Bigg Boss, 28 September, Day 12 written updates: Dipika Kakar sent to jail; Nehha Pendse becomes new captain

Seema Sinha

Sep 29, 2018 09:20:29 IST

The show started with Sreesanth still at the doors, threatening to leave. Dipika and Nehha told him to calm down. Sreesanth said Bigg Boss wanted him to beat up other contestants; he began crying, and said that the show was not for him. Karanvir tried to make him feel better.

Contestants then picked Dipika, Romil and Nirmal for kaalkothri punishment. Anup, Shivashish and Jasleen laughed about Dipika going inside with Romil-Nirmal. Karanvir decided to spend the night beside the kaalkothri to give Dipika company, even as latter asked him not to do so. Sreesanth, Srishty and Nehha also stayed beside Dipika.

Shrishti discussed captaincy with the Khan sisters, and told them how she would be a good captain if the contestants chose her. With the dawn of a new day, contestants woke up to ‘Woh Sikandar Hi Doston’. Anup told Jasleen to nominate Deepak and Urvashi as the new captains as they are hardworking. Jasleen wondered if they would be able to do justice to the job.

 Bigg Boss, 28 September, Day 12 written updates: Dipika Kakar sent to jail; Nehha Pendse becomes new captain

Karavir Bohra and Nehha Pendse nominated for the captaincy task

Bigg Boss told the singles, through Nehha, to choose two nominees for captaincy. The nominees would have to battle it out in a game later. Without much confusion and no excessive banter on who to chose, for their representative, the individuals picked their candidate unanimously and chose Nehha and Karanvir from their team for the same.

A grand twist came in when Bigg Boss announced that the jodis would have the power to choose their captain. Post the announcement, both Nehha and Karanvir were seen skillfully trying to manipulate the jodis so that they voted in their favour.

A bit of distraction was created in the house with Deepak and Somi and Saba's fight. Somi woke Deepak up while he was sleeping and he tugged a little too hard at her scarf. He apologised to Somi but Saba kept bringing the incident up again and again and fought with Deepak for being harsh with her sister.

This captaincy task was exciting; there were two set of stumps kept with Karanvir and Nehha’s name on it. Each member from a jodi had to come as a wicketkeeper to SreeSanth’s bowling and would then have the power to stump the wicket of that contestant who they thought wasn’t worthy of being captain by justifying their actions. This task had five rounds and at the end whoever had the highest score was declared the captain.

Anup chose Karanvir in the task. Urvashi decided to choose Nehha as the captain while Deepak went for Karanvir. Sourabh chose Nehha for the new captain. Both the contenders had two votes in their favour. Saba chose Nehha as well and she became the new captain.

Tomorrow we will see 'Weekend Ka Vaar' with Salman Khan hosting the Andhadhun actors Ayushmaan Khurrana and Tabu with Khurrana entering the house to entertain the housemates.

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