Bigg Boss Tamil 3 weekly updates: Meera Mitun evicted; Tharshan elected as new leader

Surendhar MK

Jul 29, 2019 14:12:18 IST

The fifth week of Bigg Boss Tamil witnessed a bevy of arguments between contestants and tested the patience of a handful of inmates who have hitherto played safe inside the house. Meera Mitun, who earned the wrath of audiences on social media platforms for her fickle-minded attitude towards other housemates, became the fourth contestant to get evicted from the house after Fathima Babu, Vanitha and Mohan Vaithya, who got eliminated last week.

Bigg Boss Tamil 3 weekly updates: Meera Mitun evicted; Tharshan elected as new leader

Meera Mitun was evicted from Bigg Boss Tamil 3. Hotstar

Kavin settles differences with Losliya and Sakshi. 

Kavin settled his differences with Losliya and Sakshi by striking a genuine conversation with each and explained his relationship with both. Losliya, who lashed out at Kavin last week for not being sincere about his relationship with Sakshi, apologised and patched up. "I'm really sorry. I shouldn't have said that you were acting. You were very honest with me. I was angry that you didn't tell me about certain aspects of your relationship with Sakshi. I was hurt. Now, I'm fine," said Losliya.

Cheran, Meera Mitun, Saravanan, Abhirami, Kavin and Sakshi nominated for eviction.

Cheran has now become one of the few contestants to get nominated for the eviction for the fourth consecutive week. Although others consider Cheran as a fierce competitor and nominate him every time, he feels baffled about it. "I don't know who nominates me every single time. I have been honest and I have been performing all my duties in the house genuinely. I really want to get evicted soon at least to see who was nominating me each week," Cheran told other contestants. During the Saturday episode, Kamal Haasan revealed Cheran as the first inmate to be saved from the elimination process.

Meera Mitun accuses Cheran of manhandling; video proof vindicates Cheran

During one of the tasks, Meera Mitun accused Cheran of manhandling her, and it created a stir inside the house. While everyone offered support to Cheran, one of the honest and respectable candidates in the show, Meera presented her arguments in a shocking tone. "He pushed me, and it was really harsh. It was not in the right place too. Cheran sir said he wouldn't touch or hug girls when I came inside my house. I'm not sure what prompted him to do this, although it's a task. I was manhandled and felt really uncomfortable. I could have said it during the task itself and stopped it. But I didn't want to do it since I wanted to finish the task and speak out. I don't have a personal grudge against anyone, but I feel that Cheran sir did it since things were not going well between us," explained Meera.

On Saturday's episode, Kamal Haasan took Meera to task and explained to her that her accusations were grave but groundless. Haasan replayed the video to everyone and vindicated Cheran. Meera herself agreed that she got a little confused. Other contestants, who had to contend with Meera's uncertain temper, got surprised after seeing the video and hugged the teary-eyed Cheran.

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Tharshan elected as the new leader of the house.

Tharshan, one of the most loved inmates of this season, has become the new leader of the house. Tharshan advises housemates to live together in harmony and appoints new captains for cleaning, vessel washing, and cooking teams. On Sunday, when Kamal Haasan asked each contestant to give the 'hero,' 'villain' and 'zero' tag to others, Tharshan won the maximum number of villain badges from others. "Although Tharshan has received the maximum number of villain badges, it's in the right way. Everyone feels that he is a challenging contestant, and he is extremely good at physical tasks. It's a healthy competition," said Haasan.

Meera Mitun evicted from the house; Kamal Haasan requests audiences not to judge her. 

Meera Mitun has been one of the controversial contestants ever since she stepped into the house on day two. She has never maintained a cordial relationship with anyone in the house but Sandy. She was at loggerheads with Sakshi and Abhirami during the first week, but the ultimate fight and accusation against Cheran put the spotlight entirely on her and became one of the significant reasons for her elimination on Sunday. While everyone anticipated Meera to be sent to the secret room, Haasan showed her the door and requested audiences not to judge her based on the show.

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