Aneek Chaudhuri's White, silent film on rape survivors, to be screened at Indian Film Festival for Melbourne


June 14, 2018 15:30:41 IST

New Delhi: After being showcased in Cannes and Vienna, filmmaker Aneek Chaudhuri's White — a silent film on rape — has now been selected for the Indian Film Festival of Melbourne (IFFM) 2018, says the movie's director.

Poster of Aneek Chaudhuri's White. Image from Twitter

Poster of Aneek Chaudhuri's White. Image from Twitter

The film was earlier screened in the market section of the Cannes Film Festival on 11 May and in the official section of the Indian Film Festival in Vienna earlier in June. IFFM is due to take place in August.

White combines three tales about three women who have suffered rape, but fight back to lead normal lives.

"Rape is an issue that is universal. No verbal language is enough to decode the pain and suffering. Moreover, I wanted a global approach and I believe that a silent film would take away any kind of language barrier from the film. This, in turn, would make it approachable by a wider spectrum of audiences across the globe," Chaudhuri said in a statement.

"Since White is an independent venture aimed at film festivals, of course we would like to earn more laurels and the Melbourne inclusion is a huge booster for the team." he said.

Updated Date: Jun 14, 2018 15:30 PM