John Cena replaces Sylvester Stallone in Jackie Chan’s upcoming movie, Project X

FP Staff

Jun 13, 2018 18:56:26 IST

WWE wrestler turned Hollywood actor John Cena has landed another major action project, as he replaces Sylvester Stallone in Jackie Chan’s next movie titled Project X, reports Variety.

The movie originally starred Stallone and Chan and was titled Ex-Baghdad. It will now feature John Cena and has been renamed Project X. The action-thriller is directed by Scott Waugh and is set in a Chinese-run oil refinery in the Middle East, which comes under attack.

Jackie Chan will portray a private security contractor at the refinery who has to rescue the workers from the attack, for which he teams up with a former US Marine played by John Cena who has learnt the real plan of the attackers. The movie is expected to have a $80 million budget and is produced by Chan along with Joe Tam, Esmond Ren, and Hans Canosa, as reported by Variety.

John Cena replaces Sylvester Stallone in Jackie Chan’s upcoming movie, Project X

John Cena and Jackie Chan/Image from Twitter.

Apart from Project X, Cena’s acting career has fast risen, with him recently landing a lead role along with Dwayne Johnson, the original WWE wrestler who made a successful transition to Hollywood screens, to become the top bankable star in the industry today.

Found my star! Congrats to my good bud John Cena on landing the lead role for our movie, THE JANSON DIRECTIVE. Congrats man and I’m excited to go on this journey with you. Thank you for your commitment to the role and remember, as your producer if you screw up, I’m coming to set and droppin’ the People’s Elbow on ya. And you know first hand how devastating my elbow drops can be,” shared Johnson when Cena had come on board the project recently.

Cena is also going to star in Michael Bay’s live-action movie based on the video game Duke Nukem, the Transformers spin-off Bumblebee, the new Scooby Doo movie, and has also authored a new line of children’s story called Elbow Grease featuring a family of adorable monster trucks.

Updated Date: Jun 13, 2018 18:56:26 IST