Bigg Boss 12, 15 October, Day 29 written updates: Sreesanth, Anup Jalota return to the house

Seema Sinha

Oct 16, 2018 10:02:57 IST

Last week was an emotional roller coaster ride for the contestants in the Bigg Boss 12 house. To lighten up the environment that was dampened by Nehha Pendse’s eviction, Sreesanth and Anup Jalota finally return to the house from the Secret Room in the episode on Monday. While this was a pleasant surprise for the housemates, they definitely did not know that both have been keeping a close eye on all the contestants.

 Bigg Boss 12, 15 October, Day 29 written updates: Sreesanth, Anup Jalota return to the house

A still from Bigg Boss 12

But before that, we see Dipika, who is in charge of the kitchen, trying to clear the misunderstanding as Surbhi had accused her for saying that it is her kitchen and she will not give food to anyone. Urvashi and Karanvir stand for Dipika saying that she meant she will give preference to the vegetarians because they do not eat eggs. But Surbhi remains adamant.

Sreesanth feels that Dipika is alone now and according to Anup, she has become a doubtful character. Saba and Jasleen are also seen discussing Dipika’s behaviour. They feel that she does drama all the time. Anup, too, feels that there might be some strategy behind every move of Dipika.

Sourabh, whose image has got a bit tarnished in the last few days, explains Jasleen about his earlier life when he used to do boxing in the akhada. Both Anup and Sreesanth feel that he was lying and was only trying to create an impression. Sreesanth shares details about an interview concerning the World Cup 2011. He gets teary-eyed and Anup consoles him saying he has millions of supporters.

Soon after, Bigg Boss announces that the alliance of partners ends and all the contestants will be individuals who will play for themselves and opponents of each other. Bigg Boss asks Deepak and Urvashi to come to the activity area and asks them to take the decision about who will get evicted from the show this week, keeping in mind who was bad at entertaining. Deepak feels that Urvashi was weak and the latter agrees.

Bigg Boss tells Saba and Somi to take the decision on who will get nominated this week. Saba feels that she should stay as her involvement has been more in the game. Somi nominates herself though she is not happy about it.

Further, between the Shivashish and Sourabh Jodi, the former gets nominated. Romil and Surbhi are safe as they are captains. Bigg Boss asks Romil and Surbhi whether they agree with the decision of nominations. They feel that Sourabh should be nominated instead of Shivashish as the latter has been more entertaining. Also, Romil asks Bigg Boss to let Surbhi be the captain.

Bigg Boss then asks the Singles Karanveer, Jasleen, Dipika and Shrishty to decide who is the least entertaining among them and shall be nominated for the week. After lot of discussion, Karanvir and Dipika feel that Shrishty and Jasleen are weak.  Srishty disagrees. Finally, Dipika informs Bigg Boss that Karanvir, Shrishty and Jasleen should get nominated.

Anup and Sreesanth ready themselves to re-enter the house. Anup makes an entry singing a retro song. Anup tells all that he was in the guest house and was watching all of them. All are happy to have Sreesanth back, except Dipika, who is sulking. Deepak asks Sreesanth whether he was in a guest house too, but the latter says he was in Khandala with his family, but he was watching all of them. Sreesanth tells them that it was not an elimination task.

Everyone asks Anup about what he observed from the outside and he says that it was easy to convince Jasleen. He tells Karanvir to safeguard himself as he was following Dipika without thinking twice, giving a wrong impression to the viewers. Karanvir gets emotional and apologises to his wife on camera, if he was conveying any wrong message.

Updated Date: Oct 16, 2018 10:02:57 IST