Telugu actress Sri Reddy reportedly asked to vacate house after protest against sexual exploitation of local artists

FP Staff

Apr 10, 2018 10:30:52 IST

A few days after the Movie Artists Association (MAA) reportedly revoked her membership, Telugu actress Sri Reddy says that she has now been asked to vacate her Hyderabad house. Reddy took to protest outside the Film Chamber of Commerce in Hyderabad against the sexual exploitation of local female artists at the hands of Telugu producers and directors.

Sri Reddy. Image from Facebook/Sri Reddy

Sri Reddy. Image from Facebook/Sri Reddy

She reportedly stripped in front of the office to bring attention to the dearth of roles for women in the Telugu industry and the vicious circle of sexual exploitation that they are pushed into. After her protest, MMA has not only withdrawn her membership but also "socially boycotted her". Other actors have been forbidden to work with her or face denial of a membership, which is imperative to work in the industry, reports Pune Mirror.

The #MeToo campaigner wrote on her Facebook page, "My (house) owner called me and told to vacate the house…what a great person. He works as an IAS officer." According to the same report, the owner is said to have links to a bureaucrat.

The actress alleges that some top producers and directors promise roles in return of video and photos. However, after they have received their end of the bargain, they give most of these roles to actresses from Mumbai.

Updated Date: Apr 10, 2018 10:30:52 IST