Rising Attention To Security Keeps Demand For Enterprise Networking Imminent: IDC

According to IDC’s recently published Q3 Enterprise Networking tracker, the overall switch market in 2013 is set to grow by about 0.3 percent and routing market by about 0.8 percent, compared to 2012.

While the more dynamic and the comparatively smaller WLAN market is set to grow by a whopping 36 percent for the same period.

“WLAN market seems to be growing exponentially as the proliferation of smart devices coupled with the need to be connected on the go has pushed the demand for a wireless last mile connection. The next generation .ac products which promise to deliver gigabit speed in a secured environment coupled with growing traction of BYOD concept is pegged to be the next big driver in the wireless market”, said Manoj Iyer, Market Analyst - Enterprise Networking.

The switching market especially the low value - high volume Layer 2 unmanaged switching solutions in the 100mb/1g category took the maximum brunt of foreign currency fluctuation as an extremely cost conscious market couldn’t absorb the rise in cost. In contract to this, the high value switching solutions in Layer 3 10g/40g saw encouraging growth and would continue to garner demand from large enterprises as firms continue to invest in making their networking infrastructure scalable to address future explosion of bandwidth demand.

“The growth percentage in absolute terms in the LAN market is not very encouraging as the year saw a lot of challenges in terms of foreign currency fluctuation in the midst of an economic turmoil. The demand for networking is however imminent considering trends like datacentre consolidation, server virtualisation, web-based applications and continuous demand for security with an endeavour to improve communication, collaboration and productivity.“ said Venu Reddy , Director IDC Centre for Consultancy and Research.

Updated Date: Feb 03, 2017 00:18:12 IST