Sacred Games season 2: Ahead of premiere on 15 August, cast of Netflix show go retro glam in new still

FP Staff

Jul 22, 2019 12:29:54 IST

In a run-up to the premiere of Sacred Games season 2 on 15 August, Netflix has shared an image of the entire cast an all-new retro, edgy, and stylish look. The shoot was conceptualised to channel the nostalgic ’70s vibe of Mumbai and its gang-wars.

Co-styled by celebrity stylists Tanya Ghavri and Mohit Rai, the duo opted for a combination of suits, sneakers, sweaters, and jeans in floral geometric patterns. Captured on the lens by Rohan Shrestha, this photoshoot brought the entire cast back together for the first time since the shooting of the series.

Check out the look here

Saif Ali Khan, who plays the protagonist Sartaj Singh, says, “Sacred Games season two has been a very creative experience with some bright people putting their best foot forward, being as intelligent as they can, being as artistic as they can, and that’s not an environment that you find every day. It pretty much picks up from where the season one ends. While season one set the stage, this season develops it further and deals more with the inner workings of Sartaj’s mind, personality, background, family, and father. It’s a logical progression; there’s a little more action, there’s a little more speed and drama, and it’s also when the whole sacred angle comes in.”

Nawazuddin Siddiqui, who essays the notorious Ganesh Gaitonde in the show, is excited for the audience to watch the second season. He says, “In the first season, the challenge was dealing with the situations that I faced as an actor because I wasn’t aware of what my journey would be like in the second season. The situations my character faces in both seasons are different, so we had to keep adapting accordingly. In this season, the way Ganesh Gaitonde talks and walks will remain the same, but the change in his surroundings will bring about an internal change in him.”

Pankaj Tripathi, whose Guruji makes an entry in the sophomore season, says, “Guruji is a well-read man, he has his own style of thinking, and much like many others, he too feels that his beliefs and thoughts are superior to others’, and that his approach to life is the correct one.”

Kalki Koechlin, one of the new entrants to the show, says her character Batya has a conflicting background. “Batya's father is Jewish French and her mother is Palestinian, who had abandoned her as a teenager. You will see Batya’s journey of transforming from a rebellious, angry teenager with drug addiction to this very calm woman over the years, once she reaches Guruji’s Ashram.”

Surveen Chawla describes her character Jojo as "somebody who's not afraid of Gaitonde. Sshe is just amazing. She has a tremendous impact on Gaitonde’s life in every way.”

Jatin Sarna, who became a household name as Bunty in the first season, says, “The second season will showcase a very different side of Bunty, one which you've not seen in season one."

Ranvir Shorey, the other fresh addition to the cast, is a self-proclaimed fan of the show. He says, “When Vikram and Varun (Grover, lead writer) explained the character, I was excited to be a part of the series. It’s a beautiful story, full of irony and poignancy.”

Luke Kenny, whose portrayal of Malcolm in season one earned him praise from all quarters, shares, “In Season 2, we find out a lot more about Malcolm — who he is, where he comes from, and how he is connected to all this. And of course, there’s Guruji who comes into play as well, which is really interesting.”

Updated Date: Jul 22, 2019 12:29:54 IST