Andhadhun Tamil remake: Producer Thiagarajan on casting his son Prasanth in Ayushmann Khurrana's role

Raja Sekar

Aug 23, 2019 08:53:30 IST

Sriram Raghavan’s National Award-winning blockbuster crime thriller Andhadhun is one of the most sought after films by Tamil producers. Many big names like Dhanush and Siddharth were in the race to procure the remake rights but finally, actor-producer Thiagarajan has inked the deal.

 Andhadhun Tamil remake: Producer Thiagarajan on casting his son Prasanth in Ayushmann Khurranas role

Thiagarajan with his son Prashanth. Image from Twitter

“Yes, the competition was huge but since I have a good rapport with the original producers of Andhadhun, they believed in us and we are now working in full swing to adapt the film in Tamil. We had previously bought Special 26 and Queen remake rights from them," says Thiagarajan in an exclusive interview to Firstpost. Though Thiagarajan bought Special 26 and Queen, he later sold it to other producers. But he considers Andhadhun a precious project, so the film will be produced by his own production house and his son Prashanth will reprise Ayushmann Khurrana’s role.

“Not every film performs phenomenally at the box office and also bag awards. Andhadhun is a blockbuster in India and China, the film also earned critical acclaim, so it’s a special film. We want our audiences to have the same cinematic experience here in Tamil," says Thiagarajan.

“We want the film to be a perfect remake on par with the quality of the original version. Prashanth is a trained piano player, he passed grade IV in piano from Trinity College of London so Ayushmann’s character will be very apt for him. We are currently holding talks with several filmmakers in Tamil. All I want from the director is that he shouldn’t needlessly change any key aspects of the original and ruin the overall experience for the audiences here," adds the producer who also tells us that his son Prashanth is starving hard and working out rigorously to shed 20 kilos for his character in the film.

Tabu and Ayushmann Khurrana in a still from AndhaDhun

Music is an integral part of Andhadhun, and hence Thiagaraja is in talks with leading music composers in the state for the Tamil remake. Twitter

Music was an integral part of Andhadhun so when asked whom Thiagarajan is planning to rope in as the music composer for the Tamil version, he says “I’m in talks with leading composers here in Tamil Nadu. I also bought the original tracks of Andhadhun, so in case if we couldn’t get a composer who delivers music on par with the Hindi version, there is an alternative," he says.

Prashanth is equally excited with the remake. “It’s a fantastic film so I’m super excited to kickstart the project anytime soon. But both my dad and I are working hard to make sure to match the quality of the original. The biggest challenge for us now is to rope in suitable actors for the film. A lot of big names are showing interest, we are currently working on the casting process," says the actor. When asked whether his passion for piano would come in handy for his role in the remake, Prashanth says “Definitely, it’s an added advantage. Just like how your expertise in driving and dance helpful in action episodes and songs, my passion for piano and professionally sharpened skills will be helpful for my character in the film”.

Prashanth and Thiagarajan were supposed to work together in a commercial action entertainer with director A Venkatesh. “Currently, we are focussing only on Andhadhun remake, this is our first priority. If everything falls in place, I’m ready even to start shooting for the film tomorrow," says Prashanth.

Thiagarajan signs off by saying that he is planning to shoot the climax of the Tamil version of Andhadhun in a European country.

Updated Date: Aug 23, 2019 08:53:30 IST