Marvel Cinematic Universe's never-ending story gets brutally dissected in Honest Trailer

FP Staff

Jun 20, 2019 13:20:42 IST

The Honest Trailers series by Screen Junkies dedicated their new video to the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). In nine minutes, the video pokes fun at the common tropes in all films and also scrutinises the Disney-Marvel partnership.

The video talks about the treatment of villains, who impress but only spend a brief amount of time onscreen and the recurring theme of dysfunctional relationships that most MCU characters (Tony Stark, Loki, T'Challa, Peter Quill, Gamora and Nebula) have with their fathers. The treatment of the protagonist is also a subject of ridicule, "Meet your typical MCU protagonist - a loner with no pets, no biological siblings and whose only friends are their co-workers."

The 'Honest Trailer' points out how the studio excessively relies on CGI animation, which makes all MCU films seem more or less the same. Along the way, it also brings up the failed attempts of other studios in creating a franchise similar to MCU, with Universal's Dark Universe as a recent example, writes Screen Rant.

The video however does not include any snippets from Avengers: Endgame, which marks the conclusion of MCU's Phase 3, as it is still playing in theatres.

Watch the 'Honest Trailer' here.

Updated Date: Jun 20, 2019 13:20:42 IST