Array Networks ADCs Available For Microsoft Exchange 2010

Array Networks Inc., a global leader in application, desktop and cloud service delivery, today announced the immediate availability of its Microsoft-approved application delivery and load balancing solutions for Exchange 2010. The joint Array and Microsoft solution delivers compelling economics and value for enterprises and service providers offering Exchange 2010 messaging services. The solution combines Array's APV Series application delivery controllers (ADCs) and SPX Series universal access controllers with Microsoft Exchange 2010 to deliver secure, scalable and highly-available messaging services to any user, anywhere on any device.

"Array has worked closely with Microsoft to create a solution that secures, accelerates and optimises the delivery of Exchange services," said Sunil Cherian, VP of Product Marketing at Array Networks. "In essence, the qualification by Microsoft assures enterprises and service providers that they will gain the greatest value from their mission-critical Exchange investment. The joint solution is now an integral part of Array's application delivery architecture and addresses the growing challenge of securing access to email from any user, traditional or highly-mobile, on any device," said Cherian.

Array's application delivery controller and universal access controller appliances are purpose-built for simplicity, scale and performance. Enterprises and service providers can leverage these feature-rich appliances to secure and intelligently load balance and optimise Exchange traffic across client access servers (CASs) and data centers for an improved local and global user experience. In addition, Array's purpose-built appliances deliver lower TCO through reducing costs associated with servers, software licenses, bandwidth and energy.

"Our goal is to empower our customers to deliver application services without compromising the user experience, security or return-on-investment. Our joint solution with Microsoft for Exchange 2010 is a perfect example of how we are working with application developers to create end-to-end solutions that ensure the performance, availability and security of applications over the Internet," said Michael Zhao, CEO of Array Networks.

Array's application delivery controllers and universal access controllers, with their core security, load balancing, SSL offloading and other service optimisation capabilities, can now be made an integral part of Exchange deployments by providing intelligent load balancing of Exchange services across multiple servers; service persistence to mobile and non-mobile devices.

It offers health-checks for Exchange services to detect failed or overloaded servers and automatically re-route traffic, offloading SSL processing, certificate management, connection management and other non-core Exchange functions from application servers to dedicated appliances and local and global availability of services with seamless redirection of users in the event of server or site failure. It provides secure access to Exchange services from any device with data leakage protection that includes access control, two-factor authentication, integrity checks and cache cleaning. It also offers protection of Exchange servers from DDoS attacks; and scalability from ten to tens-of-thousands concurrent users on a single appliance, with the ability to cluster up to 32 appliances for unlimited scalability.

Updated Date: Feb 02, 2017 23:20:29 IST