Akshay Kumar denies reports of opting out of Mogul, says he's still on board with Gulshan Kumar biopic

FP Staff

Dec 09, 2017 15:43:28 IST

After the release dates of Gulshan Kumar biopic Mogul being pushed further from 2018 to 2019, speculations were rife that Akshay Kumar had opted out of the film. While multiple reports lately claimed that the director of the film, Subhash Kapoor and Akshay had a major fall out over the storyline of the film, the actor has recently trashed the claims and said he is still very much excited to do the film.

Poster of the film Mogul (left); Akshay Kumar (right). Images via Facebook

Poster of the film Mogul (left); Akshay Kumar (right). Images via Facebook

Reacting to the rumors of backing out of the film, Akshay told Bombay Times, "Subhash is scripting the film. Only after the script is finalised will the production be scheduled, no?"

On being asked about the scheduled shooting dates going for a toss, the producer of the film, Bhushan Kumar said, "We had never locked the dates with Akshay. Once the script is finalised, we will proceed with planning and schedule the shoot. The priority is to get the script right. It’s not easy to tell a life story in two-and-a-half hours flat. And since Mogul is based on my father’s life, we have invested emotionally in the project, especially my mother," reports Bombay Times.

Akshay also stated, "I had the good fortune of knowing Gulshanji well and had a close association with him right from my first film, Saugandh. We both shared many things in common and come from a similar background. I am very excited to play him on screen," reports The Indian Express.

Updated Date: Dec 09, 2017 15:43:28 IST