Telcordia Mobile ID Offers Advanced Subscriber Information Mgmt

Telcordia, a provider of IP, wireline, and mobile telecommunications software and services, has announced the availability of Telcordia Mobile ID, an advanced subscriber information management solution that provides Communication Service Providers (CSPs) and content providers accurate information and intelligence about its mobile subscriber base.

Mobile ID will enable CSPs to deliver personalised and targeted content and services to its mobile subscriber base. With evolving network infrastructures, new mobile device capabilities and an ever-growing ecosystem of content providers, Mobile ID will help operators bridge the challenges of offering compatible and functional third-party content to its subscriber base resulting in increased positive customer experience.

CSPs can extrapolate countless data points by outlining its customer's usage patterns, type of mobile device they use, location-based information, peak periods of use, frequently-used services (eg voice, SMS, VoIP, etc) and more. When this information is accurate, CSPs and mobile content providers can unlock several dollars in potential revenues by delivering relevant and personalised value-added services (VAS) to subscribers.

"A mobile phone number is one of the most powerful forms of identity that people possess," said Richard Jacowleff, president, Interconnection Solutions, Telcordia. "Accurately detailing a subscriber's mobile phone number is a foundation to establishing a complete subscriber profile. CSPs and content providers can use Telcordia Mobile ID to develop and deliver behaviourally-based services, such as mobile advertising, location-based applications and promotions, and service upgrades."

A component of Mobile ID, Telcordia offers country-specific dialing data, containing more than one million worldwide dial codes for more than 230 markets that are used for global routing, rating and billing of traditional Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) voice traffic, mobile traffic, and VoIP and SMS traffic, as well as other multimedia services. As dialing-code and numbering-plan changes occur, continuous updates are fed into the Mobile ID platform, enabling the auditing and analysis of a service provider's internal dial-code data to assess revenue impacts for its operations.

Updated Date: Feb 02, 2017 21:55:09 IST