Ranveer Singh to voice Deadpool 2 Hindi: Here are all the Indian actors who have dubbed for Hollywood superheroes

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May 07, 2018 16:47:52 IST

After initial reports said that Ranveer Singh would not be able to voice Deadpool in Hindi due to scheduling conflicts, it was finally revealed that the Padmaavat star would infact be voicing the Merc with a Mouth after all. Ranveer's irreverent persona seems rather apt for the anti-hero who has separated himself from the other do-gooders in the Marvel and DC Universes.

This is not the first time an Indian star has been picked to voice an international character in a superhero film. The move is popular because not only does it add to the buzz around the film, but it also taps into that star's fanbase thereby attracting a newer audience towards the film. Experts had told Livemint that signing a well-known Indian actor for the dubbing gets the film a lot of PR — both free as well as paid for.

The trend started with The Incredibles, the Pixar-made animated film which nabbed Shah Rukh Khan to voice Mr Incredible (Mr Lajawab). The Hindi version was called Hum Hain Lajaawab and also featured Shah Rukh's son Aryan voicing Mr Incredible's son Dash. Shah Rukh had admitted that he related to the lovable superhero, "In the film, Mr Lajawab is like a big bear. He's huge - about 6'4'' — but he is a gentleman. He is charismatic and generous. I'd like to believe that I'm as kind as him."

The film's Hindi version also had Javed Jaffery voicing the villain Syndrome (Sankiman) and actress Rakshanda Khan voicing Mrs Incredible/Elastigirl.

 Ranveer Singh to voice Deadpool 2 Hindi: Here are all the Indian actors who have dubbed for Hollywood superheroes

Quirk personified: Ryan Reynolds and Ranveer Singh. Facebook

After Shah Rukh, Vivek Oberoi lent his voice to the main villain Max Dillon aka Electro in the Hindi version of The Amazing Spider-Man 2. In the original version of the film, Electro is played by Oscar-winning actor Jamie Foxx.

The Spiderman franchise again used an Indian actor for dubbing when it signed Tiger Shroff to voice the superhero in the Hindi version of Spider-Man: Homecoming. At the time of the movie's release, he had said that it was one superhero character he always wanted to play. "I can't express enough my excitement to be the voice of my childhood superhero Spiderman in Hindi," Tiger had said. He had also called the role one the most "challenging things" he ever did. The actor had said that talking at a "different pitch and pace" was tough.

In the Marvel franchise, the Guardians of the Galaxy also took the star route for its India foray. The film's Hindi version had Kaabil villain Rohit Roy voicing Star-Lord, the character originally played by Chris Pratt. Roy had told The Free Press Journal that, "This is the first time I have dubbed for anyone but myself I was extremely thrilled to be a part of it because I’m a huge fan of Guardians of the Galaxy & particularly Chris Pratt. Little did I know I’ll dub for him in the same franchise."

More recently, Varun Dhawan lent his voice to Chris Evans' Captain America in the Hindi version of Captain America: Civil War. The 28-year-old Badlapur star, had said it was very challenging for him to do the voice-over for the superhero film. "Captain America is a matured and a balanced leader. This is something that I am not. So, that made it all the more challenging for me. Captain America: Civil War is bigger better and the action is huge," Varun had said in a statement.

Finally, the Telegu version of Avengers: Infinity War had actor Rana Daggubati voicing the character of Thanos. Disney India, in a move to expand its localisation efforts, had signed on Daggubati to lend his voice for the villainous character.

"I've grown up reading Marvel Comics and Marvel movies with their intricately woven storylines. It is fascinating to see how Marvel has created characters and stories that resonate so well with audiences across the globe, making movies at a scale that one had never before imagined," Daggubati had said. "Characters such as Iron Man and Captain America have been my favourites. So dubbing for Avengers: Infinity War was thrilling. Voicing for Thanos, a villain so powerful that some of the biggest superheroes have a tough time dealing with, was an exciting experience," the actor had added.

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