Dhinchak Pooja videos taken off Youtube channel: No more selfies for the cringe-pop star?

FP Staff

Jul,12 2017 11:54:19 IST

In what may come as a disappointment to some and relief to many, all of cringe-pop sensation Dhinchak Pooja's videos are no longer on her Youtube channel, save for the video of her latest song 'Dilon Ka Shooter'. This news comes only a day after Bollywood singer Sonu Nigam covered this single.

Dhinchak Pooja. Image from Facebook

Dhinchak Pooja. Image from Facebook

Dhinchak Pooja, who shot to social media fame with her songs 'Selfie Maine Leli Aaj' and 'Swag Wali Topi', was apparently reported on Youtube by user Kathappa Singh, as several news websites mention. It is unclear as to who Kathappa is and if he has reported it as a case of copyright infringement, although many on social media are already praising him.

Another theory about the disappearance of the videos is about the police taking action against her for not wearing a helmet in her latest video, which features her driving a scooter.

The 'Daru Daru Daru' singer's songs are characterised by repetitive lyrics and out-of-tune vocals. Dhinchak Pooja revealed in an article that she is aware of the fact that her songs are funny. She also spoke about trolling and receiving hate on social media, as well as the experience of meeting a die-hard fan.

Despite the recent developments, she is likely to remain in the public eye because of the sheer number of memes on her and the copies of her videos which have been uploaded by users in jest or disgust; the vast amount of reactions it caused is a testament to this.

Pooja lives in Delhi and is a student. She has been compared to Baba Sehgal and Pakistan's Taher Shah because of similarities in style.

Updated Date: Jul 12, 2017 12:00 PM