IBM Wins UTV Software Communications' Business Transformation Deal

IBM has signed a five-year business transformation deal with UTV Software Communications, an integrated media and entertainment company. IBM will help UTV transform its business processes to provide customers with the highest quality content and services as it continues its rapid rate of expansion.

Under this agreement, UTV will work with IBM to sharpen its focus within the organisation on its core media business. Acting as the change catalyst to UTV, IBM will be implementing various business transformation initiatives over the next few years.

UTV intends to streamline the company’s Finance & Accounts, Rights Management, Procurement, Projects, Material Management and other key functions by implementing an enterprise-wide SAP solution. For UTV, the objective of this deal is to provide a customer-centric operating environment that delivers quality, cost-effective and value-added information services to enterprise entities, reducing total cost of ownership and providing security compliance while enabling the company to focus on its core business.

The contract also includes India’s first cloud-enabled e-mail implementation via LotusLive iNotes, a Web-Based e-mail service.

"At UTV, our focus is on setting trends and not following the same. The market here is growing at a rapid pace and customers are increasingly becoming demanding, making it imperative for us to offer fresh delivery platforms and content diversity enabled by technology. Teaming with IBM not only brings domain expertise but foresight that could potentially be a game-changer in the industry," said Rajeev Wagle, Chief Financial Officer, UTV Software Communications.

With a focus on creating, aggregating and distributing excellent content, UTV has witnessed rapid expansion, both in existing businesses and in new growth sectors. UTV operates across five verticals including broadcasting and TV content, game content, motion pictures and new media. The contract will enable UTV to manage its business processes better and help in transforming its business through implementation of leading practices across various functions.

"Media and entertainment companies around the globe have to be leaner and smarter than ever to overcome the technology challenges they face as they evolve in a multi-channel marketplace," said Avinash Joshi, Director–Communications Sector, IBM India/ South Asia. "We will work closely with UTV in its quest towards delivering trend-setting content for its audience. At IBM, it is our resolve to provide UTV with the necessary competitive advantage as it moves towards a more customer-focused organisation that delivers quality services," he further said.

UTV also plans to expand this agreement with a selection of core media business solutions including Broadcast Management System (BMS), Content Management System (CMS), and IP Rights Management, which will be implemented in various lines of businesses including broadcasting & TV content production.

Updated Date: Feb 02, 2017 22:24:09 IST