Naseeruddin Shah responds to being termed a 'traitor': What I said was as a worried Indian

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Dec 22, 2018 12:17:42 IST

Naseeruddin Shah clarified his stance on the Bulandshahr controversy, which led Uttar Pradesh's Navnirman Sena president Amit Jani to book a flight ticket to Karachi for the actor. As per reports, Jani was of the opinion that if Shah felt unsafe in India, it would be best for the him to leave the country as India would then have one less 'traitor'.

Naseeruddin Shah. Image from Facebook

Naseeruddin Shah. Image from Facebook

Replying to the comments, Shah said, "What I said earlier was from the point of view of a worried Indian, and I have said it before also. I don't know what I've said to be labelled a traitor. It's strange."

"I have to bear (the) criticism. If they have the right to criticise, then I also have the same right. I am expressing concerns about the country I love, the country that is my home. How is that a crime?" he asked.

Shah had in the past, expressed his opinion on the Bulandshahr violence where an alleged cow slaughter incident led to the death of a police inspector. Shah had mentioned that the toxic environment born of hate crimes and intolerance was a major cause of concern to him and that he worried for the days to come.

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Updated Date: Dec 22, 2018 12:17:42 IST