Game of Thrones' Night King actor Vladimir Furdik on why he's happy to play the villain in HBO's fantasy epic

Anandamayee Singh

Dec 07, 2018 14:07:54 IST

The exhibition grounds at Okhla NSIC are bustling with activity as organisers set up for Delhi’s 8th Comic Con. Founded by entrepreneur Jatin Varma, this year’s Comic Con is set to take place from 7-9 December. The headliner is Vladmir Furdik, who has played the Night King in Game of Thrones since season 6. Firstpost had the opportunity to speak to him at a media roundtable before the festival opened.

Furdik has been working in entertainment since he was 15 years old. He began with preparing horses for actors, and moved on to working as a stunt double for actors like Tom Hiddleston, and Nicholas Cage — who he claims looks like his twin. He worked in stunts for Game of Thrones before taking on the role of the Night King, giving him the flexibility to work with the myriad directors who're part of the show. “Every episode has a different director, with a different vision,” says Furdik.

Vladimir Furdik in Delhi. Image courtesy Comic Con India

Vladimir Furdik in Delhi. Image courtesy Comic Con India

Although Furdik is able to adapt to different directors' demands, dealing with the weather is a greater challenge. For season 7, Furdik had to film in Belfast, Ireland, during the nights from January to March. Unlike the King in the North, Furdik isn’t able to wear fur coats to protect himself from the cold. “You cannot even put on a warm t-shirt under the costume because it has to exactly fit to my body,” he says. When asked about the struggles of a non-speaking role, Furdik is nonchalant, claiming he can portray the strength required of his character without dialogues.

Despite the difficulties, Furdik is happy to be able to play the baddest villain in the Game of Thrones universe because of the changes it has brought in his life. “Before I was a shadow behind other actors. I helped other actors to be famous. Now, I am here in front of you, you’re asking me questions. My life completely turned, 180 degrees,” says Furdik. To remember this life-changing role, Furdik has taken one of the prosthetic masks for the Night King character — new ones are made every day — home with him.

The Night King in Game of Thrones

The Night King in Game of Thrones

Fitting, perhaps, for a show constantly teetering between fire and ice, Furdik says that the most memorable moment in the show was working in a battle scene, where a record breaking number of stuntmen were set on fire. He promises big battles and lots of surprises for season 8, and is cryptic about a Night King spin-off. “Maybe they will start next year in February. Nobody knows the plot, maybe it will be 7,000 years before the main story,” he says.

For now, Furdik is assisting with stunts for Netflix’s The Witcher, and dealing with the newfound attention he gets because of his role. He admits that he is at times scared of answering questions from the fans, and keeping spoilers at bay. But, and the end of the day, he doesn’t feel like a ‘hero’ (or villain). “After the costume goes off, you are a normal human inside of you,” he says.

However, he does indulge us with a  taste of the Night King, claiming that Delhi’s winter isn’t good (enough) for him: “I will bring (a) better winter. A colder winter. So be ready for the snow and ice, I am coming to you.”

Updated Date: Dec 07, 2018 14:07:54 IST