Telugu actress Sri Reddy protests in Hyderabad against exploitation, harassment of local female artistes

FP Staff

Apr 07, 2018 15:58:51 IST

Aspiring Telugu film actress Sri Reddy, who has previously talked about the casting couch in the Telugu film industry, took to protest outside the Film Chamber of Commerce in Hyderabad. She alleged that she has been sexually exploited by many Telugu producers and directors who assured her of parts in films.

Sri Reddy. Facebook/ Sri Reddy

Sri Reddy. Facebook/ Sri Reddy

According to a report by The Times of India, Reddy stripped in front of the Chamber of Commerce as a mark of protest. She also brought to light the dearth of roles for Telugu actresses in the film industry. She added that most of the roles are given to "imported" actresses from Mumbai and elsewhere while local talent is pushed into the vicious circle of sexual exploitation.

She revealed that she has been sexually exploited in the past. She says, "They see the videos and give no roles. They have even asked for live nude videos from me. That is the extent to which they go to take advantage of women who seek roles," adds the Times of India report.

Reddy, in all her despair, said that she could not find any other means to gather the attention of authorities and make her point heard loud and clear. She said her protests would continue until the film producers start promoting local talent.

On 2 April, Reddy had also posted on Facebook alluding to a top filmmaker of being involved in a casting couch racket.

Updated Date: Apr 07, 2018 15:59:43 IST