Naseeruddin Shah condemns the crackdown on free speech: 'This country is awash with horrific hatred'

FP Staff

Jan 04, 2019 18:21:14 IST

In a recent Amnesty India video, actor Naseeruddin Shah targeted the ruling government for their excessive controlling of free speech and dissent over the past one year. The video began with Shah explaining how the constitution was formed and what cardinal principles it was built on. The Constitution ensures every Indian citizen political, social and economic justice, moreover it allows liberty of thought, expression, faith and worship.

However, noted Shah, the state of affairs in the country seems to be quite contradictory. Honest speakers are being held accountable and any form of dissent or non-cooperation is being condemned as "anti-national". Scholars, artists, journalists, academicians are being silenced and some even punished for their unpopular opinions. He went on to say that many in the name of religion are even succeeding in building walls among people — "The country is awash with a horrific hatred and cruelty."

The Amnesty video was captioned 'AbkiBaarManavAdhikaar' which in essence is a play on Modi's campaign-winning slogan 'AbkiBaarModiSarkaar'.

Naseeruddin Shah himself has been in the epicentre of widespread hatred due to his comments on the Bulandshahr violence when he said that the death of a cow was of higher priority as compared to the safety of policemen.

Updated Date: Jan 04, 2019 18:27:42 IST