Game of Thrones season 8 teaser sees clash of Ice and Fire in Westeros, spawns new fan theories

FP Staff

Dec 07, 2018 14:31:57 IST

HBO launched a new teaser to the eighth season of Game of Thrones and fans have already begun formulating theories about the most anticipated series finale of the recent past.

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Fire and ice. #GoTS8

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The brief clip shows the slow but steady spreading of ice across lands, the wolf and dragon fall prey to it while simultaneously a fire takes out the golden statue of the proud lion. This immediately triggers obvious analogies of the wolf signifying House Stark and a dragon, the House Targaryen. The golden lion alludes to House Lannister, immediately reminding audiences of the impending clash between the joint forces of Starks and Targaryens against Cersei Lannister's armies. The ice and fire meet to form a wall of what seems like dragonglass. This may be the creators' way of depicting the sinister presence that looms above all in the upcoming season — the whitewalkers. Fans reacted to the teaser with their own share of theories. Some wondered whether the meeting point of ice and fire as dragonglass referred to an old battle that may have been fought at Dragonstone; while others predicted the involvement of wildfire.

Updated Date: Dec 07, 2018 14:31:57 IST