Kangana Ranaut claims relationship with Aditya Pancholi was abusive, in latest tell-all interview

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Sep 02, 2017 19:27:16 IST

Kangana Ranaut, who is currently promoting Simran, has had a slew of interviews recently in which she's openly addressed controversial issues from her past.


Kangana Ranaut. File image.

And while her legal wrangle with Hrithik Roshan was the focus in some of them, on the latest episode of The Town Hall with Barkha Dutt, she held forth on her relationship with Aditya Pancholi.

Kangana and Pancholi have both spoken about the relationship previously, with allegations of misbehaviour from both sides.

Kangana accused Pancholi was violent with her, while Pancholi accused Kangana of using him to gain a foothold in the industry.
"This man, who was my father’s age hit me hard on my head when I was 17. I started bleeding. I...hit him and he started to bleed too. I lodged an FIR against him," she told Dutt. Kangana said being an outsider with no connections in the industry, she first went to Pancholi's wife, Zarina Wahab to seek her help.

As for why she didn't immediately go to the police, Kangana said that would have meant getting her parents involved. Coming from a conservative family, she knew her parents would call her back home.

Kangana did eventually approach the police, who let Pancholi off with just a warning, she said.
You can watch the interview here:

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