Sona Mohapatra reacts to Sonu Nigam's comments: It's an artist's duty to stand up for what's right

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Dec 20, 2018 15:10:49 IST

Sona Mohapatra has written an open letter on Facebook addressed to Sonu Nigam for defending Anu Malik as well as the comment he made about Pakistani singers working in India.. She wrote that by supporting Malik, who has been accused by several women of sexual misconduct is, "disturbing, horrifying and heartbreaking."

Sharing the link of the open letter via Twitter, Mohapatra wrote that she will also be responding to his comment about musicians and music labels.

Nigam has responded to Mohapatra's tweets against him, saying that though she is "vomiting" on Twitter, he would like to maintain decorum. Mohapatra had voiced her disapproval with Nigam for his reported comment in support of Anu Malik, who is facing #MeToo allegations.

She had earlier called the music composer a "serial predator".

Nigam was quoted as saying at a media summit over the weekend that Malik, his longtime friend, was accused without any proof and had maintained a dignified silence on the #MeToo allegations.

In a statement on Thursday, the singer said, "The respectable lady vomiting on Twitter, is the wife of someone who I consider very close to me, so although she's has forgotten the relationship, I'd like to maintain the decorum."

Nigam said women with courage shaming their oppressors is a "refreshing" change. "Only an animal will not support #MeToo movement. Women with frankness and courage, shaming their oppressors, is a refreshing sign of changing times. Women have been long oppressed throughout the course of history and it's high time to end this Tribal mindset of treating them like properties or trophies, and now they walk hand in hand and shoulder to shoulder with men," he added.

Malik has repeatedly denied all the allegations. His lawyer told Press Trust of India at the time that the #MeToo movement was being used for his client's "character assassination".

Following the allegations, the music composer stepped down as a jury member from Indian Idol, a singing reality show of which he was part since its inception in 2004. Mohapatra was quick to hit back at Nigam.

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Updated Date: Dec 20, 2018 15:10:49 IST