sanjida tries to shuffle across and work it on the leg side but it arrives late and takes the slice of her bat. It balloons in the air and Pandey rushes forward. She puts in a dive but it falls inches short of her outstretched hands. Heart in mouth stuff for Islam!


Width on offer outside off, Islam steers it through point for a single.


A mistimed pull shot! Short in length on middle, Khatun pulls it in the air and it drops safely in no man's land at square leg. They cross for a run.


Angling into the batsman, Islam covers the line and pushes it back.


Pandey pitches it up and around off, Islam walks forward and strokes her drive through extra cover for a brace.


Shikha lets out a grunt and delivers a slower length ball on off. Sanjida picks it late off the surface and ends up defending it back. 4 from the last over of the Powerplay, Bangladesh are 33/1! India were 54/1 at this stage. 33/1


Shout for an lbw! Not given. Flighted ball around middle and leg, turning down, Murshida tries to sweep but misses. It strikes her on the back leg and deflects to the right of short third man. They appeal as the batters cross. Given as a leg bye. Missing leg, probably, that's why the umpire turned down the appeal.


Pushed to the cover region by the batsman. One run added to the total.


Short in length and outside off, Khatun cuts but finds point.


Floated one, landing full around off, Khatun under edges her attempted sweep shot.


Chance of a run out! Missed. Flatter full ball around off, Khatun whips it across the line to deep mid-wicket and crosses for a run. She turns for the second run but her partner stutters a bit in taking off. Arundhati Reddy gets to the ball in the deep but sends the throw at the wrong end, which is to the keeper. Skipper Harmanpreet Kaur isn't happy with the game awareness shown by her fielder.


Driven towards the mid on region. The batsmen have run through for a single. 38/1

Arundhati Reddy is into the attack.


Slower length ball around off, Khatun pushes it towards mid off.


Excellent shot! Fuller length ball around middle and leg, Murshida stays leg side of this delivery and swings it over mid-wicket. A single is taken.


Fuller length ball on middle, slower in pace, Islam rotates her wrists and works it behind square leg for a single.


FOUR! First boundary in five overs! Fuller length delivery outside off, Khatun lines it up and hammers it down the ground. It beats mid off and then hurries away to the fence.


Short in length on middle, Khatun pulls it from middle of the bat but finds mid-wicket.


OUT! Murshida Khatun is done for the evening! Reddy hurls across a length delivery outside off, angling away, Khatun tries to loft it over extra cover but it stops a bit onto her bat. As a result, Murshida doesn't go through her shot with full force and ends up skying it towards mid off. Richa Ghosh settles underneath it and takes the skier safely. 99 needed off 72 balls. 44/2

Nigar Sultana is the new batter in. Also, Poonam Yadav is into the attack. She's fresh from a brilliant outing against Australia.


Flighted and fuller, it is pushed towards point.


Another flighted ball, Nigar pushes it back to the bowler.


FOUR! Down the leg this time and Nigar takes full toll. She sweeps it towards the vacant fine leg region and the ball races away to the fence.


Another tossed up ball, it is just outside off, Nigar is way early in her cut and she misses out.


Tossed up on middle, Nigar sweeps it to deep square leg for a couple.


Slightly shorter but again very slower, Nigar cuts but finds the fielder. 6 from Poonam's first over. 50/2


On a length on middle, Islam looks to flick but gets it off the pads. It goes towards mid-wicket. The batters take a single. The umpire gives it as a leg bye.


FOUR! Short, wide and punished! Poor from Reddy. It is way short and outside off, Nigar rocks on the back foot and slaps it through point for a boundary.


Full and on the pads, Nigar flicks but can't beat short fine leg.


EDGY FOUR! But Bangladesh are getting the much-needed runs. Bowls a slightly fuller ball outside off, Nigar reaches out to drive but the ball takes the outside edge and goes towards third man. The short third man fielder goes for the chase but comes second.


Fuller and around off, pushed to long off for a run.


Another full ball on middle, this time, Sanjida flicks but finds mid-wicket. 60/2 at the halfway mark. 83 more needed. 60/2


Full and wide outside off, Nigar sweeps but finds square leg.


Shortish and just outside off, Nigar punches it to deep cover for a run.

India have taken a caught behind decision upstairs after the umpire declines the appeal. At the very last second, Kaur signals for the DRS. Is there a bottom edge? Ultra Edge detects one.


OUT! CAUGHT! There is a spike on Ultra Edge. This is a smart, smart decision from the Indians. They were not too sure about taking it upstairs but at the last moment they took the gamble and it paid off. Another very slower ball outside off, Islam looks to slog sweep but she misses. The keeper collects the ball and whips the bails off and appeals for stumping. But nothing from the umpires. Kaur gets towards the bowler and at the very last moment, they signal the 'T'. The replays roll in and brings ecstasy in the Indian camp.

Fargana Hoque is the next batter in.


Extra slow through the air, full and on middle, Fargana defends it off her front foot.


Short and outside off, it's cut but straight to point.


Nicely tossed up ball around off, fuller in length, Hoque drives but finds the cover fielder. 1 run and a wicket from the over, a top class one by the leggie. 61/3


FOUR! Good attempt by Shafali Verma but in vain! Slower short ball around off, Sultana pulls it across the line but without much timing. It squirts towards the rope as Verma gives the chase from short fine leg. She puts in a forward dive to pull it back but it's not a clean one as the third umpire finds in the replays. Boundary signalled.


It's been driven superbly through the covers. They pick up a single.


OUT! That's a terrific reflex catch by Taniya! India continue to rule the roost. Hoque departs for a 4-ball duck. Good length delivery outside off, Fargana strides forward to push inside the line but there is some extra bounce and it brushes her gloves on the way back. Bhatia, the keeper, does extremely well to keep her eyes on the ball and collects the catch superbly. She made it look so simple. Another one bites the dust for Bangladesh and the run chase for them is going haywire.

Fahima Khatun is the new batter in.


Angling into the batsman from outside off, Khatun presses forward in defense.


Fullish ball, Khatun uses the angle of the bowler and sweeps it through square leg for a single.


Defended off the front foot by the batsman presenting the full face of the bat. End of another successful over for India. 67/4

Deepti Sharma is back on. 2-0-17-0 are her figures so far.


Full toss on middle, Fahima sweeps it to deep square leg for a run.


Full and on off, Nigar drives it to deep extra cover for a run.


Full and outside off, Fahima sweeps but finds square leg.


This time she sweeps this full ball to deep square leg for a run.


Full toss outside off, Nigar drives it towards extra cover where the fielder fumbles and a run is taken.


A couple to end the over as Fahima brings out another sweep shot. This one is towards fine leg but the timing is not good. The fielder from deep square leg cuts it off but can't stop the batters from taking two. 73/4


Nearly a return catch! Reddy slants in a length ball around off, it stops a bit onto the batter, Sultana tries to drive but it takes the inner half and pops out in the direction of the bowler. Doesn't carry to Reddy.


Fullish and outside off, driven through covers for a single.


FOUR! Not where Khatun intended! Reddy angles in a length ball around off, Fahima tries swinging across the line but it takes the top edge and flies down to third man for a boundary.


FOUR! Another top edge, another boundary. Doesn't matter how they come as long as they come. These two boundaries would act as an ointment for the asking run rate. A touch short in length on middle, Khatun top edges her pull shot over short fine leg. Shafali Verma gives the chase and pulls it back just before the rope. Although she gets up and signals for a boundary. Strange, very strange, the replays find it to be a clean stop. But the umpire has already given it as a boundary and is sticking to it. Lucky one.


Width on offer outside off, Khatun guides it to third man for a single.


DROPPED! Jemimah Rodrigues drops a tough catch. A length delivery outside off, coming slowly off the surface, Sultana mistimes her lofted shot over extra cover and Rodrigues rushes forward from the deep. She puts in a dive too but fails to hold on to the catch. A tough one but after doing all the hard work of reaching the chance, she should have taken it. The batters complete two runs, 12 from the over in total! 85/4


Full and outside off, Fahima sweeps it to deep mid-wicket and gets to the other end.


FOUR! This has been nailed brilliantly. What a timing! Full and just outside off, Nigar drills it through the gap at extra cover for a boundary. She took a couple of steps forward and slammed it.


Full and around off, pushed towards covers for a quick run.


Another quick run! Full and around off, swept to fine leg for a single.


Short and on middle, this time Nigar pulls it towards deep mid-wicket for a run.


Shortish and on middle, Fahima paddles it towards short fine leg and takes a quick run. 9 from the over, another excellent over for Bangladesh. 49 more needed off the final 5 overs. 94/4

Poonam Yadav is back on. 2-0-7-1 are her figures so far.


OUT! Poonam returns and Poonam strikes! What a bowler she is! Truly a match-winner. A flighted delivery, dipping into the batter around off, Khatun goes down on one knee for the sweep shot but mistimes it badly behind square leg off the top edge. Shafali Verma reacts to her right and stretches her hands out to complete the catch. The 28-run stand is broken, 49 needed off 29 balls.

Jahanara Alam is the next batter in.


FOUR! Poor, very poor delivery this time by Poonam. A rank long hop on middle, Alam turns and pulls it fine down the leg side for a boundary.


Gets down on one knee and sweeps it through backward square leg for a couple of runs.


Full and flighted on middle, driven down to long on for one.


Slower and shorter on off, punched from the back foot to sweeper cover for a single.


Flighted and very full on middle, Alam sweeps it through mid-wicket for one. 9 runs and a wicket from the over! 103/5

Rajeshwari Gayakwad is back on. 2-0-9-0 are her figures so far.


Full and just outside off, pushed towards covers.


Full and on middle, Jahanara mistimes her heave towards long on for a run.


A couple now! Shortish and just outside off, Nigar runs it down to third man for a couple as Verma chases it down.


OUT! CAUGHT! Gayakwad strikes and it is off Nigar who was looking really good. Full and just outside off, Nigar goes for the sweep, connects it well but there is square leg placed. Reddy comes forward and pouches it inches above the turf. Excellent stuff from the Indians.

Rumana Ahmed is the new batter in.


Full and around off, pushed to mid off. They go for the risky run. Gayakwad gets to the ball quickly and fires a throw at the non-striker's end but she misses. Had she hit, it would've been all over for Ahmed.


Full and outside off, Jahanara goes for the slog sweep but gets an inside edge. The ball just about misses the stumps and goes to fine leg for a run. 108/6


Alam was in two minds there! Yadav bowls it so slowly through the air that batter can finish a cup of coffee in between. Flighted and outside off, Alam initially looks for a big shot but then realizes that it's coming way too slowly off the surface. At the last moment, Alam plays it unconvincingly to short third man.


Short and wide outside off, Alam cuts but finds point.


OUT! Another sharp piece of glove work behind the stumps. Poonam tempts the batter with her flight this time. Generously tosses it up in the air and Alam skips down the track looking for a big heave across the line. But the ball dips in, goes under her bat and Taniya does the rest in a flash. Bangladesh going down quickly.

Salma Khatun is the next batter in.


Tossed up ball around off, it's reverse swept wide of short third man for a run.


Ahmed plays it with an angled bat and guides it to short third man. One run added to the total.


Beaten! Loopy and outside off, Khatun attempts a reverse-batted shot again but fails to connect. Poonam Yadav finishes with brilliant figures, 4-0-18-3! 110/7


FOUR! Tossed up ball around middle, Ahmed goes down and slog sweeps it towards deep mid-wicket for a boundary.


FOUR! Toying with the deep fielder. Another slog sweep by Ahmed, this time it's to the right of the deep mid-wicket fielder and runs away to the fence.


Flighted delivery outside off, Rumana tries to play a late cut but misses.


Slog sweep is being used to good effect by Rumana. Fuller and on middle, Ahmed sends it to the right of deep mid-wicket and Jemimah does well to make the stop this time. Cannot prevent the second run though.


Fires this one flat and a touch short on off, Rumana chops it down towards backward point for a run.


Shout for an lbw! Skidding down, Khatun tries sweeping but misses. The bowler appeals but she is the only one doing so. The ball rolls to the leg side and Khatun ventures out for a run. Taniya has a quick attempt to flick the ball at stumps but misses. 11 from the over! 121/7

Shikha Pandey to bowl the final over of the game. 21 to defend. Last ball finish or India win it with ease?


OUT! The stumps light up! A yorker around off, Rumana tries to make room and drill her shot through the line but she misses completely. The ball goes under her bat and disturbs the stumps.

Nahida Akter walks in next.


Beaten! Good length delivery outside off, Akter tries to push inside the line but misses.


Too full and on off, it's driven to extra cover for just a run.


Fullish and on off, Khatun drives it with good timing but straight back towards the bowler. Shikha makes a tumbling stop.


Advances down the track and drives it to extra cover for one.


INDIA WIN BY 18 RUNS! Too full in length on middle, Akter forces it down to long on for just a run.

A comprehensive victory for India! Yet another professional show by them as they've easily outclassed their Asian neighbours. The Blue team was clinical with the bat in the Powerplay and then despite losing the plot mid-way, they pumped their score to 142 - the highest in this edition of the tournament, so far. Shafali Verma once again was the superstar as she provided a rollicking start to the Indian innings.

In pursuit, Bangladesh required a quickfire start but it never came. Murshida Khatun and Sanjida Islam constructed a partnership but the batters who followed failed to make any use of it. Nigar Sultana top-scored for them but her innings never threatened India. The Indian bowlers picked wickets at regular intervals and always maintained the upper hand. Every bowler was impressive but the standout one was once again Poonam Yadav. Her extra slow flighted deliveries are turning out to be too hot to handle. Shikha Pandey, too, was right on the money and did her job efficiently at the start and in the death. Stay tuned for the presentation...

SHAFALI VERMA IS NAMED THE PLAYER OF THE MATCH. She says that since there was no Mandhana, she wanted to take the responsibility and stay till the end. On her see the ball, hit the ball approach, Verma says that she practices all these shots. Tells that she wants to bat well and help India win more games.

Salma Khatun, the Bangladeshi captain, says that they didn't bowl well in the Powerplay. Tells that the fielding was not good. Adds that their side hasn't played many games under lights but they will try to do well in the next game.

Harmanpreet Kaur, the Indian captain, says that Shafali and Richa did really well and that shows how good they are. Praises Krishnamurthy's effort with the bat and tells that when she went to the middle, India needed quick runs and she provided that. On Smriti Mandhana's chance of making into the Indian side for their next game, the Indian skipper tells that they've got a few days before that game and Mandhana has recovered well. Tells that team wants to take one game at a time and continue performing similarly in their coming games.

Right then, that's all we have from this match! India have jumped to the top of the points table in Group A and are looking like the team to beat. Tuesday will be a rest day/travelling day for the teams. Do join us on 26th February for the matches involving England, Thailand, West Indies and Pakistan. The first of the double-header will kick off at 1500 local (0400 GMT). Looking forward to your company then. Cheers!