Dell Unveils DR4000 - BC/DR Solution For SMEs

Dell DR4000 disk-to-disk backup storage platform helps reduce backup data by up to 15 times with deduplication and compression

hidden January 24, 2012 15:28:09 IST
Dell Unveils DR4000 - BC/DR Solution For SMEs

Dell has unveiled the Dell DR4000, an advanced disk backup and disaster recovery solution in India which combines the performance and reliability of disk-based backup with innovative deduplication and compression capabilities from Dell’s Ocarina Networks acquisition to meet the growing data needs of small and medium businesses.

By removing redundant data from the backup work stream, the DR4000 can drastically reduce the storage footprint, enable core backup data to remain on disk and online longer, provide faster and more reliable restores, and reduce the complexity around tape management. Simple and easy to deploy, the DR4000 has an intuitive installation process making it ideal for remote office locations. By accelerating and streamlining the backup process the DR4000 ensures that information restores are delivered in a timely and accurate manner.

Bobby Mon, Head-Enterprise Business, SMB, Dell India said, “Companies of all sizes increasingly struggle with the relentless growth of data they must manage. Essential to the business yet often redundant in nature, data can strain storage and backup processes as administrators strive to ensure its availability and integrity while still meeting capacity and backup window constraints. The Dell DR4000 deduplication and compression backup appliance can help customers to alleviate these growing problems and easily manage critical data..”

Customers continue to augment or replace traditional backup and recovery environments with disk- based solutions for their speed, access and reliability.

The DR4000 eliminates multiple copies of the same data and enables customers to keep more data online longer and readily available in the event of a disaster or data loss. By keeping data online for weeks or even months before moving it to archive storage, customers can more easily locate and restore important data, creating new efficiencies and helping to reduce the total cost of ownership for their storage infrastructure.

The DR4000 is ideal for small- and medium-sized organisations as well as remote offices of large enterprises in need of a disk-based backup solution that can eliminate redundant copies of data by decreasing disk capacity requirements up to 15 times; reduce dependence on tape backup; reduce bandwidth requirements for data transfer by up to 15 times; reduce backup storage costs to as low as $0.25/GB list pricing; and reduce the footprint of backup delivering power and cooling savings in the datacentre.

The DR4000, available in 40TB, 81TB or 135TB effective storage capacities in a single appliance, features inline deduplication and compression, deduplicated replication, advanced data protection, and non-disruptive deployment, certified with leading backup software applications.

In addition to excellent data reduction capabilities, the DR4000 can reduce storage costs over time through an all-inclusive software licensing model that allows customers to leverage current and future product capabilities of the DR4000 without incurring additional licensing costs.

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