Con artist posing as Hollywood's top female executives dupes victims of thousands of dollars

FP Staff

Jul 13, 2018 17:38:04 IST

According to an extensive report by The Hollywood Reportera female con artist posing as Hollywood's top female professionals has scammed many individuals of thousands of dollars.

For more than a year, the con artist has been impersonating Hollywood bigwigs including Amy Pascal (the producer of Spider Man : The Homecoming, Ghostbusters, The Post), billionaire producer and philanthropist Gigi Pritzker, producer Kathleen Kennedy, former CEO of Paramount Pictures Sherry Lansing, 20th Century Fox CEO Stacey Snider and Lesli Linka Glatter, director and executive producer of shows like Homeland.

Producer Kathleen Kennedy (L) and Spider Man: Homecoming producer Amy Pascal (R)

Producer Kathleen Kennedy (L) and Spider Man: Homecoming producer Amy Pascal (R). Twitter @worldsitynews

The con artist used to contact individuals from hairstylists to photographers and even military advisers for fictional creative assignments based in Indonesia. These people were asked to pay for travel and transportation costs with a promise of  reimbursement that never came.

One instance mentioned in the THR report is of a freelance photographer who was contacted via email by the con artist as Pascal for a project in Indonesia. After speaking to the woman over the phone, he signed a contract and flew down to Jakarta. His communication with this woman was only limited to daily phone calls. Six months later, he realised that he had been duped of $65,000.

Other victims have also shared similar stories along with experiencing severe emotional and psychological manipulation and even sexual harassment.

Three of the above mentioned Hollywood executives hired a private investigation firm called K2 Intelligence whose investigators believe that the con artist may be Asian, has a skill for perfectly faking accents and may have also worked in Hollywood previously.

Updated Date: Jul 13, 2018 17:45:11 IST