What if Bindass' reality show Dadagiri is revived with Aditya Narayan as host, Salman Khan as judge?

Anvisha Manral

Oct 23, 2017 14:13:00 IST

Love it or hate it, you can't contest the fact that Indian television writes its own rules. From countless reincarnations to daily sexism, just tune in and you will constantly find something that will leave you bewildered.

However, some shows, which are now sadly defunct, stand out in the crowd. Therefore, in this new column — TV Revivals — we envision what these shows could/would look like if they were brought back.

Today we are reviving the only Indian reality TV show to win an Emmy in the Reality Show category — Dadagiri. A task-based reality show, where self-proclaimed adventure freaks who never went to college, get harassed trained by a bunch of bullies judges who were probably kicked out at 13.

True to form, we've envisioned the upcoming season of Dadagiri to be more dangerous, dirty and needless to say, demeaning. So, without further ado, let us introduce you to the host of this season.

The host

Aditya Narayan

What if Bindass reality show Dadagiri is revived with Aditya Narayan as host, Salman Khan as judge?

Aditya Narayan. Image from Twitter/@eddm_printing.

Aditya Narayan, of “teri chaddi nahi utaari toh” fame could be the host of Dadagiri. For those of you having trouble placing him, he is also an anchor, singer and actor (Shaapit). Although he faced tough competition from prospective candidates across the country who battled it out for the position of the host, Narayan beat all of them to it. This year, the host will take interest in the growth of the participants personally.

Did we mention that Indigo Airlines will be the official sponsor of the show?

Meet the judges:

Salman Khan as Head Judge

Would one be wrong to assume that Tubelight appears to be have been inspired by Bajrangi Bhaijaan but with Salman Khan as the little Pakistani girl who needs to be saved?

Salman Khan. File image.

Salman Khan could be the head judge for the upcoming season. After sending the nation into a tizzy due to his epic Bigg Boss showdowns,  Khan will take the reins in his hands and make sure he brings back the contestants on track when they sway out of control. He will also give them lessons on philanthropy, survival skills and the Indian Penal Code.

Swami Om as Women’s Coach

Swami Om. Image from Twitter/@indialegalmedia

Swami Om. Image from Twitter/@indialegalmedia

Swami Om of Swami Om-fame can be one of the judges of the show, who will train the female contestants through self-defence classes. As you already know, Dadagiri is known for its volatile environment and Swami Om will use his experience in the Bigg Boss house to teach the ladies how to put up with bullies and more specifically, misogynists.

Dolly Bindra as Anger Management Coach

Dolly Bindra. Image from Twitter/ @Dollybindra

Dolly Bindra. Image from Twitter/ @Dollybindra

Since mental resilience is an indispensable trait, Bindra can conduct daily psychology sessions and help contestants build inner strength. These sessions will mainly focus on the mental well-being of the participants and Bindra will help them with several pertinent issues like anger management and meditation.

Prince Narula as Logical Reasoning Coach

Prince Narula. Image from Twitter/@iBiggBossNews.

Prince Narula. Image from Twitter/@iBiggBossNews.

Reality-show posterboy Prince will try out something new at Dadagiri by heading the department of reasoning and logic. Dadagiri, as you already know, requires impeccable analytical skills and brainstorming and who better than a former Roadies and Splitsvilla contestant?

Rumour has it that Prince will transition from the position of a judge to a contestant in the show and will ultimately be declared the winner of Dadagiri, too, but there is no official word of confirmation yet.

The dream team comprising of Narayan, Khan, Swami Om, Bindra and Prince, will work diligently and make Dadagiri just more Dadagirish.

We will be back again next week, with another revival. Till then, have fun laughing at this mayhem.

Updated Date: Oct 23, 2017 14:13:00 IST