The Twilight Zone trailer: Jordan Peele's anthology reboot series is an eerie, surrealistic and unsettling affair

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Feb 22, 2019 10:57:33 IST

CBS All Access has released the first teaser for the reboot of the '60s anthology series The Twilight Zone. Hosted and produced by horror maestro Jordan Peele, the clip introduces us to a montage of surrealistic, unsettling episodes.

 The Twilight Zone trailer: Jordan Peeles anthology reboot series is an eerie, surrealistic and unsettling affair

A still from The Twilight Zone trailer. YouTube screengrab

Adam Scott will feature in the remake of an original The Twilight Zone episode, 'Nightmare at 20,000 Feet'. The episode showed a man suffering from a nervous breakdown after he is convinced that a gremlin is aboard on the plane he is flying in and that he is damaging the aircraft. In a fleeting moment from the newly-released clip, a rattled Scott is seen on a plane, who later ends up on the same sea shore where a lonely gremlin was spotted. 

In another instance, Kumail Nanjiani asks his wife about the whereabouts of their dog, but his wife replies saying that they never owned a dog. He then says, "I've changed something, erased something," hinting at the possibility that he himself has erased the (memory of the) dog.

As a nod to the original series, the reimagined version peppers the screen with Easter eggs. The fortune teller machine, represented by the devil bobble head appears in the trailer too, which also featured in the episode 'Nick of Time'. Sanaa Lathan's episode seems to be dealing with time as well, as she is seen with a tape-recorder pushing the rewind button, exclaiming "Did we go backwards, again?" 

Just like every episode of the original show was presented by Rod Serling, the reboot will also follow the same format. The show also stars John Cho, Allison Tolman and Jacob Tremblay.

Watch the trailer here.

Updated Date: Feb 22, 2019 10:57:33 IST