Salman's rape remark was 'unfortunate and insensitive': Aamir Khan

FP Staff

July 04, 2016 13:48:11 IST

"Unfortunate and insensitive."

That is what Aamir Khan has labelled Salman Khan's rape remark, which fuelled a national-level row in recent times.

Salman had said that the gruelling shoot schedules for his upcoming release Sultan, in which he plays a wrestler, left him feeling like a "raped woman".

Aamir is among the few celebrities to have called out Salman for his rape remark

Aamir is among the few celebrities to have called out Salman for his rape remark

He had immediately retracted his statement, admitting, "I should not have said that".

However, by then the media had picked up on Salman's statement, and a debate ensued over rape culture, and how Salman's flippant and insensitive analogy was a manifestation of it. There were several calls for the superstar to apologise — which Salman has refused to do.

The film fraternity, with the exception of a Sona Mohapatra, Kangana Ranaut or Rishi Kapoor has steadfastly refused to call out Salman on his rape remark.

Many, like Rakhi Sawant, even came up with strange defenses for the actor; Rakhi claimed that his voice had been "dubbed over" in the video clip and he had never used the word "raped".

Others, like Pooja Bedi, have claimed that this is a case of people being overly sensitive.

Aamir has been promoting his film Dangal — also a wrestling drama, although based on the real life exploits of Mangal Singh Phogat. He was asked for his comment on the row at a recent event, and responded, "Salman's (rape) remark was rather unfortunate and rather insensitive."

However, Aamir had said that he hadn't spoken to Salman about the issue, and didn't have any advice to offer Salman on apologising for his ill-chosen words.

Clearly, there's no 'Amar-Prem' here.

Updated Date: Jul 04, 2016 14:05 PM