5 News Apps For Android

 5 News Apps For AndroidSomethings in life have a price attached to them, while some come free. Some deserve to have the price attached but some definitely don't. In the list of those that should come free, are apps for news. Wherever you are, you should have the liberty to connect to the news app and get news from the across the globe. With regard to news apps, I know of a few International news agencies that have developed some interesting apps, and now am eagerly waiting for Indian agencies and news broadcast companies to follow suit.

Well, today what we have is a list of apps that can help you get news from anywhere, irrespective of whether you are on the move or lazying at home. Enjoy the list and let me know if there could be any additions.

World Newspapers
Developer: Abhishek Kumar

This is one app that has all the news feeds. Be it Indian or International, technology or lifestyle, fashion or nature, this is an all-in-one arsenal for all your news needs. This app primarily has a Favorites tab where you can view news feeds of your preference. The categories that you could choose include, Magazines, Web news, Fun/Social/Popular, Other Countries, and Android. There is so much news to search from and it's a true 'WIN' app. This app also has an option of putting RSS feeds from the Google Feed reader or any other Feed aggregator.

This app is available in free and pro versions. The pro version has more countries and options in it with no ads, while the free versions come with ads.

New York Times
The New york Times Company

The most read newspaper has an app now and it's here on Android. The New York Times Android app is a superb mobile newspaper app that gives you all the information that you need from the US and around the world. The first app was for the iPod/iPad/iPhone, which was a big hit with more than two million downloads.

The app is pretty simple to use and refreshes on it's own. It also has a home screen widget, which shows the news flash as it happens. The tab below has categories like Latest, Popular, World and Saved. The main screen has US, politics, NY/region, Business, Technology etc. This app is available in the Android Market and is a free download.

News India
Nuvus Technologies

The News India app is one app that will get you news from any newspaper available in India. Some have WAP sites, while some actually have neatly presented news items. The app is pretty solid but in terms of connection and refreshing, it's a bit slow. It runs smoothly on Wi-Fi but on Edge it slackens a bit.

The interface is neat and tidy and you have images, which are of pretty high-resolution if you ask me. I personally like this one better than the World newspapers because it has a better layout and a well planned app. This app can be downloaded from the Android Market for free.

BBC News
Jim Blackler

BBC News is another news widget for the Android. This widget shows you the latest news headlines in a compact 2 x 1 widget on your screen. Clicking on the widget takes you to a full list of headlines and more details on the story. On the home screen widget, clicking on a headline will take you to the mobile version of the BBC News page on your Android browser.

The best part of this app is that it will show you both news from the UK and the World, as listed on the BBC international site.This isn’t a general purpose feed reader and is customised to the style of the excellent BBC News feeds to give the best experience. This app is free and can be downloaded from the Android Market.

Business News

Finally the app for business only. With this app you can read top business news, get market updates, read business magazines, technology business news, personal finance news, lifestyle business news, FORTUNE business news etc.

It has a clean interface, with features such as adding to Favorites, sharing with Facebook, Twitter, Digg etc, easy switch among news items and also browser integrated news items. Business News runs smoothly both on Wi-Fi and Edge networks and can be downloaded for free from the Android Market.

So, that was all from my list, there are loads of other apps, which you can download and review on your handset. Some may work while some might not as apps are strictly device/version specific. Just leave me a comment or mail me @ angelo.mathews@web18.in, if you know of any news apps that I haven't covered. Until next week then, Stay Android!

Updated Date: Sep 30, 2010 17:21:10 IST