The 1975, A$AP Rocky, Gorillaz, Pusha T — A playlist of the best new tracks from the past week

Abhinav Jai Singh

Jun 04, 2018 13:26:24 IST

It can be tough to keep track of all the singles and albums being released each week on different streaming services. With surprise releases, unexpected diss-tracks, reissues and remasters, and brand new songs — good new music can get increasingly cluttered.

This is where our playlist comes in. The best tracks released each week will be featured here so you can keep updating your phones with the latest music from across genres.

1. 'The Story of Adidon' by Pusha T

Responding to Drake's diss-track 'Duppy Freestyle', Pusha T's 'The Story of Adidon' sets aside his earlier beefs with Drake over claims of ghostwriting and exaggerated drug dealing past and takes their ongoing rivalry to a new level. The cover art of the song is a picture of Drake in blackface. Pusha T goes after the most vulnerable spots in Drake's life and asserts that he's uncomfortable with his blackness, and is an absentee father to a son (named Adonis) he has with a porn-star. Pusha T also takes potshots at the failed marriage of Drake's mother Sandi, and attacks the Canadian rappers's close friends and frequent collaborators Birdman and Noah '40' Shebib. Pusha T's lyrics aimed at Shebib, who is battling multiple sclerosis, has drawn the ire of America's National Multiple Sclerosis Society who have condemned Pusha's insensitive taunts. The very next day after the release of 'The Story of Adidon' was World Multiple Sclerosis Day, and Pusha T responded by saying, "Oh man, wow, that’s ironic".

Listen to the 'The Story of Adidon' here.

2. 'Hun43rd' by A$AP Rocky

A$AP Rocky returns with a new studio album titled Testing, and 'Hun43rd' is one of the best tracks on the record. The ice-cold production on the track forms a haunting landscape over which A$AP Rocky raps with a ghost-like vibe. 'Hun43rd' seems set in the dead of the night, especially because of the eerie percussion throughout the track. The track samples Tupac and Thug Life’s iconic 'Cradle to Grave' and bring A$AP Rocky's music into newer territories.

Listen to 'Hun43rd' here.

3. 'If You Know You Know' by Pusha T

Taken from Pusha T's latest studio effort DAYTONA, the opening track 'If You Know You Know' is about Pusha T's longtime involvement in the trade of crack/cocaine. The rapper brags about being on top of the trap game, and about his drug dealing past. Pusha T, who was once a cocaine dealer, references his associates multiple times throughout the track. In 2009, the associates of Pusha T became the subject of a federal indictment which led to the imprisonment of at least seven. The opener on the Kanye West produced album is forceful and downright witty. Pusha T's unfailing ability to top himself with gloating rhymes on album openers is impressive.

Listen to 'If You Know You Know' here.

4. 'Purity' by A$AP Rocky ft. Frank Ocean

The final track on A$AP Rocky's Testing, 'Purity' is the second track on the record to feature Frank Ocean. The song flows like a river stream on a calm day; it's smooth, alluring and melds perfectly one verse to the other. 'Purity' is built on top of a snippet of Lauryn Hill’s 'I Gotta Find Peace of Mind', a lovesick rendition taken from her MTV Unplugged No. 2.0 album. The track works because A$AP Rocky doesn't try to top Frank Ocean in any way. The two come together to create a light-headed, smoky single that serves as a satisfying end to the album.

Listen to 'Purity' here.

5. 'Humility' by Gorillaz

Gorillaz announced the follow-up to their 2017 album Humanz and released a new track titled 'Humility'. The new album is titled The Now Now, and 'Humility' is a funky slow-jam that enlists the jazz and soul icon George Benson. The album takes forward the stories of the band's virtual members in a song drenched in soul music. The outro on 'Humility' is beautifully relaxing and carries a warm, summery vibe. The music video for the track has also been released, and it features a guitar wielding Jack Black.

Listen to 'Humility' here.

The 1975, A$AP Rocky, Gorillaz, Pusha T — A playlist of the best new tracks from the past week

(clockwise) The 1975, 'The Story of Adidon' cover, Daytona album cover, A$AP Rocky's Testing/Images from Twitter.

6. 'Please Don't Die' by Father John Misty

Taken from Father John Misty's latest studio album God's Favorite Customer, 'Please Don't Die' is a heart-breaking, earnest and depressingly beautiful soft-rock track with a quietly addictive hook. While 'Mr. Tillman', the lead single from the album, made light of the singer's battle with depression and struggles with a bad set of delusions, 'Please Don't Die' acknowledges how terrible the situation truly was. The chorus has been sung from the point-of-view of his wife who is pleading with him to not die. The song is seeped in a mournful vibe, but ends on a strangely feel-good note.

Listen to 'Please Don't Die' here.

7. 'The Dark Sentencer' by Coheed and Cambria

The progressive rock legends premiered a track from their follow-up album to 2015's The Color Before the Sun. The new song, titled 'The Dark Sentencer', is over ten minutes in length and starts off with soft piano melody before taking a sinister turn. A narrator describes a "romance between a pair of unheavenly creatures" set on the remains of an Earth nearly destroyed in an intergalactic accident. Earth, the narrator says, is now overseen by an elite society that has turned the crumbling planet into a private prison. The sound differs from the band's earlier efforts as the blazing fast shredding of the guitars is shrouded by the ephemeral harmonies, but the prog rock band's latest spacey offering is worth a listen.

Listen to 'The Dark Sentencer' here.

8. 'Give Yourself A Try' by The 1975

The 1975 unveiled their new song 'Give Yourself a Try', the first single from their upcoming album A Brief Inquiry Into Online Relationships. A twisting guitar riff runs throughout the song as singer Matt Healy's tranquil voice provides the track with a soft touch. Themes of low-life troubles and perplexing urban dilemmas persists on 'Give Yourself A Try', but with a difference. There's a new-found spring in The 1975's music; one that masks the disturbing realisation Matt Healy comes to in this song.

Listen to 'Give Yourself A Try' here.

9. 'Space & Time' by Wolf Alice

Taken from the band's sophomore album Visions of a Life, 'Space & Time' is a raw, distorted and earthy track borrowing much from the sound of '90s grunge. Ellie Rowsell's vocals are wonderfully subdued as she sings about feeling anxious and trying your best to not feel that way. The guitars on 'Space & Time' overpower the sound and propel it in a direction that is reminiscent of the angst-ridden anthems of the early nineties.

Listen to 'Space & Time' here.

10. 'Phoenix IV: Levitation' by Night Verses

Night Verses is an American post-metal band that effortlessly transitions from dense and measured onslaughts of technical guitar riffs to dreamy landscapes crafted by acoustic guitars. 'Phoenix IV: Levitation', from forthcoming album From the Gallery of Sleep, is razor-sharp. The different sections of the song melt into each other creating a formidable, tense and delicate atmosphere. The aggressiveness at the start of the songs turns into something soothing, and finally ends with a desire for destruction.

Listen to 'Phoenix IV: Levitation' here.

Updated Date: Jun 04, 2018 13:26:24 IST

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