MTV India Music Summit 2018: Shankar Mahadevan, Shilpa Rao among artist line-up on Day Two

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Oct 13, 2018 14:28:52 IST

The MTV India Music Summit set off to a melodious start on 12 October with engaging performances by artists Usha Uthup, Manjari Chaturvedi and Robin Barnes among others. The second day of this three-day long musical journey begins in the early hours of Saturday with Ajay Prasanna and Shruti Sadolikar’s melodious morning ragas.

Riyaaz at the crack of dawn is a ritual followed by many artists and performers the world over. A music session in the morning makes one — as well as the surroundings — peace and calm and at the music summit too, immersing oneself in blissful tunes at daybreak would be one of the best ways to kick-start an event full of melody.

Day 2 of the festival will feature Dastangoi, the Urdu storytelling art as a tribute to Ustad Bade Ghulam Ali Khan. Dastangoi will be presented by the grandsons of this maestro of the Patiala gharana, Jawad and Mazhar Khan, and Danish Hussain, popularly known for his work in films like Peepli Live and Dhobi Ghat.

Hussain had previously said that even though Urdu is fading, a language is not lost so easily. Referring to those centuries which celebrated great linguistic diversity he had said, “This language does not belong to any religion, it was born on a land where that era had so many people speaking different languages.” The summit then is a platform that aims to keep these age-old forms alive even as it creates a stage for emerging artists in the field.

 MTV India Music Summit 2018: Shankar Mahadevan, Shilpa Rao among artist line-up on Day Two

Shankar Mahadevan's Baithak, Bollywood and Beyond and Shilpa Rao's Gazal Gayaki are among the performances scheduled for the second day of the MTV India Music Summit. Images via Facebook/ MTV India Music Summit

A performance by the Ramakrishnan trio — Aaliya, Nisha and Naima — three siblings on the violin, piano and cello will showcase the talent of these young school-goers. Born Brilliant is a must attend for those eager to enjoy the joyful melody of these child artists.

The keynote of the event is also organised on the second day of the summit with the advisor to the summit Shankar Mahadevan in conversation with mentor Prasoon Joshi. The Raymonds Emerging Artist of the Year awards will also be announced on 13 October to acknowledge the work of numerous performers and artists in the industry.

Taleem which broadly means schooling is an integral part of the guru-shishya tradition of the Indian classical arts. Sitar maestro Shujaat Khan’s taleem is an opportunity for audiences and enthusiasts for receiving lessons from the illustrious repertoire of this exponent.

Simultaneously, for those inclined towards enjoying yet another recital by Robin Barnes and the well-known music composer and producer Indranil Hariharan, America’s Musical Journey — a performance by the duo along with The Classic Collective Moderator Luke Kenny  — will prove to be a wonderful experience.

The second day will also host a performance by Mahadevan titled Baithak, Bollywood and Beyond, a Gazal Gayaki recital by Shilpa Rao, Ragas by the Night by the renowned Carnatic artist Aruna Sairam and a Hindustani mehfil by Begum Parveen Sultana.

The evening of day 2 of this musical journey blends into the first hours of the third day with Kanika Malhotra engaging the audiences through midnight in musical tunes of the good old days, sweeping them away on a wave of nostalgia.

Raymond presents MTV India Music Summit 2018 will be held at The Fairmont in Jaipur from 12 to 14 October.

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