Array Networks Unveils APV 8.4

Array Networks Inc., the application delivery networking solutions provider, has announced the immediate availability of APV 8.4 for its full line of APV Series application delivery controllers. Engineered to meet the load balancing and application delivery requirements of small to medium-sized enterprises, APV 8.4 supports new advanced load balancing and application delivery features, unlocks increased performance across all APV Series appliances and introduces an attractive pricing model. Moreover, the popular 1RU Array APV2600 now supports 10GigE connectivity to take advantage of increased throughput and SSL performance enabled by APV 8.4.

In addition to advanced server load balancing, link load balancing, GSLB, connection multiplexing, SSL acceleration, compression, caching, traffic shaping and application security, APV 8.4 introduces support for a range of next-generation application delivery features at no extra cost including:

ePolicy allows administrators to write custom scripts to control application traffic. Includes the ability to tailor SLB methods for real services, analyse the content of HTTP, SOAP, XML and diameter protocols, receive, send, analyse and discard generic TCP and TCPS packets, control TCP connections, perform pattern matching for text data and monitor and record statistics.

Gold certified by the IPv6 Forum IPv6 Ready program to support migration from IPv4 to IPv6 and provides a means for IPv6 and IPv4 networks and clients to communicate. NAT64/DNS64 allows IPv4 clients to communicate with IPv6 servers. SLB-PT/SLB-64 enables protocol translation from IPv4 to IPv6 and DS-Lite allows IPv4 client traffic to be tunnelled over IPv6 networks. All 8.4 features are supported for both IPv4 and IPv6.
Independent Session Controlling: Extracts session IDs from application traffic to build mapping tables for associating session IDs with real servers. Independent session controlling improves persistence and security while enhancing application performance.

Failover and additional enterprise-focused features including N+1 clustering for high availability, role-based administration control and advanced ACLs (SLB QoS) for preventing over-utilisation of network resources by undesired clients.

eCloud API integrates Array's physical and virtual ADCs with infrastructure service provider cloud management systems for the purpose of making APV Series appliances available to enterprises as a load balancing service. Gives cloud providers a flexible, script-based tool with which to manage and monitor Array ADCs, whether used as foundational infrastructure within IaaS or SaaS environments or as service offerings.

"I'm extremely pleased to announce release 8.4 for Array's APV Series application delivery controllers." said Michael Zhao, President and CEO at Array Networks. "Our goal is to help startup, enterprise and cloud customers meet both their application delivery and their budget requirements. The features and performance introduced in release 8.4, along with revamped pricing for our APV Series physical and virtual appliances, are another step forward in executing this strategy."

Updated Date: Feb 03, 2017 00:00:48 IST