Mr Robot trailer: Rami Malek to reprise his role of vigilante hacker for final instalment of Sam Esmail's thriller

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Aug 28, 2019 13:41:06 IST

The first trailer of the fourth and final season of Mr Robot was released earlier today. Academy Award winner Rami Malek returns to reprise his role as Elliot Alderson, the cyber-security engineer and vigilante hacker suffering from dissociative identity disorder and clinical depression.

 Mr Robot trailer: Rami Malek to reprise his role of vigilante hacker for final instalment of Sam Esmails thriller

A still from the trailer of Mr Robot | Twitter

Check out the trailer here

The trailer opens to the backdrop of Christmas holiday with eerie instrumental music playing in the background. A shot pans to a crisp, snowy night while Alderson dons his infamous hoodie cap, and proclaims in a voice-over, "I need to get back to work."

Though the trailer does not give much plot details, it surely features montage shots of bloddy flowers, someone being passed out on the floors, Elliot aboard a metro in a panicked state among others. Further, Mr Robot (Christian Slater) puts out a warning to Alderson, 'What you're about to do is crossing the line.'

However, the trailer ends with Elliot replying, 'It's a little late for that don't you think?' as he sits behind the flickering flames.

Ahead of its fall premiere, the makers also released a short recap video of all the significant events in the show. The fourth and final instalment promises to be replete with “hacking, splashed with blood," answering "the series’ most pressing questions," as reported by TVLine.

Created by Sam Esmail, Mr Robot follows Elliot Alderson, who is recruited by an anarchist known as Mr Robot to join a group of hacktivists called "fsociety". The show also stars Portia Doubleday, Carly Chaikin, Martin Wallström, Grace Gummer, Michael Cristofer, and BD Wong.

The final season of Emmy Award-winning series, Mr Robot, will include 13 episodes, and is set to premiere from 6 October.

Updated Date: Aug 28, 2019 13:41:06 IST