Bigg Boss 13: Production designer Omung Kumar introduces 'BB Museum', conducts tour of the vibrant house

Seema Sinha

Sep 28, 2019 13:37:04 IST

Colors' biggest reality show, Bigg Boss, is all set to make a comeback with its 13th season on Sunday. The current season will only see celebrities embark on the three-month-long journey unlike the previous three instalments, which had a combination of commoners and celebrities fighting it out in the house. But before the contestants step in, we take a look at the Bigg Boss house, that also becomes one of the characters in the show.

This year, along with the unmistakable presence of constantly glaring eye, another feature of the house is it is covered in lively hues. Shades of fluorescent, and subtle tones of pink and purple have been used to create a vibrant and youthful atmosphere. This 18,500 sq ft luxurious home, adorned with several aesthetic elements, and 93 cameras for the contestants’ stay during the next 100 plus days, has been designed by Bollywood art director Omung Kumar, who decided to give it a museum look.

 Bigg Boss 13: Production designer Omung Kumar introduces BB Museum, conducts tour of the vibrant house

Entry of Bigg Boss 13 house

“Generally we have a theme, say underwater, or we have trees, or beach, but this time, we have kept it more vibrant as if addressing the youth. So with that brief, we don’t have just the paintings but we have figures protruding out of the canvas. Since all this led to many colourful installations, we decided to name it 'BB Museum', and that became the theme. It is like contestants becoming a character of the museum, and each wall is talking to you,” said Kumar.

Unlike every year, the ‘Bigg Boss’ board is missing from the massive palatial glass house. Instead, a 20-feet vertical garden in the shape of a double B is found, which is one of the most eye-catching elements. There is an eye-shaped swimming pool and beautiful hues of the flowers that grow across. A special hide-out seating area has been carefully planted, where probably romance will bloom. Adjoining the pool area is where the iron pumping will take steam. The open gym will house various iron bars and free-style weights for the contestants to keep up with their fitness routine.

bb 2

Living area of Bigg Boss 13 house

Living room is the only place where all the contestants come together. It can be called the most dreaded hot seat for the most awaited weekend segment, when star-host Salman Khan sits them down to school. Besides, this is the place where the tasks are read out, arguments take flight. The high traffic room walks the line between colour block and style, and is more eye-catching with liberal doses of vibrant colour splashed over. The makers have also introduced a mini staircase, atop which a contestant can sit and keep an eye on everything going around.

Fourteen contestants with characteristics, that will be stark opposite to each other, have been reflected on a wall that encapsulates a jigsaw puzzle frame. This open living space, typically connected to the kitchen and containing both modern and antique pieces of living room furniture, is especially designed for the contestants to feel at home, and give them a space of comfort. The only source of their connection to the outside world, a huge TV, has been placed across the sit-out for all the contestants to get a clear glimpse of their host, and react to surprise elements in the course of the season.

Corner of the Bigg Boss 13 living room

Corner of the Bigg Boss 13 living room

The walls across have large-sized installations that take shape of various hand gestures, like ‘YO’, ‘Thumbs up’, ‘Peace Out’, all in line with actions and reactions that the house will open up its doors to.

Kitchen has always been the place of action and drama. It is usually the kitchen politics that gives a major twist to each season, with many of these contestants eyeing the title of ‘Kitchen King’/ ‘Kitchen Queen’. The creation of 'BB Café' brings in a more sober look to the kitchen, and a contemporary touch has also been added where curated utensils of various shapes and sizes painted in pastel tones have been fixated on the kitchen wall, clearly defining the area. The huge counter top has been equipped for more people to join in and help in the chopping and cooking, and also enable them to divide work with ample space for movement, gossip and laughter, one that contestants always take seriously.

Bigg Boss 13 kitchen

Bigg Boss 13 kitchen

The bedroom door flaunts the words: ‘Dear Karma, I have a list of people that you missed,’ a line that resonates with many. In a first, the contestants’ bedroom will accommodate 14 spaces. Well, unconventionally, one bed is customized for three-people sharing. Wonder why? The Bigg Boss house is known for its revolutionary twists so only time will tell. The headboard of each bed is comforted with faux fur, that will often be a place to rest heads and remember the world they left aside or shed tears that are circumstantial. A huge 3-D zipper runs across the wall with various expressions inscribed, that highlights and uplifts the mood.

Outside bedroom area in Bigg Boss 13 house

Outside bedroom area in Bigg Boss 13 house

Bathroom walls have been cemented with doodles to bring out the fun and mystery elements. Various pop arts add colour and spunk to the walls across, bringing out the liveliness of the designs. A sit-out, shaped in the form of a hot air balloon, is strategically placed in the corner of the wash area for the contestants to probably plot and plan with ease.

Bathroom area of Bigg Boss 13 house

Bathroom area of Bigg Boss 13 house

Confession room, which is considered to be the most important since it is the only place where the contestants interact with Bigg Boss over important matters, has a diwan for their comfort. The backseat of the diwan is decoupaged with mirror work at the borders. Hundreds of ropes hang down from the ceiling, giving the room a rustic but mysterious vibe.

Each year, Kumar says the challenge for him is to work on people’s mind. “That is how reality shows work. The channel do their creative work every week by introducing new angles and new games, whereas I work on the house and surroundings, and I’m extremely excited for our contestants and viewers as we open the doors of our 'Bigg Boss Museum'. We’ve very carefully crafted each wall with elements that reflect contestants’ ideologies, that exemplify the game and its rules. There’s a wall with caricatures of different emotions, that denote various shades of a person and the roles they will play through their days of lock-in, hoping to be victorious. The house becomes a home for them, and therefore, we have balanced out quirky modules with hush-toned furniture and bright lighting, that will also boost moods, and amplify the set-up well,” concluded Kumar.

All images from Colors.

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