Bigg Boss 12, 27 September, Day 11 written updates: Sreesanth remains hell-bent on leaving the house

Seema Sinha

Sep 28, 2018 09:23:48 IST

After giving a tough fight to the jodis, the singles team emerged winner in the luxury budget task. In Thursday's episode, everybody welcomes the new day with the song, ‘Koi Hero Yahan Koi Zero Yahan’. Dipika shares how Somi and Saba were scared when Srishty started sleep walking and that she felt bad for the Khan sisters for the first time. Srishty says that even if nobody brought her back to her bed, she would still come on her own.

Jasleen remarks how she gets negative vibes from Dipika but Anup asks her to sort out the matter with her. Jasleen agrees and goes and hugs Dipika, who acknowledges. Everyone has a fun moment when Jasleen kisses Anup leaving behind the lipstick mark and she wants him to keep the mark intact.

 Bigg Boss 12, 27 September, Day 11 written updates: Sreesanth remains hell-bent on leaving the house

Vikas Gupta and Dipika Kakkar in Bigg Boss 12

Soon after, a fight ensues with Karanvir getting into an argument over wasting food. He asks Romil to not call him KV. The fight intensifies when Shivashish also joins in with Romil. Romil and Shivashish get into a war of words and they threaten each other. Romil abuses Shivashish and threatens to teach him a lesson. Sourabh takes Romil away.

Romil tells Deepak to get close to the jodis but Deepak, who is getting friendly with his opposition — singles — declares that there are some people with whom he can't blend. Next, the housemates realise that Bigg Boss has taken away their most favourite spot in the house, ‘Mangluto’, the round sitting area, where all the hush-hush conversations happened. This makes many of them upset especially Deepak and Romil, who spent most of their time on it.

Bigg Boss leaves them shell-shocked when ex-contestant Vikas Gupta walks into the house to give them a reality check. Vikas talks to Nehha telling her that she doesn't have a viewpoint. Vikas praises Urvashi for taking a stand for what was right and also tells her that people are liking that quality. He tells Srishty that her attitude of not mingling with the commoners is not right.

Further, Vikas tells Sreesanth that he gives up easily and all he wants is to run away from the house. Vikas tells Karanvir that he is disappointed as he just goes and gives his suggestion to everyone whether people like it or not. Vikas asks Dipika to be strong as she has got lost in the crowd. She burst into tears meeting Vikas. Vikas boosts Deepak’s morale saying that he became everyone's favourite within three days of the show launch.

Sreesanth doesn't take Vikas’s views positively and says that he must have not even seen the episodes and he is commenting about them merely on the basis of watching one or two episodes. Deepak tries to explain to him but he doesn't pay any heed. He goes and talks to the camera and says that nobody has the right to tell him what should be done.

Bigg Boss asks contestants to name three people who will go to jail. Celebrities one by one take Romil and Nirmal's name. Nehha Pendse says that she expected an apology from them after the task. Romil and Nirmal get into an argument with the rest of the housemates as they name them to go to jail. Deepak, Romil and Nirmal get into a yelling match. Anup takes Deepak and Urvashi's names and Sreesanth supports Urvashi saying she stood by what was right. Sreesanth gets into an argument with Romil and Deepak and walks off leaving the conversation in between.

Sreesanth comes into the garden area and asks Bigg Boss to open the door as he can't stay in the house anymore. Dipika, Deepak, Kriti and others come to persuade Sreesanth who is hell-bent on leaving the house.

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Updated Date: Sep 28, 2018 09:23:48 IST