Google introduces multiple Friends Easter eggs as a tribute to popular sitcom completing 25 years

FP Staff

Sep 20, 2019 13:08:24 IST

The 25th anniversary of Friends was recently celebrated by Google, which built Easter eggs within its search results. The search engine introduced a feature on Thursday which allows users to click on a special icon when they search for any character on the popular sitcom.

The icon appears on the upper right section of the page, on the knowledge panel beside information on the character.

If a user types 'Ross Geller' for example, they will see an icon of a couch on the page. On clicking on the couch, an audio clip of Ross yelling 'Pivot' can be heard. If clicked multiple times, then the couch breaks into half and the a clip plays of Ross saying, "OK, I don't think it's gonna pivot anymore."

See how it happens

Phoebe Buffay's character reveals a guitar on the right, which when clicked shows a cat on the screen with Phoebe singing 'Smelly Cat' in the background. Rachel's search pulls up the iconic Rachel haircut, which leads users to search results for the hairstyle.

Another feature was introduced where if users search for 'Friends glossary' on the engine, patent words from the show pop in the result section, words like "transponster," "Joey's apple" and "Holiday Armadillo."

Updated Date: Sep 20, 2019 13:08:24 IST