John Krasinksi on playing CIA field agent Jack Ryan: Nice to focus on real people and heroes

FP Staff

Jun 18, 2018 15:52:28 IST

A Quiet Place actor-director John Krasinski, who is all set to return to the series format with spy thriller Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan, says it was refreshing to play a real-life superhero like the CIA deskie-turned-field agent in a world obsessed with cape-wearing superhumans.

John Krasinski in Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan. Amazon Studios

John Krasinski in Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan. Amazon Studios

The 38-year-old actor said his character in the Amazon Prime series is like a supercharged version of the actor's former character Jim Halpert on the sitcom The Office.

"I really loved the idea of playing a superhero whose only real superpower is using his brain, and his instincts. It's very inspiring in the world of superheroes and capes and flying and shooting things out of your hands. It's nice to focus on real people and real heroes," Krasinski said.

The actor said the series is about the "apolitical" voices in the country, who also need to be heard today.

"We have not been telling their stories recently, people who believe in this country in a way that is apolitical, that's about being proud of where you're from, not which side of the aisle you stand on," he said.

Krasinki said the role appealed to him after he featured in Michael Bay's Benghazi drama 13 Hours.

The first season of the show will have a eight episodes. Other than Krasinki, the series will also feature The Wire's Wendell Pierce as James Greer and Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri's Abbie Cornish as Cathy Mueller.


Updated Date: Jun 18, 2018 15:52:28 IST