Naga Chaitanya on his upcoming film Savyasachi, taking up more comedy roles and life with Samantha

Hemanth Kumar

Nov 02, 2018 10:27:51 IST

Few days ago, when the trailer of Savyasachi, directed by Chandoo Mondeti, landed on the internet, it made a lot of people wonder what exactly was Naga Chaitanya upto. For the longest time in his career, he seemed quite comfortable doing romantic films and family dramas occasionally; however, in Savyasachi, he is almost a superhero. At least, his left hand is. The story is based on the concept of vanishing twin syndrome, where a twin disappears during pregnancy. Soon, the protagonist gains a super human strength, thanks to his left hand, although he doesn’t seem to have any control over it. A lot of it sounds like Nagarjuna starrer Hello Brother, where one of the twins loses control of himself when his twin brother gets angry or too excited.

 Naga Chaitanya on his upcoming film Savyasachi, taking up more comedy roles and life with Samantha

Naga Chaitanya in a promotional still for Savyasachi. Image via Twitter

Ask Naga Chaitanya if Savyasachi pays homage to Hello Brother, which released way back in 1994, the actor laughs it off saying that it’s a mere coincidence. “It does sound a lot like Hello Brother when you look at it from a broader perspective, and we did wonder if people are going to compare the two films. However, there are no similarities between the two films. When Chandoo pitched this idea based on the concept of vanishing twin syndrome and alien hand syndrome, where I’ve no control over my left hand, it seemed both entertaining and also believable,” Naga Chaitanya says. In 2016, the actor had collaborated with Chandoo Mondeti for Premam, which turned out to be a hit at the box-office, and this time, the duo seems to be pushing the bar. “Initially, Chandoo wasn’t too keen on remaking Premam in Telugu, but I managed to convince him in the end (laughs). He had a lot of faith in me and I’m glad that we did some good work back then. Now, it’s my turn to trust him wholeheartedly. Even before Premam released, I asked him if he had any original scripts that he wanted to direct and one of them turned out to be Savyasachi,” the actor says, while talking about the origin of the film, adding, “The best part about Chandoo is that he wants to grow as a storyteller and a director. I feel that he’s got the right blend of what it takes to make a commercial film and also cater it to a new-age audience.”

The film also stars Madhavan and Bhumika, whereas newcomer Nidhhi Agerwal is paired with Naga Chaitanya. “In the beginning, it was just Chandoo and me who were bouncing off ideas. But once Mythri Movie Makers came on board as the producers, it became a much bigger film. They helped us to get some of the best technicians on board. I had a wonderful time working with Madhavan, and I’m sure people will keep talking about him once they watch him on screen. Besides, my confidence in this film just kept growing and growing. Visualising a scene is one thing, but to see it on screen after it’s shot and edited is an entirely different experience. There’s a fair amount of visual effects involved because of the superhuman aspect in the story,” Naga Chaitanya adds.

Ironically, by his own admission, Naga Chaitanya wasn’t a big fan of larger-than-life action dramas. And this makes Savyasachi an exception in his career, so far. “I’ve almost always played subtle roles, isn’t it?,” he laughs. “But now, I’m getting used to doing more commercial films. Sailaja Reddy Alludu was one such attempt. We were all quite surprised with the kind of openings the film got at the box-office. It had a nice drama and some good action sequences too. And people really appreciate your work if you give them what they want and present it well. The onus is on us to choose the right scripts which keeps them entertained and engaged.”

The more he gets talking about this shift in his approach while signing films, the more you realise that he’s embracing more content which blends humour and action. “The past few years have been a big learning curve for me. I’ve done a few films which were targeted at a niche audience; however, the response for something like Premam and Sailaja Reddy Alludu was much bigger and better. Now, even if you want to try something new, you still have to blend all those elements into the kind of content which goes well with the audience. I’m slowly getting more comfortable with playing humorous characters. It’s quite difficult to emote and pull off a good comedy role and it comes with a lot of experience. But I’m enjoying this new phase in my career,” Naga Chaitanya says.

Naga Chaitanya (R) and Nidhhi Agerwal in a still from Savyasachi. Image via Twitter

Naga Chaitanya (R) and Nidhhi Agerwal in a still from Savyasachi. Image via Twitter

The actor is eagerly looking forward to start shooting his next film where he’ll be teaming up with his uncle and actor Venkatesh Daggubati for the first time. “I’ve always wanted to do a film under Suresh Productions banner and another with my uncle (Venkatesh). I’m fulfilling both my dreams with this film. It was on my bucket list. I’ve always admired Venkatesh’s comic timing and I can’t wait to start shooting for it,” he says. Then, there’s another film in Shiva Nirvana’s direction which is already under production. The actor is paired along with Samantha for the fourth time, after Ye Maya Chesave, Autonagar Surya and Manam. “It’s a love story, but we are taking it a step further. It’s our first film together after our wedding and I don’t think you can play around with the-love-at-first-sight theme with us (laughs). It’s a mature love story which talks about different stages of marriage. We are taking a realistic approach to tell the story and there is no sugar coating.”

It’s been more than a year since Naga Chaitanya and Samantha have gotten married to each other, and it’s been a busy year for both of them. “We love travelling and both of us want to get to know the world better. It’s been a year since we’ve been married and things have been wonderful,” the actor reveals. Apart from acting in films, Naga Chaitanya confesses that he’s getting a lot more involved with plenty of stuff that’s happening at Annapurna Studios. “The idea is to discover new talent and partner with others to release more films through Annapurna Studios. Rahul Ravindran’s Chi La Sow was my first step towards this direction and I’m eagerly looking forward to find more such films and give them a big platform,” Naga Chaitanya signs off.

Chandoo Mondeti’s Savyasachi, starring Naga Chaitanya and Nidhhi Agerwal, is releasing on 2 November.

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