Bigg Boss Telugu 2, week 10 updates: Deepthi Sunaina gets evicted; Vijay Deverakonda joins Nani on stage

Mridula Ramadugu

Aug 20, 2018 19:40:38 IST

The Bigg Boss Telugu house saw not one but two disheartening exits this week. While Nutan Naidu exited the house mid week due to a shoulder injury, leaving Kaushal disturbed, Deepthi Sunaina — everyone's favourite kid — departed as the evicted one of week 11.

Apart from emotional goodbyes, the week also saw plenty of entertainment, fun guest apperances and heart warming bonds develop in the house.

This weekend, Nani was joined by Vijay Deverakonda and Parusuram — the Geetha Govindam team who have been basking in the success of the film. The duo, along with the host, put together quite a fun Sunday night for the Telugu audience, before it was time for another housemate to leave the house.

Here's how activities in the house unfolded this week:

Captain's nomination

This week's nomination task was quite the tricky one. The captain of the house, Tanish, and Amit (thanks to his 2 week safe card) — were given the task of choosing all the nominees for elimination. Each housemate was asked to pair up with another and justify their stint in the house. The end call was left to Tanish and Amit, leaving the two under severe pressure. It was Samrat and Pooja, Nutan and Deepthi, Sunaina and Syamala, Geetha and Kaushal, Roll and Ganesh.

While Roll sacrificed his nomination for a promise he made to Ganesh, few weeks ago, it was quite a close call between most others. The final ones to be nominated were — Pooja, Nutan, Sunaina and Geetha. But that's not it. Bigg Boss happened to announce a special power to Tanish, with which he could choose one more housemate for elimination. A very emotional Tanish announced Syamala as the fifth nominated contestant this week. Undoubtedly, a series of discussions and allegations of bias by Syamala followed the captain's decision.

Bigg Boss Call Center

The house turned into a call center this week and it was time for everyone to lash out against each other. Kaushal was the most targeted employee as he receieved the most number of calls and criticism. But the actor proved to be a sport by not hanging up on any of the calls and acing the task. Deepthi Sunaina and Ganesh's calls to Kaushal were the most highlighted for testing the housemate's patience. While Sunaina was under the spotlight for disrespecting Kaushal, Ganesh was appreciated for his knack of conversing. Roll, on the other hand, proved to be the smart player. The singer lured callers into many tricks and ultimately won the task. Kaushal and Roll were selected as the best players of this task and were now up for captaincy.

Pyramid Captaincy

Roll and Kaushal, as part of the captaincy task, were asked to build a pyramid with colour blocks and the one with the most number of blocks at the end of the game, would be crowned victor. The housemates, on the other hand, were asked to attack the pyramid with smiley balls, expressing support to the captains of their choice. It was a close call between Kaushal and Roll as the two were attacked with balls from all sides. Pooja, the sanchalak (referee) of the task, announced Roll as week 12's captain. During the same task, Nutan Naidu happened to suffer a shoulder injury, as he tried to throw some balls at Roll. The housemate was immediately taken into the confession room, where doctors announced that he will have to leave the show.

Tanish & Sunaina under the scanner

Deepthi Sunaina. Image via Instagram

Deepthi Sunaina. Image via Instagram

Sunaina, known as the sleeping beauty of the house, was once again punished by Bigg Boss for breaking the rules. And this time around, she was accompanied by Tanish, the captain himself. The two had the Bigg Boss dogs barking more than 20 times and spent sleepless nights as punishment. Tanish was scrutinised by both Nani and the housemates for being an irresponsible captain as he even tried tricking the cameras and taking a nap in the store room, along with Sunaina. Though the two seemed to take it lightly, all did not go well with their playful behaviour.

Vijay Deverakonda and rowdy tricks

Vijay Deverakonda, the lead actor of Geetha Govindam, joined Nani on stage this week, along with his director Parusuram. While the actor did not enter the house, he made sure to rub off his rowdy antics from outside. Vijay and Nani paired up for a fun secret task with Sunaina, which definitely left the Telugu audience in splits. The two were now giving weird instructions to Sunaina over a Bluetooth earphones, hidden behind her ears. Sunaina, being the sport she is, managed to target Tanish, Roll and many others and performed this fun task with Vijay's crazy instructions.

But at the end of all the laughs and fangirling, it was time for Sunaina to leave the house. The social media star broke down on watching her farewell video, yet left the housemates smiling as she threw the big bomb of the week on her favourite housemate — Tanish.

72 days later, the Bigg Boss Telugu house enters its last month of twists and week 11 will prove how the 'Big fat family' is going to split whether they like it or not.

Updated Date: Aug 20, 2018 19:40:38 IST