Aladdin teaser: Mena Massoud enters Agrabah's mystical Cave of Wonders in Disney live-action remake

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Oct 12, 2018 10:55:25 IST

The first teaser trailer for Guy Ritchie's remake of 1992 film Aladdin was dropped on Friday, with actor Mena Massoud essaying the titular role.

Aladdin teaser: Mena Massoud enters Agrabahs mystical Cave of Wonders in Disney live-action remake

A still from Aladdin teaser. YouTube screengrab

As an expanse of sand dunes encompasses the screen, viewers are transported to the fictional land of Agrabah. The scene quickly shifts and the legendary Cave of Wonders with its entrance carved as a tiger's mouth is shown. While presumably Jafar awaits outside the cave, Aladdin's silhouette vanishes inside the cave to find the coveted magical lamp perched on a stand.

Aladdin's musical adaptation follows the story of the Arabic folktale Aladdin and the Magic Lamp from the book of One Thousand and One Nights. The Disney live-action remake will feature Naomi Scott as Princess Jasmine and Will Smith as the Genie. The 2019 fantasy film will not only have the original classic tunes of its 1992 predecessor, but also new music from composer Alan Menken, states The Hollywood Reporter.

The main star cast will be accompanied by Marwan Kenzari, who will be playing the role of Jafar, Billy Magnussen will be seen as Prince Anders and Navid Negahban portraying the Sultan. Although Nasim Pedrad's character as Dalia did not appear in the animated original, she is said to serve as Jasmine's confidante in the 2019 version.

Aladdin hits theaters on 24 May, 2019.

Watch the teaser here.

Updated Date: Oct 12, 2018 10:55:25 IST