Fraud Saiyaan trailer sees Arshad Warsi, Saurabh Shukla con women till tables turn on them

FP Staff

Dec 28, 2018 11:42:41 IST

The plot of Fraud Saiyaan plot seems to revolve around the character of Arshad Warsi and the multiple dalliances he has with women while conning all of them for money. The trailer depicts Warsi as a Casanova who keeps lying to his share of women when caught.

With generous amounts of hilarious confrontations amidst compromising scenarios between two wives and him, Warsi's character manages to somehow save himself through the skin of his teeth. While his life continues without any disruption, Saurabh Shukla's character enters the narrative as someone enamoured by Warsi expertise at conmanship and wishes to come under his aegis.

Still from Fraud Saiyaan trailer. YouTube screengrab

Still from Fraud Saiyaan trailer. YouTube screengrab

The twist in the tale is when a particular woman, named Chanda, forces Warsi's character to marry her and by default, end his dalliances. She threatens to malign him and destroy his reputation if he refuses to comply.

Talking about the film, Warsi had earlier said in an interview that comedy and humour seamlessly blend into the narrative, which makes the film interesting. He further said, "The amazing part of the film is that it's a true story and we have given apt title for the film. It's actually based on facts so I enjoyed that. When you hear bizarre truth that time you say, it is not possible but what you will see in the film that time, you will feel amazed that somebody has actually done it."

Directed by Sourabh Shrivastava, and produced by Prakash Jha and Disha Jha, Fraud Saiyyan will hit the screens on 18 January. Watch the trailer here.

Updated Date: Dec 28, 2018 11:42:41 IST