First Man trailer: Ryan Gosling prepares to la la land on moon in Damien Chazelle's Neil Armstrong biopic

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Jun 09, 2018 14:54:13 IST

Universal Pictures on Friday provided the first glimpse of Oscar-winning director Damien Chazelle's First Man, with Ryan Gosling as pioneering astronaut Neil Armstrong.

The film's trailer chronicles the events starting from 1961 leading up to the moon landing in 1969. Gosling's fabled astronaut is a man willing to sacrifice his life to embark on a perilous journey that ends in "one small step" on the moon. With a doting wife and children, there are costs and risks but as Armstrong firmly states, "We have every intention of coming back."

Ryan Gosling plays Neil Armstrong in First Man. Universal Pictures

Ryan Gosling plays Neil Armstrong in First Man

Though we all know how the story ends, the trailer is still filled with plenty of tense and thrilling moments as is expected in a film about a dangerous space mission.

Claire Foy, who plays Armstrong's worried wife, seems to have delivered the kind of convincing performance which could make her an early Oscar contender. The movie is due out in October, the heart of Hollywood's awards season and a lucrative window for previous space adventures such as Alfonso Cuaron's Gravity (2013) and Ridley Scott's The Martian (2015).

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Ryan Gosling and Claire Foy in a still from the film. Universal Pictures

Ryan Gosling and Claire Foy in a still from the film

The film's ensemble cast also includes Corey Stoll as Buzz Aldrin, Kyle Chandler as Deke Slayton, Jason Clarke as Ed White, Shea Whigham as Gus Grissom and Jon Bernthal as David Scott.

First Man lands in theaters on 12 October.

Watch the first trailer below.

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